Desert Dwellers Interview - The Great Mystery

American duo Desert Dwellers recently released their newest full length album titled "The Great Mystery". In support of the album they are currently touring across the U.S so be sure to check out their tour page for a location near you. 

If you have never heard of Desert Dwellers before then you should immediately check them out online as their music is some of the finest in the downtempo, psydub, global bass genres you are likely to hear. They can also pump out a rocking four-four dance track too which they are known to bust out when playing live. 

I recently asked DD member Amani Friend a few questions about all things past, present and future from the DD duo. Read on for some interesting insight into one of the hottest acts on the circuit today.

PsyAmb : How does the new album differ to previous ones ? I heard there might be some more uptempo tribal tech numbers on it ? What was the overall vision in regard to creating this album ?

DD : The Great Mystery is a special release in the vast Desert Dwellers music catalog. This album marks the first time that the two of us (Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe) have collaborated on a full length album together from start to finish, even though we have been producing music together  since 1999 in a wide range of styles. Up until now our productions have gone into the world as either singles, EPs, or on various artist compilations. 

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Lauge - Pusterum - Review

Perhaps better known as one half of the Danish duo Lauge and Baba Gnohm, Lauge ( Henrik Laugesen ) recently released his second solo album, Pusterum, as a self released issue on Bandcamp. 

Pusterum translates from Danish as "respite" in English which is a perfectly apt name for such a harmonious, relaxing album. When I asked Henrik about the intent behind the album he said that it was created specifically to help his girlfriend sleep. She had been suffering from Insomnia and they noticed ambient music helped her to relax and get to sleep easier.

So an entire album was crafted of beautiful ambient landscapes to help induce a restful nights sleep. What a nice thing to do ! And now we can all benefit from Henrik's endeavors too. I can certainly attest to its sleep inducing powers. Turn off the lights, put this album on and drift away, wrapped in clouds of soft ambient light .

Cover of Pusterum by Lauge

I began writing a review of individual tracks for this album but gave up towards the end as it's not that kind of album. It's a album where all the tracks combine into a single ambient journey. That is not to say there aren't any standout tracks because there are. However this is like a finely balanced work of art that is best appreciated in quiet contemplation.
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