Psybient Fields - PsyAmb 78

This week I thought I'd take a look at some of the psybient tunes that have been running through my headphones of late. This mix has a number of long tunes throughout so it's a good one to use as background music for creative and inspirational endeavors.

We kick off with with a track from the awesome 4 track EP by Alba titled "Dhamma Child" on Nutek Chill Records. I've been really impressed by Nutek's chill offerings of late. Recently they also released the Essentials 2 compilation which as you might guess is a collection of some of the label's best downtempo tunes to date from a variety of the labels producers. Also keep an eye out for the new Hypnotizer album "Connecting With Other Minds" due for release this week.

I am a sucker for NASA samples ! You can have your McKenna, Leary and Watts - for me I just love the sounds of reverbed astronaut vocals over psychedelic ambient music. One of the best examples of the style is our next tune - "Lift Off" by Yarn. You can find this little beauty on the "Psychotria Chill Selection" compilation of last year. Super tune - very chilled and spacey vibes - a real headtrip. 

After Yarn is Akara,  a group of many instrumentalists all held together by the programming glue of Joshua Pennman. Today's track is lifted from the fantastic "Middle Peace" charity compilation of 2014. Released through Shanti Planti, the compilation features an astounding range of talent, offering their art for the benefit of children and families within the Gaza Strip. Two thumbs up to all involved with such a great album.
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Interview With Psychedelic Fashion Designer Symbolika

Symbolika is a psychedelic clothing label that has gained a loyal fanbase around the globe with their superb designs documenting the psychedelic experience. They have a full range of psychedelic t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and hoodies for both men and women as well as a range of psy decor such as lampshades. I was fortunate enough to chat with store manager Yud and designer Fabian about the past, present and future of the collective.  

PA : Symbolika has been around since 2001. That's quite a long time for a label in the psychedelic fashion niche. Could you tell us about how Symbolika started, the history of the label ?
Symbolika : Symbolika started from visionary experiences. It started in Goa. After one of the experiences I started drawing symbols from the experience and it opened the channel to download these symbols and share them. After more experiences more symbols came and Symbolika was born with our first 10 symbols. 

PA : The name itself is interesting. Is there any meaning behind the name Symbolika ? Your designs incorporate a lot of symbolic imagery from spirituality and mind/consciousness expansion ­ is that where the idea for the name comes from ? 

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Incredible DMT Experience Trip Reports

DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) is arguably the world's most powerful hallucinogenic compound. The power within a DMT experience can produce life altering events, leaving users with a new sense of self and the world, or the universe for that matter ! Unlike other psychoactive compounds such as LSD or mescaline, the DMT trip is rather short - typically lasting anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes. However users are able to remember their journey with amazing accuracy. 

The visions seen while under the DMT spell include entities such as alien creatures, half human-insect hybrids, laughing gnome like beings and more. Colors and geometric symmetrical landscapes cascade in rhythmic harmonies. But don't just take my word for it - here below are some incredible examples of DMT trip reports that defy belief. Simply wonderful to read. 

Blast Off !
I was blasting off; that terminology, it couldn't be any more correct. The high was hitting me at an increasing speed and intensity; imagine an exponential growth curve. The ceiling seemed to vibrate to the point of blurriness. "Wow," I had said before closing my eyes and tumbling down the metaphorical rabbit hole. 

My world was a constantly transforming soup of geometric and 3-D designs. No single image or thought, at this point, lasted for more than a half-second. My shortened attention span was disorienting to the point that I had momentarily forgotten what was causing the hallucinations several times in the course of a minute. The hallucinations, thus far, had been primarily in black and white. Colors slowly began to seep into the morphing designs.

Each geometric design appeared from the previous one. They melted OUT of the previous design, grew out of it, appeared as a flame, or rippled into existence like ripples on water. The colors and designs became more vivid and intricate at a steady pace until, at a critical point of intricacy and color intensity, my entire perspective was shattered, in an almost very literal sense.

The geometric designs appeared to shatter like a pane of thin glass. The glass was shattered by a majestic, and very regal-looking harpy eagle as it flew through the 'screen' that the designs were playing on. The harpy eagle burst through the glass and suddenly everything became more, well, "real," would be the best way to describe it. The transition from the designs to the eagle felt like a puck on ice sliding from the second dimension to the third dimension.

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25 Psychedelic Tapestries And Where To Buy

Psychedelic tapestries add an extra dimension to any party, festival or your own bedroom. From small batiks featuring mandala designs to large UV banner art towering above the dance floors of festivals like OZORA and Rainbow Serpent Festival, psy inspired art painted on fabric enhances a memorable experience.

When looking to buy online you can try large service sites like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. They stock a descent range of Indian inspired ( think Ganesha, Shiva ) wall hangings as well as mandala and colorful bohemian and hippie stuff ( sleeping sun, moon, Grateful Dead etc ) . That's not really my thing but it certainly has it's share of fans. 

Personally I really love the more complex visionary stuff that you see at psytrance festivals.  A lot of that you can't actually buy online as it tends to be one of creations and are hired out by artists or art collectives. You can find a pretty similar range online though from the likes of Space Tribe and so on. I really dig the 3D UV active stuff. The bedding and throws are cool too. Check the links below for some places with tapestries for sale. You might just find something you like. 

psychedelic tapestry wallflower

trippy uv wall hanging

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