Tribal World Music Mix - PsyAmb 51

This week I have uploaded a kind of world music mix that has a variety of styles from minimal ethnic ambient sounds to ethno-dubstep and beyond. I haven't done too many of these before as I'm not so familiar with the world music genre. However from time time I do run across some rather nice ethno tribal tracks on psychill compilations and the like. So I've gathered a few of the good ones together here in this mix to create a psychedelic world ambient fusion journey. Its runs at around 70 minutes which makes for a nice CD should you want to burn one.

We start with "Gham Dub" by Echo Wanderer, which is the first track from his album "Moving Through Dub" released by Full Melt Recordings in 2011. FMR has a nice selection of bass heavy and dubstep sounds on their books so check them out if you are into that kind of sound. This track has a great slow build to it that is full of ancient tribal trance like atmospheres and creates a smooth intro to the set.

Next is a track from a little known album called "Liquid Dreams" by Ma Faiza and Veet Sandeh. Released in 2006 this album didn't get much distribution in the psyamb genres of psychill or psydub which is unfortunate as it certainly would appeal to such listeners. It's a great album of slick dub/downtempo tunes with Indian vocals. The pair have released a few tracks from the album on a number of noteable compilations including "Goa Beach Vol 6" and the excellent "Mar Y Tierra 2" so it's surprising that they haven't released anything further.

picture of emancipator playing live
Up next is a remix of Emancipator's tune "Rattlesnakes" by saQi. Emancipator ( Doug Appling ) is an American producer who is really riding a wave of underground success at the moment. His music is to be found at the crossroads of melodic downtempo, instrumental hip hop, and electronica. Doug really shot to fame over the past 2 years but has actually been around since 2006 when he released his debut album "Soon It Will Be Cold Enough". That album sold 5,000 copies in the first six months on sale here in Japan. He then landed a Puma sponsorship, gave an interview to Rolling Stone Japan, and even had his song “Maps” played at the Beijing Olympics. Not bad for a guy who was still just 20 years old !
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42 Modern Psychedelic Visionary Artists You Need To Know

The world of psychedelic art has been around for as long as people have been getting high and picking up paintbrushes. Many believe it reached it's popular peak in the late 60's when the hippy movement and flower power was all the go. I guess that is a fair argument. That's not to say that psychedelic and visionary art isn't popular anymore. Far from it - there are thousands of psychedelic and visionary artists around the globe who are creating amazing images using a whole range of interesting techniques.

Here I would like to present what I believe are some  of the leading psychedelic and visionary artists working in the field today. Some of these artists are so technically brilliant in their usage of digital processes that it makes my mind boggle as to how they do it. A number of these names will be instantly familiar to some of you such as artists Alex Grey and Martina Hoffmann while others might be lesser well known so take the time to follow up on them and visit their websites for some amazing visions of the inner mind. 

This list is in no particular order and I'll add more details about other artists listed soon so check back again sometime.

1. Andrew ( Android ) Jones

Currently one of the leading digital psychedelic visionary artists in the world today. Andrew works in the field of visual concept art, creating images for film, fashion and gaming. More recently he has been working on designs for music festivals and bands. His artwork has been featured on album covers of several electronic and psybient music artists such as Bluetech, Beats Antique, Sporeganic, and Phutureprimitive.

2. Justin Guse

Justin is a highly skilled digital artist who creates stunning fantasy visionary hybrids. He is also very active in creating vector art, logo designs, promo material and user interfaces. His work has a leading edge look to it that combines patterns and shapes from a digital world with the more organic feel of spiritual practices.

3. Tokio Aoyama

An artist who paints with a combination of metaphysical, spiritual, and music themes, Tokio Aoyama hails from a tiny town in the north of Japan. Tokio has painted murals and has done commission work for clients all over the world. He has designed art for record labels Epistrophik Peach Sound, Mello Music, Moamoo, and Jazzy Sport. Presently he is looking to share insight into Japanese culture, history, and tradition such as tattooing and art trends of present day Japan.

4. Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas' work creates a visual fusion between Nature and Technology. By taking photos of plants, insects and machines and compositing them with artificially created forms in various 3D programs. The very process of the art he creates is symbolic of mankind’s continuing corruption of the natural world. His photographic endeavours have led him to such exotic locations as Borneo, Laos and the rainforests of Tasmania and the Daintree River.

5. Carey Thompson

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