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It's been a while since I have mixed up any spacey psychill music so this week lets take a look at some of the better tunes from last year or so. This mix starts of with a pretty chilled out ambient vibe before getting into some ambient trance action later on. It's a good one for serious headphone users !

We begin with a track from Cosmic Replicant from the 2013 release "Nature Of Life" on Altar Records. Cosmic Replicant is the work of Russian psychill artist Pavel Shirshin. The album is pretty good but could with a little more variety I think as I do find the simplified structures used a little repetitive. Still its a nice step up from his previous work so I 'm looking forward to his next work and more progression from this promising producer. 

We then have Lemonchill's tune "Mantra" remixed by Erot. This is a great little tune with a progressive melodic feel. This appears on Erot's "Thoughts From The Past" mini EP released last year.

Things get a little darker after that with the introduction of the brooding spacey ambient tune "Metaphysical Laboratory" by Germind. This track sounds like it could work well as the soundtrack to some elaborate space opera. Great atmosphere here. You can grab this one from the Side Liner produced compilation "Discovering Plexus Music" - a collection of music from the Russian psychill netLabel "Plexus Music".

Inner Expedition by Yarn
Yarn, Ferenc Majercsik and Nandor Horvath, have been around since 2011 but it wasn't until last year that they truly hit the public's attention with the release of their debut album Yarnia. Our next tune, "U.S.M", comes from their newest super 4 track EP "Inner Expedition", once again released on Adam Hohmann's PsyLife Music label.

Following Yarn is a tune by Liquid Soul. Predominantly a progressive trance act, Liquid Soul also produces the occasional psychedelic downtempo track which appear as the final tracks on his albums. This one comes from his latest album titled "Revolution". I also recommend the last tune on his 2008 album "Love In Stereo" called "The Ritual". Lots of typical Liquid Soul melodic acidy sounds and urgent bass lines here - great stuff.  

Next is a tune from Sonic Loom's compilation "Orbita Solaris - Summer Solstice" released in June of 2013. The Sonic Loom group has a rich roster of psytrance and psychedelic chillout artists including Vlastur, AuroaX, Naturelement and Stefen Torto to name a few. With a number of quality psychill releases in 2013 this is a label I'll definitely be keeping an eye on in the future. 

Dense - Christian Schoeps
Dense ( Christian Schoeps ) is a well known ambient progressive trance artist whose music is sometimes referred to as "chillgressive" - a combination of chillout and progressive trance. It certainly has that vibe. Image taking a tune by Atmos, Son Kite, Antix and so on and then slowing in down without losing any of the sound quality and that's what you get. 

It's fabulous stuff - really hypnotic and trippy. In this mix you can hear his track "Moonflower" off one of last year's top psychill albums "Exhale" released on Altar Records. Altar get my nod for best psybient/psychill label of the year for 2013 I think - so much good stuff from them last year. 

We then have a tune from Astral Waves which also happens to be an Altar records artist. This tune is a remix of the track Between Life and Death by Nurion. It appears on the compilation "Magique" which is essentially a remix compilation in which Astral Waves remixes a number of popular psychill, psytrance and progressive trance artists. While not the best track on the album, it is the best one to suit this mix. So if you like this one, why not check out the other tunes as I  think there are one or two other excellent tunes on their.

Psychill legend Astropilot features quite often in my spacey psychill mixes. He seems to have bottomless well of ideas and after all these years is still cranking out awesome ambient tunes week in week out. The next tune, A.P's "Homunculus Nebula", comes from the 2013 compilation "Superluminal" by Uxmal Records which features some of the current leading and up and coming artists producing deep, emotion psychill. Highly recommended listening.  

Altar Records recently released a follow up to their acclaimed Floating Spirals compilation. "Floating Spirals 2" continues to showcase some of Altar's incredible depth of talent. I think they have more depth than Manchester City's bench at times ! Produced by E-Mantra, the new compilation includes a number of less familiar up and coming artists but don't let that put you off - it's an awesome compilation and just goes to show that even Altar's fringe players have what it takes too. 

The next track in this mix comes from the original Floating Spirals compilation from 2012 and is a an epic tune by Cabeiri ( brothers Dimitris and Nickolas Vavalos ) who happens to be releasing their latest album "Self Insider" on Altar records this March. 

The final two tracks of this mix are also Altar affairs with another track from Floating Spirals, E-Mantra's "Kaleidoscope Clouds"  and the superb Suduya track "Unity" from DJ Zen's "Spring" compilation. That's it for this week. As always I hope you enjoy listening in and feel free to share this mix with your friends. 2014 is shaping up to be another great year for psychedelic ambient trance and psychill stuff so remember to follow the blog via the social bookmarks ( up top right of page ) where I post interesting new sounds and mix updates.

Cheers ....

Track - Artist
  • 01. Sunnarium  -  Cosmic Replicant
  • 02. Mantra (Erot RMX) 2.0  -  Lemonchill
  • 03. Metaphysical Laboratory  -  Germind
  • 04. U.S.M  -  Yarn
  • 05. Limitless  -  Liquid Soul
  • 06. Smelling Sky  -  Sygnals
  • 07. Moonflower  -  Dense
  • 08. Between Life and Death  -  Astral Waves
  • 09. Homunculus Nebula  -  Astropilot
  • 10. The 5th Element  -  Cabeiri
  • 11. Unity  -  Suduaya
  • 13. Kaleidoscope Clouds  -  E-Mantra

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    Dark Ambient Albums ( Best Top 100 )

    Dark ambient is a genre I have been a fan of since my early teens and it's something I enjoy listening to on an off when the mood hits me. Like any genre of electronic music, dark ambient also has issues with what exactly classifies as true dark ambient which leads to lots of heated debate online by pocket protector wearers and people with names like Nigel and Tarquin. 

    To each there own I say. So here is a nice list of the top 100 best dark ambient albums that I ran across on Discogs one day. This ranking might offer up some real treasures to add to you own ambient music collection. Ambient music collector "SPoekast" has put a considerable amount of time and effort into this so thumbs up to him for this one. 

    One important note about this list is that he has listed albums that were released between 2000 and 2009. Of course there were plenty of excellent dark ambient albums released prior to 2000 so if you don't see them here, now you know why.

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    Shpongle Wallpaper

    Here is a fun collection of Shpongle wallpaper for your desktop background. Each of the first four Shpongle albums are included here in two size ( resolution ) variations, as well as an extra non-album HD one I made some time ago using a basic Shpongle mask template.

    Click on the image to view full size

    Shpongle by PsyAmb :

    1920 x 1200
    1280 x 1024

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    PsyDub Mix Download - PsyAmb 66

    Welcome to 2014 ! Congrats on making it through another year on planet Earth. Time to celebrate with some smoothly chilled psychedelic dub. This psydub mix kicks off with a slice of pure head-nodding dub from Zeb. This is a bit of an older tune but you can keep up to date on his latest releases at his soundcloud page.

    PsyAmb 66 - PsyDub Mix cover image

    Next is a duo from Melbourne, Australia - Deep Fried Dub with their remix of a single by their Antipodean friends Pitch Black. This is a wonderful remix and I hope the guys get the chance to remix some more PB stuff in the future. Check it out on their new album of remixes "Refried" and if you are in Melbourne be sure to check out their next gig at the Northcote Social Club on Jan 23rd.

    After that is a track from the 2013 compilation "Organic Wave". Mind Trek is a group made up of Linus Eriksson aka Endorian and friends. I don't know too much about Endorian apart from him having another chilled out tune on the Blue Tunes Recordings comp, "Slow Motion" , a few back. Pretty cool stuff - let's hope he can get some more psydub and psybient tunes out someday.

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