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Finally after much procrastination and delay I have managed to put links to all mixes in one handy post. You can visit each mix's track-listing and synopsis by following the 'link' for each entry in the tables. To download a mix, right click on the the associated 'Download' entry and select 'Save link as .. '.

PsyAmb Mixes

MixStylePost DatePost LinkDownload Link
PsyAmb 001PsybientJul 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 002PsychillJul 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 003PsyDubJul 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 004SpaceJul 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 005PsybientAug 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 006PsybientAug 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 007PsyDubAug 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 008PsybientAug 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 009SpaceSep 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 010PsybientSep 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 011World AmbientSep 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 012PsybientOct 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 013SpaceOct 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 014PsyDubOct 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 015ChilloutOct 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 016PsybientNov 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 017SpaceNov 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 018Simon Posford MixNov 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 019PsybientDec 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 020Top CDs MixDec 2009LinkDownload
PsyAmb 021PsyDubJan 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 022Ambient Jan 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 023World AmbientFeb 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 024PsybientFeb 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 025PsyDubMar 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 026ChilloutMar 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 027SpaceApr 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 028PsybientMay 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 029PsybientJun 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 030Ambient MinimalJul 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 031World AmbientAug 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 032ChilloutSep 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 033PsybientOct 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 034SpaceOct 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 035PsyDubNov 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 036PsybientDec 2010LinkDownload
PsyAmb 037PsychillJan 2011LinkDownload
PsyAmb 038PsyDubFeb 2011LinkDownload
PsyAmb 039Psybient RussianMar 2011LinkDownload
PsyAmb 040World AmbientApr 2011LinkDownload
PsyAmb 041PsybientJun 2011LinkDownload
PsyAmb 042PsyDubSep 2011LinkDownload
PsyAmb 043Ambient Oct 2011Link Download
PsyAmb 044PsybientFeb 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 045PsyStepFeb 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 046PsyDubMay 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 047SpaceJul 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 048PsybreaksAug 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 049ChilloutOct 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 050PsybientOct 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 051World AmbientNov 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 052PsybientDec 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 053PsyDubDec 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 054VariousDec 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 055PsybientFeb 2013LinkDownload
PsyAmb 056SpaceMar 2013LinkDownload
PsyAmb 057VariousMar 2013LinkDownload
PsyAmb 058PsystepApr 2012LinkDownload
PsyAmb 059PsyDubApr 2013LinkDownload
PsyAmb 060PsychillMay 2013LinkDownload
PsyAmb 061SpaceOct 2013LinkDownload
PsyAmb 062PsydubOct 2013LinkDownload
PsyAmb 063PsyGlitchOct 2013LinkDownload
PsyAmb 064PsyStepNov 2013LinkDownload
PsyAmb 065PsybientNov 2013LinkDownload
PsyAmb 066PsydubJan 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 067SpaceJan 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 068VariousMay 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 069VariousMay 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 070PsybientMay 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 071PsyDubMay 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 072PsychillAug 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 073BassAug 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 074AmbientSep 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 075PsyDubOct 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 076SpaceNov 2014LinkDownload
PsyAmb 077PsyDubJan 2015LinkDownload
PsyAmb 078PsybientFeb 2015LinkDownload
PsyAmb 079PsyBassApr 2015LinkDownload
PsyAmb 080PsybientMay 2015LinkDownload
PsyAmb 081VariousJun 2015LinkDownload
PsyAmb 082SpaceAug 2015LinkDownload
PsyAmb 083PsyDubSep 2015LinkDownload
PsyAmb 084AmbientOct 2015LinkDownload
PsyAmb 085PsyBassNov 2015LinkDownload
PsyAmb 086PsybientFeb 2016LinkDownload
PsyAmb 087VariousFeb 2016LinkDownload
PsyAmb 088VariousMar 2016LinkDownload
PsyAmb 089PsyDubApr 2016LinkDownload
PsyAmb 090PsybientApr 2016LinkDownload
PsyAmb 091SpaceMay 2016LinkDownload
PsyAmb 092PsyDubJul 2016LinkDownload

Psionic Geometries - DIFM psychill radio mixes

MixStylePost DatePost LinkDownload Link
Episode 001PsybientOct 2009LinkDownload
Episode 002PsybientNov 2009LinkDownload
Episode 003PsybientDec 2010LinkDownload
Episode 004PsybientJan 2010LinkDownload
Episode 005PsybientApril 2010LinkDownload
Episode 006PsybientMay 2010LinkDownload
Episode 007PsybientJul 2010LinkDownload
Episode 008PsybientAug 2010LinkDownload
Episode 009PsybientSep 2010LinkDownload
Episode 010PsybientOct 2010LinkDownload
Episode 011PsybientNov 2010LinkDownload
Episode 012PsybientJan 2011LinkDownload
Episode 013PsybientMar 2011LinkDownload
Episode 014PsybientApr 2011LinkDownload
Episode 015PsybientJun 2011LinkDownload
Episode 016PsybientAug 2011LinkDownload
Episode 017PsybientNov 2011LinkDownload

Other Mixes

MixStylePost DatePost LinkDownload Link
Dubmission MixAmbient DubJul 2010LinkDownload via Soundcloud

Yoga Music Mixes

As a side project I have mixed a few yoga music mixes at a blog I setup called Yoga Audio Temple. If you would like to download some of those jump over to the YATemple website. The plan is to do mixes at around 90 minutes in length and concentrate on pure ambient ethnic sounds which are suited to meditation and yoga practice. 

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