Ambient Mix - PsyAmb74

A new beatless ambient mix is on offer this week. We begin with a track from Sinepearl's 2012 album "Through Water She Spoke". Sinepearl is the work of Swedish producer Bjorn Ekegren. Bjorn has quickly established himself as a leading ambient artist. His latest album, "Cycles Within Cycles", was released through Interchill Records early this year and is one I highly recommend for anyone seeking a truly chilled-out experience. 

After Sinepearl we have a wonderfully minimal ambient piece from 36 ( three-six ). This is my kind of thing ! Stripped down, hypnotic ambient music that fills every void and takes you over. 36 is Dennis Huddleston from the UK. This one comes from his album Lithea. He has tons of releases online you can check out and they are all quality including his new one "Dream Tempest".

We then have Peter Turcsoki, aka Garden State, who has produced a wonderful album in "Milam" with plenty of dreamlike ambient soundscapes. I first ran across Peter's work on Soundcloud so why not follow him there and keep up to date on his latest releases.

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Bass, Beats and Beyond - PsyAmb 73

Some captivating bass heavy tunes have been tickling my fancy of late. Here is a mix of psychedelic tunes with a bass focus. This one starts of in a pretty laid back fashion with a couple of tracks from Anchor Hill and AtYya. 

Anchor Hill ( Richard Hartley  ) has crafted a fine album with his latest "Medicine Grove" release. Check it out on his Bandcamp page. AtYya ( Tyler Clark ), like Richard, is another bass lover from Canada and also has his latest work up on Soundcloud

Some great stuff coming out Canada these days. Once upon a time there was pretty much just the Interchill label but now there are lots of new producers emerging. 

After the those guys we have yet another Canadian - Daega Sound, one of my favorites when it comes to to deep bass laden electronic music. You can pick up this tune, Terra, along with many superb others on the Bloom Series Vol 1 release.

We then move into a champion bit of psydub with a unique vibe from Soulacybin ( John LaBoone ). This track, Shine Out, comes from Mycelium Music Compilation Vol. 3.  For more of his excellent music have a listen to his latest full length release - Gratitude on the brilliant Australian label Merkaba Music.]

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