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A new psychill mix ! Yeah ! This one is a bit longer with heaps of interesting new tunes so strap in for a quite a ride. If you like bass driven, somewhat darker atmospheres then this might be the mix for you. Lets get going ...

We begin with a track from Aligning Minds stunning debut album "My Heart Is Love". Certainly their best work to date and one of the best psychill albums of 2013. After only a few short years together the Aligning Minds guys have hit on a great formula where they mix elements of psychill, dubstep, psystep, dub and downtempo genres to create music full of atmosphere and drama. Keep an eye on these guys as they just keep getting better and better.

Next is a rather catchy tune, so catchy I found myself humming the riff for a few days after the first listen. Banco De Gaia ( Toby Marks ) is back with a new album of all new material called "Apollo". The track "Wimble Toot" from the album has been remixed by psychill legends Eat Static and released as part of the "Wimble Toot EP". It's a rather short track but really unique and enjoyable and as I say, very catchy.

Following Banco De Gaia is the track Dreamembering by Galactronic, a new find for 2013. Galactronic is the work of iTom Lab and Yogi Prateado. Together, through Itom Lab's technical wizardry and Yogi Prateado's mastery of more traditional world instruments, they create a decidedly unique sound of psychedelic cosmic mystery. Check out their album Salvatica for an ethno-psy inspired journey into audio bliss. If you pick up the physical copy of the CD you will be treated to some beautiful CD art by visionary artists such as Jess Noemind, Randell Roberts and more. Following this track you can here a bit of solo iTom Lab with a vocal psy rap called "Galactic Mantra". Galactastic !

After that we have another debut release for 2013. "Entwine" is the debut album for Zoungla ( Costa Damoulianos ) and marks another significant Ektoplazm psybient artist debut along the lines of Globular and Iacchus. A fabulous album that has garnered rave reviews on the Ektoplazm website. I can't recommend this album highly enough. How much is all this psychedelic whimsy ? $0 ! Grab your free copy now . Also jump over to Costa's facebook page to keep an eye out for his live schedule which kicks of later this month at Caravan Cafe in Montreal, Canada.

After a typically excellent piece of ethno-psychill from Desert Dwellers from the awesome "Recalibrated 2" album we move onto a new track from Globular. This track, "Momon" comes from the EP "Sorbet For The Soul" which has had the internet abuzz recently. "Mamon", is a remix of the track "Mango" by Radioactive Sandwich ( a group I've really been diggin this past year or so ).  You can grab this one at Globular's bandcamp page. Let's hope this isn't the last we here from the Globular/Sandwich project. 

Moving on then we have Lab's Cloud with a track from the brilliant "Next Step" compilation that was released earlier this year on Nutek Chill. Compiled by Green Beats, it ranks as one of the best psydub, psychill compilations of 2013 so far so check it out if you are yet to do so. After that we have a HUGE track from the collaborative minds of Vlastur and J.P Illusion. And I really mean HUGE. The gnarling main synth riff in this track sounds so phat on my headphones I can only imagine how bone tingling it would sound on a huge stack of speakers. Delicious and delirious ! Grab it on the Planet Blue compilation that psychill DJ wizard Johnny Blue compiled and released late last year.  

We then have some psy-glitch-hop craziness from the incomparable Kayla Scintia who practically owns the genre these days and then into and heavy psydub monster tune from Akasha from the "Into The Web" EP. You can read a quick review of the EP over at the SunIsShinningInDub blog. If you love psydub then I highly recommend picking up a copy of the EP which you can purchase at Akasha's bandcamp page.

After a track from psyamb favorite Kilowatts from the classic Ground State album we move onto another new producer with a fantastic debut that I'd like to mention. Phone Booth Robbers is the work of Dutchman Bastiaan van Staaveren and what a stunning debut it is ! His album "Falling Into One" is currently tracking a 97% thumbs up rating on the Ektoplazm website and justifiably so. There isn't a single weak track on it - any of the tracks could have slotted into this mix. It's not often that I can say that. I'm surprised I've never heard of this guy before. And to top it all of - it's free !! Yes free !! Amazing. Grab it now at, you guessed it, Ektoplazm. 
Yet another new act is up next with Mr Squatch and his rockin tune "The Squatch Expands Life" from the "Resonant Heart" compilation, one of the most vital comps of 2013 which is full of some of the best tracks you are likely to hear this year. If you like plenty of bass and funky beats in that glitch-hop, psystep style then you should drop what you are doing, jump over to the MerkabaMusic site on Bandcamp and give it a listen now. Hope I can hear more from Mr Squatch as the play of rock drums and psybient atmospheres here works so damn well. 

Following up next is another track from the recent "album of the week" Pineal's "Caudo Pavonis" and then we get into another fabulous compilation with the track Sahara by Mindex. This one comes from this week's "album of the week" - Mutantribe mixed by Super Cozi. What makes this compilation so great, apart from every track being superb, is the variety on offer as well as the careful attention paid to the running order. Each track compliments the previous and subsequent ones in style, key and atmosphere so well that you feel like you have listened to something very special indeed and can't help but press replay. It reminds me of those old Twisted compilations, Backroom Beats, in that way. Something you can play anywhere, anytime and get immense joy out of it.

One of the biggest ( and best ) surprises of 2013 so far was when Yggdrasil released their new album under the new band name of Kurbeats. The debut Kurbeats album, Folktronica, is a superb blend of traditional northern European folk sounds and modern synth psychedelia. The end result being something I and I suspect just about everyone else on the planet has never heard before - the genre that is folktronica. At first listen I didn't quite get it but with subsequent plays you can really begin to ride the wave and see how wellit works. Yggdrasil at their crazy best once again. Plenty of great tunes on offer so check it out at the Kurbeats website.

After Kurbeats' track "Lemming Leisures" we move on to Nick Brennan aka Tripswitch and his track Cumulus from the album Ketama Vol 3 compilation. Then we slide into Digitalis ( aka Seb Taylor of Kaya Project/Shakta fame  )  and his track Calculus, again from the Mutantribe compilation. This is also a fairy rockin tune with a steady driving bass and percussion which is exactly what you would expect from Digitalis. This is then followed up by one of my favorite tracks of recent weeks - Dickster's "Locked In The Silver Box" from Raja Ram's compilation "Pipedreams" which was also featured as a recent album of the week. I really love the oldschool 303 riffs in this track - really brings back some good memories. More 303 please ! 

After a the classic Slackbaba track "Fruit Of Mahoot" from back in 2006 we have a dark brooding psybient tune - the aptly titled "Night Spirits" by Hypnotizer. Young talented producer from Ibiza , Isaak Hypnotizer has appeared on several compilations including the well received "Kumharas Ibiza". Much like his name suggests, his music is incredibly hypnotic when given your full focus. The tribal rhythms really do have a slow trance like feel to them. Great stuff. Finally we have another wonderful new act, Landswitcher, and their track "Switch The Atom" before a bit of ambient landing provided by Garden State. 

Hope you all enjoy this psychill mix as much I enjoyed putting it together. Until next time - happy listening.

Cheers ...

Track / Artist
  • 01. A Noble Truth  -  Aligning Minds
  • 02. Wimble Toot (Eat Static Remix)  -  Banco De Gaia
  • 03. Dreamembering  -  Galactronic
  • 04. Galactic Mantra  -  iTom Lab
  • 05. Wonky Kong  -  Zoungla
  • 06. Snake Charmer (Chase The Lazer Remix)  -  Desert Dwellers
  • 07. Mamon  -  Globular
  • 08. Nacidos Para Volar  -  Lab’s Cloud
  • 09. Getting Started  -  Vlastur & J.P. Illusion
  • 10. Eloquent Expansion  -  Kalya Scintilla
  • 11. Into the Web  -  Akasha
  • 12. Monument  -  Kilowatts
  • 13. Short But Untold Stories  -  Phone Booth Robbers
  • 14. The Squatch Expands Life  -  Mr Squatch
  • 15. Induction  -  Pineal
  • 16. Sahara  -  Mindex
  • 17. Lemming Leisures  -  Kurbeats
  • 18. Cumulus  -  Tripswitch
  • 19. Calculus  -  Digitals
  • 20. Locked in the Silver Box  -  Dickster
  • 21. Fruit Of Mahoot  -  Slackbaba
  • 22. Night Spirits  -  Hypnotizer
  • 23. Switch the Atom  -  Landswitcher     
  • 24. Rima  -  Garden State

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Anonymous said... @ 23 May, 2013

This is the only music I need. Thank you as ever

Sjaak said... @ 24 May, 2013

Thanks man. Love it! Keep them coming. :)

Anonymous said... @ 02 June, 2013


Chenn said... @ 05 June, 2013

Perfect mix, like it a lot! Thank u

Anonymous said... @ 09 June, 2013

Exellent as always. Thanks

Unknown said... @ 13 August, 2013

As always a great intro into some unknown sounds and some new sounds by some great artist....the phyamb dj saved my life with a song..thank-you ,thank-you ,thank-you

clayton said... @ 24 September, 2013

Superb mix, as always :) I can always count on catching up with any incredible psy tunes I've missed when I check out a new mix from you

Psyamb said... @ 25 September, 2013

Thanks guys .. Got some more mixes to upload soon so check back during the coming weeks for some new downloads

Anonymous said... @ 22 March, 2014

I came in on this one, no wonder I became addicted, it's really good, many thanks. Sometimes wish the task list had times on it so I can work out what track I'm listening to.

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