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This week I thought I'd take a look at some of the psybient tunes that have been running through my headphones of late. This mix has a number of long tunes throughout so it's a good one to use as background music for creative and inspirational endeavors.

We kick off with with a track from the awesome 4 track EP by Alba titled "Dhamma Child" on Nutek Chill Records. I've been really impressed by Nutek's chill offerings of late. Recently they also released the Essentials 2 compilation which as you might guess is a collection of some of the label's best downtempo tunes to date from a variety of the labels producers. Also keep an eye out for the new Hypnotizer album "Connecting With Other Minds" due for release this week.

I am a sucker for NASA samples ! You can have your McKenna, Leary and Watts - for me I just love the sounds of reverbed astronaut vocals over psychedelic ambient music. One of the best examples of the style is our next tune - "Lift Off" by Yarn. You can find this little beauty on the "Psychotria Chill Selection" compilation of last year. Super tune - very chilled and spacey vibes - a real headtrip. 

After Yarn is Akara,  a group of many instrumentalists all held together by the programming glue of Joshua Pennman. Today's track is lifted from the fantastic "Middle Peace" charity compilation of 2014. Released through Shanti Planti, the compilation features an astounding range of talent, offering their art for the benefit of children and families within the Gaza Strip. Two thumbs up to all involved with such a great album.

We next journey into some darker realms with some deep, down and dark psychedelic chill thanks to the genius of Tengri ( Leonid Golcev ). Tengri burst on the scene in 2013 with this amazing EP - Shipido. Today I mixed in the title track from Shipido but really I could have used any of the 4 tracks on offer there as they are all amazing. Not surprisingly Tengri singed to one of the scene's most respected labels - Peak Records where he released his first full album - the acclaimed Icaros, also in 2013. 

Good to see Terra Nine ( Michael Westcot ) back making good music again. His music is a bit hit and miss at times but with the new EP  "Love Potion" it's all hit !  Today I've gone for the track "Du Soleil". Over ten years, Terra Nine has released 6 albums and an EP through the CUT Group (Cosmic Leaf, Unicorn, Tempest) as well as appearing on myriad compilations. Released though Uxmal Records, the new release shows that he is prepared to step up his game and release a very, very solid EP. Look out for the Karuna remix project in 2015 - a brand new EP featuring the extraordinary new track ‘Karuna’ composed by Terra Nine and Squazoid and remixed by luminaries such as Kick Bong, AKD, Suduaya, Braincell and Pete Ardron (Orchid Star). 

Yechidah's tune "Winter Dub Shelter" from the "Entheomystica 2" compilation then sails in smoothy on the back of Terra Nine. A storming psybreaks mixed with dub like tune with plenty of swirling effects to wrap your brain around.  Oddly the album is still only online for purchase while the previous ( vol 1 ) and later ( vol 3 ) are online as free downloads ! They are all great albums and I was more than happy to pay for vol 2. Check out volume 3 over at the ever excellent Ektoplazm archive.

Terra Nine's mate Squazoid ( Jeremy Bringue ) provides the next track in today's mix. I have to say - I have become a big fan of Squazoid of late. His depth of production, range of psychedelic craziness and use of superb basslines makes for fascinating music. This track is the title track from his latest album "Two Reality". Just one listen to this song and you will be hooked on Squazoid's trip.

We follow up Squazoid with a touch of Master Minded ( Eyal Ytshari ). MM has floated around labels Merkaba Music and Maia Brasil records which makes sense as the output of both labels are kind of similar in sounds and vision. This track comes from the compilation "Forest Garden", a top compilation from 2014, expertly put together by Djane Indra. I also recommend hunting down Eyal's full length album "The Source Of Life" also out on Maia Brasil. 

Another bubbling dark psy track is up next. This time from the warped mind of Erot ( Tore Mortensen ) who has popped up on a number of past episodes here at psyamb. This track comes from his album "A Decade Ago" which I've been enjoying a lot recently. The album is a collection of some of his older and unreleased tunes. There is gold in the old, so why not dig out you own chunk of Erot riches by downloading it for free ( or make a donation ) over at his bandcamp page.

No talk of Merkaba Music could be complete without a Kalya Scintilla track. Apart from having one of the most misspelled names in the business ( I am guilty too ! ) Kalya has created a sound all unto his own. A magical combination of deep bass, traditional instruments, and harmonic melodies paints pictures of far off lands shrouded in mists of time. Truly one of the best artists going around right now . Here I've chosen the track "Enter The Temple" from his latest full length "Open Ancient Eyes". You may also like to read an interview I did with Kalya back in 2013.

Next up is a really special tune. The mighty Kuba remixing the equally mighty Entheogenic !! And how does it sound ? Well, do you really need to ask ! This is a sublime example of smooth psybient music that should be in everyone's collection. Grab it from the "Chiller Vol 1" compilation from back in the day 2007 ! I was suprised to read in an interview recently that Entheogenic is now just one person with Helmut having left that band back around 2008. Certainly doesn't seem to have effected the sound too much as the latest release in 2014, Enthymesis, was rather excellent I thought.

Our last tune today is one worth savoring. Desert Dwellers released a sweet little EP late last year titled "Luminous Axiom" which included the single "Luminous Axiom" plus two remixes by Sixis and Mumukshu. This tune is a magical carp ride of epic proportions and is a perfect way to wrap up this sojourn into the realms of deep psybient music. 

Hope you all enjoy the mix and let me know your thought below in the comments. I've got a few more of these deep psybient mixes sorted out so I'll look to put them up over the next month or so as well as another bass mix and and a floating minimal ambient escape. 

Cheers ...
Track / Artist 
  • 01. Mother Nature - Alba
  • 02. Lift off - Yarn
  • 03. Akara - The Far Shore (Lubdub Remix)
  • 04. Shipibo - Tengri
  • 05. Du Soleil - Terra Nine
  • 06. Yechidah - Winter Dub Shelter
  • 07. Two Reality - Squazoid
  • 08. Enter the Garden - Master Minded
  • 09. Erot - Quod Erat Demonstrandum
  • 10. Enter The Temple - Kalya Scintilla
  • 11. Kashmir Day Trip (Kuba Remix) - Entheogenic 
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