25 Psychedelic Tapestries And Where To Buy

Psychedelic tapestries add an extra dimension to any party, festival or your own bedroom. From small batiks featuring mandala designs to large UV banner art towering above the dance floors of festivals like OZORA and Rainbow Serpent Festival, psy inspired art painted on fabric enhances a memorable experience.

When looking to buy online you can try large service sites like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. They stock a descent range of Indian inspired ( think Ganesha, Shiva ) wall hangings as well as mandala and colorful bohemian and hippie stuff ( sleeping sun, moon, Grateful Dead etc ) . That's not really my thing but it certainly has it's share of fans. 

Personally I really love the more complex visionary stuff that you see at psytrance festivals.  A lot of that you can't actually buy online as it tends to be one of creations and are hired out by artists or art collectives. You can find a pretty similar range online though from the likes of Space Tribe and so on. I really dig the 3D UV active stuff. The bedding and throws are cool too. Check the links below for some places with tapestries for sale. You might just find something you like. 

psychedelic tapestry wallflower

trippy uv wall hanging

If you happen to know of any other sites online dealing with psychedelic decor like these wall hangings and the like please drop a comment below.

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