Psychedelic Computer Games

Psychedelic computer games have been with us in one trippy form or another since the early 80s and have evolved into multi-million selling psychedelic wonderscapes from some of the leading game development studios. 

Even classic games like PacMan ( a cheese block popping pills and chasing down technicolor ghosts ) and Mario ( Hyperactive Italian plumber quaffs magic mushrooms and explores vivid dreamland ) bring forth a drop of psychedelia to the minds of gamers worldwide.

Here is a list of some of my favorite psychedelic games for Windows, Mac, iOS, Console and Handheld systems. It's by no means complete of course so please drop some comments below and tell everyone what your favorites are - especially any obscure psychedelic gaming gems.


Grid Wars 2 - Free ( Windows, OSX, Linux - 2005)

Marco Incitti

GunRoar ( Windows, OSX, Linux )
ABA Games

Synesthetic ( iOS / iPhone / iPad)

Spheres Of Chaos ( Acorn - 1992 / Windows - 1998 )

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