Best Free Online DJ Mixer

Online DJ mixers ( ODJMs ) are a fun and free way to experience DJing for the first time. If you are interested in DJing, the cost of hardware mixers that use Vinyl or CDs can prove cost prohibitive for many beginners. Standalone Digital DJing software such as Native Instruments' Traktor and the like are not exactly cheap either. 

Enter the age of "Cloud DJing". The no download revolution !

Online DJing mixers are the result of the evolution in music sharing and cloud services like SoundCloud, MixCloud and Youtube. Now, with nothing more than an internet connection and browser you can experience DJing for free and get access to libraries containing millions of songs. 

The technology is still somewhat in its infancy with most DJing online sites having their fair share of pros and cons when it comes to usability, presentation and performance. However I've no doubt that these sites will continue to gain in popularity as the tech improves. 

Will they ever replace standalone DJing software applications ? Hard to say really - it probably depends greatly on what your intended purpose is. In some situations like a casual house party or home use, ODJMs are certainly more than capable of doing the job. As a reliable method for live performance at a club or festival .... probably not.

Anyway, lets take a look through some of the best online DJing systems currently available and some of there good and bad points.

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Psychill Mix - PsyAmb 60

A new psychill mix ! Yeah ! This one is a bit longer with heaps of interesting new tunes so strap in for a quite a ride. If you like bass driven, somewhat darker atmospheres then this might be the mix for you. Lets get going ...

We begin with a track from Aligning Minds stunning debut album "My Heart Is Love". Certainly their best work to date and one of the best psychill albums of 2013. After only a few short years together the Aligning Minds guys have hit on a great formula where they mix elements of psychill, dubstep, psystep, dub and downtempo genres to create music full of atmosphere and drama. Keep an eye on these guys as they just keep getting better and better.

Next is a rather catchy tune, so catchy I found myself humming the riff for a few days after the first listen. Banco De Gaia ( Toby Marks ) is back with a new album of all new material called "Apollo". The track "Wimble Toot" from the album has been remixed by psychill legends Eat Static and released as part of the "Wimble Toot EP". It's a rather short track but really unique and enjoyable and as I say, very catchy.

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36 Amazing Psychedelic Blacklight Posters

Psychedelic posters are a great way to decorate you home, bedroom or chillout space. From the vintage 1960s counter culture waybill posters to modern day psychedelic rock and music posters for bands like tool, STS9 etc there are plenty of options available to spruce up your walls.

One category of trippy posters that is commonly seen at festivals and psytrance parties are the good old psychedelic blacklight posters. These creations are painted with a special paint known as blacklight reactive paint. The paint glows when exposed to a backlight - a light source which has a wavelength predominately in the ultra violet ( UV ) range. Because of this the artwork in this genre is also referred to as UV art.

a blacklight poster of alex grey art

Backlight paintings at festivals have a variety of psychedelic motifs including bright fluoro fantasy landscapes, alien abductions, visionary experiences and the like. A well arranged placement of black light banners around a dance floor can add tremendously to the overall atmosphere of the party and become as much a talking point as the DJs and musicians headlining the event. 
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