Winter Garden - Budd,Bernocchi,Guthrie - Review

Artist : Budd, Bernocchi, Guthrie
Title : Winter Garden
Label : RareNoiseRecords
Release : 28 Nov 2011
Genre : Ethereal / Ambient
Rating :

winter garden - budd-bernocchi-guthrie-rare-noise-records Winter Garden -  Budd, Bernocchi, Guthrie

01 Don't Go Where I Can't Find You
02 Losing My Breath
03 Winter Garden
04 Entangled
05 Harmony And The Play Of Light   
06 Heavy Heart Some More
07 White Ceramic   
08 Stay With Me  
09 South Of Heaven   
10 Dream On

Reverb is a not a dirty word. Reverb is an effect often used in ambient and dub music production to simulate those components of sound which are produced from reflections off walls or objects in the surrounding environment. When done well it can transport the listener into an other world of the producers making and evoke feelings of warmth, isolation or comfort. When it is done as well as it is on "Winter Garden" , a collaboration between Harold Budd,Eraldo Bernocchi and Robin Guthrie it takes you way beyond the other world and into a deep introspective look at your relationship with sound, space and atmosphere.

American Harold Budd has gained popularity over the years with his minimalistic piano work and collaborations with Brian Eno. Although he has hinted at retiring now and then over the past decade or more he is still producing beautiful soundscapes well into to his 70's and will appear as a featured composer at this year's Other Minds festival in March. On this release he teams up renowned Italian musician and producer Eraldo Bernocchi and Scottish producer/guitarist Robin Guthrie, founder of Cocteau Twins and Violet Indiana.

L to R : Robin Guthrie, Harold Budd, Eraldo Bernocchi.
This is epic moody and melodic music that, much like like the title itself hints at, is at once barren and desolate while remaining eerily beautiful. On first listen one might get the impression that each song song sounds too familiar and alike. However with a careful ear you begin to spot the winter fruits hidden in the garden and you are soon wrapped up in its inescapable artistry.

Previous collaboration between Budd and Guthrie have been a little hit and miss for me. Heavy handed muscular guitar drones by Guthrie sometimes outshone Budd's piano work. However on this occasion there are no such problems. Both Guthrie's guitar and Budd's distant, brooding piano work sit comfortably next to each other and are enhanced further by Bernochii's pulsing bass and electronic production.

One can't help but feel this recording requires the best setting for the optimal listening experience. I found most enjoyment from this album while listening with a good pair of headphones while lying down with the lights switched off and nothing to distract me. I discovered an icy melancholy that was beautiful and weightless, a boat made of clouds drifting out to sea. This is required listening for any fans of minimal ambient music and will no doubt find cross over appeal with fans of soundscapes and film scores.

The CD is available online now through Bernocchi's RareNoiseRecords label.

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