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James Watts Kilowatts download tour liveWelcome back to PsyAmb. This week I have a spacey ambient mix for you all. Lots of deep pads, driving bass and ethereal atmospheres. There is even a track I did myself in there somewhere !! One artist who I really should have featured much earlier in my mixes is Kilowatts ( aka James Watts ). You can hear one of his tunes in today's mix but I highly recommend checking out some of his CD's. Excellent stuff.

don't have a lot of info on him but I do remember picking up my first Kilowatts album , "Ground State", a few years ago in 2007 and being instantly hooked. This led me to getting hold of a few older EP's. A new CD is now available called "Undercurrent". Released in August of this year it is limited to a 777 copies worldwide so I'm not sure of the current availability. Anyway, grab it if you can as it's an excellent interpretation of the ways melodies can evolve. Or, in KW's own words:

"From a larger perspective, I felt that the search for these melodies was similar to unearthing subconscious archetypes that drive reality"

Right on ! So Lets get on with today's mix. Enjoy the tunes and as always feel free to get back to me with any comments,requests etc.


Artist - Track

  • 01. Night - Harax
  • 02. Cloud Cover - Ocelot
  • 03. Rode Falls - Kilowatts
  • 04. Another World part 1 - Ambientium
  • 05. On and On - Ninjin (a.k.a PsyAmb)
  • 06. Summer Fields - Orthonorma
  • 07. Proton - Electron - Carbon Based Lifeforms
  • 08. Sky Path (Zero Cult Remix) - Chronos & C.J. Catalizer
  • 09. Walk On The Milky Way - Psyfactor
  • 10. Liquid World - Spectrum Vision
  • 11. We Are Analog - Hol Baumann

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Will said... @ 06 October, 2009

I was lucky enough to catch two great performances by KiloWatts this summer - at Junction 604 and Gaian Mind, if anyone's interested. Glad to see him included. Thanks for the mix!

justina said... @ 10 October, 2009

Lisening to you set in Peru
The blog is great.

Unknown said... @ 12 October, 2009

good stuff, thank you

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