Top Psychill / Psybient / PsyDub DJs

Here is a list of my favorite psychill , psybient, psydub and generally psychedelic downtempo DJs. I've focused here on DJs that are more focused on DJing than production per se. There are a number of excellent DJs that also produce music such as DJ Zen, Alex Patterson, Darren Sangita and Greg Hunter to name a few. So I wanted to give a bit of exposure to the guys who are out there spinning tunes just for the love it. Let's begin ...


Desislav is a Bulgarian DJ and producer involved in electronic music for 12 years. For the last five, AuroraX has initiated development and production paralleled with Dj-ing around the Bulgarian and foreign psychedelic/ambient festival scenes. Many of his mixes are available for listening on online-radio stations such as Digitally Imported, Eilo, Morbomusic, Chillout Zone and more. His mixes typically include a lot of spacey ambient sounds such as your might here from Ultimae Records and Altar Records. Very deep, emotion galactic journeys that you can chill out to again and again.

DJ Samsara

Christian Borgmann aka DJ Samsara from Denmark, has been actively promoting psychedelic chillout music for many years now and is also well known as the man behind a number of charity albums of chillout and psychedelic trance music that he curated on labels Critical Beats and Random Records. As a label DJ for Altar Records he is often found DJing at the biggest psychedelic festivals around the planet. His mixes make use of idm, glitch, ambient, psybient, psydub and more . Much like AuroraX, his mixes are long spacey journeys so expect to hear artists like Aes Dana, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Asura etc.

Crispy / Leave Trace

Chris Haines aka Crispy is author of the Splendid Beats podcast/website where he hosts a huge collection of wonderful psybient, psychill, psydub and ambient mixes. His blog is well worth following as he also talks about other areas related to the scene as well as his own ongoing production efforts under the Leave Trace moniker. He was very active on the DI.FM psychill channel where he mixed up all kinds of psychedelic ambient styles into each set that proved incredibly popular with online listeners.

Shoom and Bloodwing

Speaking of DI.FM Psychill, that popular online psychedelic chillout radio station would never exist without the efforts of our next DJs. Shoom and Bloodwing. As directors of the Psychill,Goa/Psy and Progressive Psy radio channels they have done more for introducing new psychill sounds to people on-line on a daily basis than just about anyone you care to mention. In that last few years they have played out at many festivals and shows throughout the U.S.  In early 2013 Shoom joined Suntrip Records as a label DJ.

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Kalya Scintilla Interview

Australian producer Kalya Scintilla has been winning praise wide and far with his mix of deep bass, stuttering beats and ancient sacred melodies delivered with an underlying current of psychedelic funk and whomp. 

With a number of EPs, compilation appearances and his latest album "Dance The Spiral Never Ending" all released in just a few short years, he is quickly becoming a name known for innovative psychedelic electronica. 

He recently took time out from his U.S touring schedule to sit down and answer a few questions for the PsyAmb blog. 

PsyAmb: Well, first let's get started at the beginning. How did you get into music production ? Did you come from a musical family ?

Kayla Scintilla: My parents have a great taste in music. They raised me and my siblings on Led Zepplin, Lionel Richie, and other great old rock, soul, and funk. 

I wasn't really into sport at school but I was into music so my friends and I would listen to mix tapes during school and jam out at each other houses on the weekends. We all took turns on drums, bass and guitar playing mostly metal and funk. 

When I left home and moved to the city I fell in love with going to nightclubs. It wasn't long before I had a pair of turntables and was rocking vinyl at house parties and clubs. I played House, Hip Hop, Funk, Breaks, Techno etc basically anything with serious groove. 

In 2005 I purchased my first computer to make beats but living in the city and having a 9-5 job meant that my focus was not as intense as I wanted it to be. In 2007 I went to my first outdoor psytrance festival, called a Doof in Australia. The experienced changed me deeply and I opened my being to a whole new world of frequency. 

The music from Zenon Records changed the way I perceived what was possible with sound and it wasn't too long before I had left my life in the city to pursue a life of music. My focus was psychedelic trance but about a year later the Kalya sound started to emerge as a result of me wanting to explore different realms.

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Surreal Wall Mural Art Paintings : Interesni Kazki

The wall mural artists Interesni Kazki create some of the most amazing trippy wall art you are ever to likely see. A duo comprised of Aleksei Bordusov aka AEC and Vladimir Manzhos aka Waone, both from Kiev Ukraine, Intersni Kazki have been leaving their mark all over the planet with their striking and unmistakable mural art.

Their art is a mixture of fantasy, psychedelia, religious iconography, hybrid animals and contemplative humor. Think Hieronymus Bosch meets Dali at a B grade drive-in movie. Imagination overload. Take a look for yourself below.

mural art painting

big mural art image

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5 Psychedelic Animations That Will Blow Your Mind

Here is a great collection of psychedelic animation shorts, cartoon and 3D renders that will flip your brain sideways.

Ben Ridgeway created this stunning video using a variety of digital methods. Ben is currently an Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California, USA. He has 13 years of professional experience as both a 3D artist in the video game industry and as a Professor. While in the games industry he helped to create games for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft console systems. Ben has been making experimental animations since 1992. His films have been showcased in film festivals worldwide and have received numerous awards.

This hand-drawn animation is the work of artist Jake Fried. This 60 second video took about four months to complete as Jake built up successive layers of imagery and scanned each time resulting in over 1500 individual images that were scanned and later composed into a this video using Final Cut. That's real dedication !

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