How To Volunteer For Psychedelic Research

With the increasing acceptance of psychedelic research these days, companies and organizations are looking for more and more volunteers to assist in their tests and programs. Before you sign-up for what you might imagine to be a free trip in the name of science it would be wise to review exactly what these groups have on offer. 

Here I have compiled a handful of some of the leading groups that offer the public a chance to get involved with psychedelic science as either volunteers for psychedelic drug testing or on the less trippy side of things - office work. 


The most impressive organization in this field would have to be MAPS ( Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies ). MAPS is an independent organization that survives on being totally funded by public donations - some of which can be as large as several hundred thousand dollars. 

A totally professional and highly respected group, MAPS advertises for volunteer positions at other organizations and hospitals as well as its own in house psychedelic testing programs. 

It provides a wealth of information regarding the use of psychedelics for overcoming issues related to addiction, stress, mental illness and more. It is also a highly regarded resource for freely available, unbiased information related to both the risks and benefits of the use of psychedelic.

To read more about what research and volunteers opportunists are available through MAPS click the below link

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Trippy Dark Psychedelic Art

The psychedelic experience is not always full of happy machine elves and rainbow unicorns. Some people prefer to dabble in the darker side of the other side. 

So with that in mind here I present an interesting collection of some darker trippy psychedelic art from the minds of some talented artists as they try to explore the macabre, the Gothic, the bad trip. The areas where you might be too afraid to go into in case you never make it back out the same as when you went in. 

We start of with this harrowing image from none other than psyart legend Alex Grey. Alex usually presents vividly colorful, complex images that reflect a oneness with the cosmic self. In this instance however he shows us that even experienced psychonauts such as Alex are also vulnerable to the negative thought patterns that present them selves in a bad trip.

"Bad Trip" by Alex Grey

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