High Visions - Psychedelic Coloring Book

I am pleased to announce that after much effort and 1000 fine liner pens later, my psychedelic coloring book "High Visions" is now available for purchase on Amazon ! 

I started working on this project close to one year ago. My sister noted that many of my doodles and sketches looked kind of similar to what was going on in the adult coloring book world and suggested that I look into it. Thanks to her initial inspiration and continual butt kicking it is now a thing !

Inside the book you will find over 30 unique designs from flowing organic mandalas to trippy hallucinatory horizons. If you like challenging coloring books or psychedelic related art then you might get a buzz out of this. 

To check it out on Amazon follow this link :


  • Sample images ( click to view larger version )

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Top 10 Best Shpongle Songs

Simon Posford and Raja Ram, the psynamic duo that make up Shpongle, have been twisting our brains for the past two decades with their field reports on the psychedelic experience expressed through the art of psychedelic electronic music. 

How time has flown, and what a flight it has been. From the timeless classic of their debut album "Are You Shpongled ?" to the dark hidden spaces of their fifth album "Museum Of Consciousness", Shpongle have grown into a worldwide phenomenon on the psychedelic music scene. 

As a tribute to celebrate getting truly Shpongled for the past 20 years I present here my all time favorite best Shpongle songs. These are listed in chronological order ( release order ) and represent a selection of my overall top 10 tunes by Shpongle.

image of shpongle members
Shpongle - Raja Ram ( left ) Simon Posford ( right )

01. And The Day Turned To Night
Album : Are You Shpongled ?

Not so many psychedelic chillout songs can claim an eight minute build up. Hell, most songs are done and buried by then. Not this monster of a tune. And The Day Turned to Night is a modern masterpiece of song making that is, as much as I hate to say it, yet to be bettered by Shpongle. I might be biased as I do love long songs and this one clocks in at an extravagant 19 minutes. 

That's 19 minutes of some of the best electronic music you will here in you life mind you. Layer on layer of psychedelic sound in continually peeled away and added across a vast universe of bliss. When questioned about his favorite Shpongle track Posford chose this very song. One listen and you'll understand why.  

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Interstellar Vibrations - PsyAmb 91

Greeting earthlings. I've come back from the depths of the outer cosmos with a bag full of hypnotic spacey psychill for you all.  This mix begins with a splendid, haunting downtempo tune from Aes Dana and Miktek. These guys have been collaborating a lot of late so if you like this one be sure to click over to the Ultimae Records website to see what other goodies are on offer these days.

cover image for this mix psyamb 91 interstellar vibrations

Following on next is Spain's Keemiyo ( José Fernandez Romay ) with a track from his album "A Mystical Journey" on label Altar Records. Keemiyo has a solid old-school background having traveled the hippie trail through Goa in the 1970s. A talented guitarist and flute player his music is best described as progressive trance, progressive chill.

After José we give it a little more throttle with Airform ( Anton Stepanov ). Airform has been around for a few years now and came to the attention of a wider audience with the release of his album "Flourishing Zone" last year on Mystic Sound Records.  

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