36 Amazing Psychedelic Blacklight Posters

Psychedelic posters are a great way to decorate you home, bedroom or chillout space. From the vintage 1960s counter culture waybill posters to modern day psychedelic rock and music posters for bands like tool, STS9 etc there are plenty of options available to spruce up your walls.

One category of trippy posters that is commonly seen at festivals and psytrance parties are the good old psychedelic blacklight posters. These creations are painted with a special paint known as blacklight reactive paint. The paint glows when exposed to a backlight - a light source which has a wavelength predominately in the ultra violet ( UV ) range. Because of this the artwork in this genre is also referred to as UV art.

a blacklight poster of alex grey art

Backlight paintings at festivals have a variety of psychedelic motifs including bright fluoro fantasy landscapes, alien abductions, visionary experiences and the like. A well arranged placement of black light banners around a dance floor can add tremendously to the overall atmosphere of the party and become as much a talking point as the DJs and musicians headlining the event. 

There are plenty of places to buy trippy blacklight posters. For the best selection I recommend dealing with online shops that are solely dedicated to the art. There are also a number of shops that have them along with other psychedelic clothing. One that immediately springs to mind is the guys at SpaceTribe. Some large online stores like Amazon also stock a range but they are not cheap considering the rather slim pickings. There are also wholesale options for those people who would like to sell blacklight paintings made by other artists. To find those its best to do a search for "blacklight wholesale" and you'll see a number of good suppliers pop up such as Ultraviolet Distributing.

To give you an idea of what is possible in the realm of UV black light art here I present to you some of my all time favorite backlight posters, wall hangings and backdrops.

alice in wonderland uv poster blacklight

another alice blacklight poster

There you have it. Quite a colorful collection of trippy blacklight posters that I hope might provide some inspiration for you own UV art explorations. If you are a UV/black light artist and would like to share you work here, then by all means do drop a link in the comments below and show us your work. 

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Anonymous said... @ 15 May, 2013

Not my work, but this guy "Robbie" does some great UV posters & art, showcases them at a lot of UK festivals. A fair bit of his art available to buy as posters!


Anonymous said... @ 25 June, 2013

does anyone know of any sites selling large black light fabric wallhangings?

Anonymous said... @ 03 September, 2013

how do I find blacklight posters like these to purchase I find a lot of basic blacklight posters but nothing very psycadelic

Anonymous said... @ 29 September, 2013

Try spacetribe.com

sweetdreams said... @ 24 December, 2013

we are opening a 3D Fluorescent Museum in Newberry Florida. We are looking for black light painters for our opening. Unfortunately we don't have funds since we are just starting out. But if you'd like to send us a few pieces we would love to display your work. If you offer them for sale we would only ask a 20% commission.
peace and love

Unknown said... @ 04 April, 2014

Wow Deco...Worlds of Wonder . New website coming soon!

Anonymous said... @ 11 February, 2016

Where did you get that tool poster from ?

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