Psychedelic Art Collaborations - Many Hands Make Light Work

Artist collaborations have become a growing trend in the psychedelic visual art world of late. Collaboration in visual art is nothing new, mind you. Warhol and Basquiat in the 80s and Dali and Luis Bunuel as far back as the 1920s are two famous collaborations that spring to mind. 

In a sense, collaborative visual art is, as Keith haring once said, "a physical conversation happening in paint instead of words". Today's psychedelic artists are conversing in realms of inner meditative thoughts and hallucinatory experiences.

The bringing together of visual artists at psychedelic music festivals such as Symbiosis, Gem and Jam, Great North Festival and Enchanted Forest Gathering has created a perfect environment for psychedelic painters to share ideas and inspire one another to greater things. 

With a background of hypnotic beats provided by a global collective of trance, bass and tribal musicians, artists take up their brushes together to feverishly paint throughout the night, surrounded by the lush canopy of nature. A cascade of creativity, then unfolds.

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Chillum Dub - PsyAmb 83

This week I have dipped into my psydub collection to bring you a chilled out selection of ambient dub, psydub and various otherworldly sonic bass adventures. This mix starts out in a laid back dub style, meanders through fields of classic psydub and then climbs a mountain of harder hitting,magically mangled, psychedelic sounds.  

We kick off with "Globules Of Joy" by Espertine. The smooth and laid back production in this track hints at classic dub with the use of deep bass and melodica. You can find this on the UK label Visionary Shamanic Records compilation "Cosmic Temple" which was released a few months back. 

Our second tune comes from "Martins Garden", an artist who is making waves with a string of quality releases over the last year. You can hear this on his "Beyond" EP released last month. Five tracks of expertly crafted chillout music that won't disappoint.

Following on we have "Dub Size" and the track "Beyond The Sky". I picked this one up on German netlabel SUBBASS records. You can grab it too on the compilation "more Dub", a 16 track album of worldwide dub sounds that explores a range of styles from traditional vocal dub to more experimental offerings. Recommended for something a little different. 
My current "Album Of The Week" goes to Russian producer Translippers ( Arthur Mustafin ) and his album "Herbalism". Take a listen to this track "Polar Lights" and then be sure to check out the whole album online at the  Microcosmos Records site.

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