Ambient Dub Mix - PsyAmb 59

Hi everyone. Have a bit of ambient dub for you this week. This mix features a few older tunes from around 2000-2005 that have been screaming at me for years to add to a psydub play list. So for some of you there might be a chance to get acquainted with some lesser known ambient dub producers of the past or at least some older tunes from current artists. They all still sounding super fresh mind you so I hope you dig this hour and half of dub vibes.

We kick of with a track by Daniel Symons and friends in the group Gaia Nima. Some of you will know Daniel from his solo psydub moniker Dymons. This is a fantastic tune and as far as I'm aware the only tune they did together as a group. 

Next is a track from last years Dub Dimension compilation, "Coping with Babylon" by Quanta. One of my favorite dub releases from 2012 for sure. You can download it for free now from the Ektoplazm website.

Following on we have a lovely tune from Michael Sundo aka Vonoom. Michael has released a number of awesome dubby tracks on a number of compilations over the past few years. For more info on Vonoom you can read an interview Micheal did with me last December in which he talks about his studio, touring, future plans and more.

Androcell Entheomythic remixed CD coverAfter a heavy dub from Nako the mix then slides into psychedelic dub star Androcell with a track from his Enthomythic Remixed album. This tune, Dub Ripples, is actually one of two original tracks on the album with all the other tracks being remixes of tunes from his hit Entheomythic album.

I really dig the remixes and the two new tracks also hit the spot and are hopefully a sign of things to come from Androcell after he announced that he is now working on a fourth studio album ! Yes !

Following on we rewind to 2004 for the heavy vibes of Detson Engineering ( Detlef Funder ) and his track Lowland from the Goa Beach Volume 2 album. This is a really unique tune that combines screaming guitar work, ethereal chanting and some heavy,heavy bass. This is followed by a track from Outernational Spacelords which was also featured in one my early ambient dub mixes - PsyAmb 38 so check that one out too if you like their sound. 

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Cool Psychedelic Beatles Posters

The psychedelic Beatles songs were a big part of my childhood thanks to an excellent collection of original vinyls that my uncle left in our family care once he moved abroad. The albums included the four psychedelic classics Magical Mystery Tour, Revolver, Sgt Peppers and The White Album. 

While these albums were busy forming a solid basis for appreciation into psychedelic sounds in my young and impressionable mind, my eyes were drinking in the visuals provided by an accompanying collection of psychedelic Beatles posters and art books he also stored with us. So for a literal trip down memory lane here I present some of the best trippy Beatles images and artist books that I enjoyed looking through as a kid.

artwork poster of john lennon

photo from beatles illustrated book
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PsyStep Mix - PsyAmb 58

After some nice feedback on the psystep mix from last year I thought it might be about time to do another mix of psychedelic beats and bass. Today I have 20 top tracks full of squelchy stuttering funk'n groove that are sure resonate with your bones.

The mix kicks of with Brujo's Bowl ( Saxon Higgs ) who was also featured on the original mix so be sure to check it out if you are fan of BB's tunes. His music covers a range of styles from psystep to techfunk and progressive trance, all of which he handles with ease.

Following on are two artists, Whitebear and Landswitcher who may not be so familiar to psybient/psychill listeners here at the blog. Whitebear is Australian producer Arthur Song. He releases tunes through the Enig'matik Record label, one of Australia's newest and most exciting labels. You are going to be hearing a lot more about Whitebear in the future I suspect - a real exciting new comer. 
Landswitcher is a French duo who are having a big year after signing on with French label Free-Spirit Records. Another act who are definitely set for big things so keep an eye on them too. 

We then move on to some ethno psystep sounds thanks to to a number of top American producers in Jef Stott, Soulacybin and Birds Of Paradise. I highly recommend you check out these three acts if you even slightly interesting in quality psystep sounds. These three guys are at the top of their game. It really doesn't get much better at the moment when it comes to mixing psychedelic riffs, funky bass and stuttering syncopated percussion. 
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20 Trippy Psychedelic Toilet Pictures

Okay I try to avoid delving into toilet humor but when I came across this collection of crazy psychedelic toilets I just couldn't resist sharing. From retro 60s designs to home made psychedelic washroom horrors this collection is sure to inspire you to greater thinking next time you sit down to ponder the universe.

psychedelic alice tiolet picture

three psychedelic flower toilets
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