Nokorimono Vol 2 - Best Chillout - PsyAmb Episode 26

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Welcome back to PsyAmb. This is the second volume in a series of mixes I like to call Nokorimono ( "leftovers"/"remainders" in Japanese ) . The idea here is to present some of my favorite best chillout and ambient tunes that perhaps don't fit so well into the genres I usually present here on the PsyAmb site ( dub, psychill, space ) but are nonetheless worth listening to in their own right. I'm in the middle of moving house at the moment so forgive me for not presenting a full run down of all the tracks this week. I'll get around to it eventually but for now please enjoy some vibes from other sides with this chill songs mix.

Cheers ...

Artist - Track

  • 01. Boy Is Fiction - Stack Is Bad
  • 02. Ailo - Equilibria Etheria
  • 03. Eitan Reiter - Coffee
  • 04. Access To Arasaka - Jody
  • 05. Son Kite - Million Wishes
  • 06. The Orb - The Land Of Green Ginger
  • 07. Digital Samsara - 7am
  • 08. Space Hypnose - Feel Paradise
  • 09. Sofa Bunker Bed - Patio
  • 10. Desert Dwellers - Parabolic
  • 11. Antediluvian Rocking Horse - It's Ok, Mosquito
  • 12. Bluetech - Crescent
  • 13. Fingertwister - I Remember Jah (Ooze Remix)
  • 14. Timonkey - Azure
  • 15. Snap Ant - The Queen Of # 18
  • 16. Azure Taint - Gran Canyon
  • 17. Jaia - I'd Like To Live
  • 18. Radiate - Reverse Engineering
  • 19. Stickleback - Ask Yourself (Onega Sound System Remix)

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Ambient Dub Mix Download - PsyAmb 25

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Hello and welcome back to PsyAmb. This week we have another mix in the ambient dub series. We kick of with Australian group "The Omm Squad" with a track from the compilation "Between Earth and Sky" on "Tempest Recordings" from 2009. A really great compilation that I highly recommend. Tempest has been producing some excellent ambient releases recently so be sure to check out their website for past and future work.

Next up is "Vakuum Sounds" with a tune from the "Native State Records" compilation "Bioluminescence" - one of my all time favorite ambient compilations. Vakuum Sounds is the work of Andre Muller who under the name "P.Laoss" released an amazing deep ambient dub CD a few months ago called "Landscapes and Machines". One for serious lovers of minimal ambient dub.

After that we have a tune from "Dubmission Records" compilation "More Bass Than Space" by "Woob". Woob is the work of UK-based soundtrack and ambient-dub musician Paul Frankland, whose albums for "Em:t Recordings" are among the most praised and encompassing documents of post-rave ambient music. Incorporating Middle Eastern instrumentation and Jamaican dub-style production, tight, snappy breakbeats, blankets of synth drone and melody, and heaps of treated samples and field recordings, Woob is a sort of state-of-the-art snapshot of heavily hybridized post-rave experimentation. Frankland released his first album "Woob 1194", through Em:t and has since contributed tracks to many of their compilations, as well as releasing a follow-up full-length, 4495. In addition to his Woob work, Frankland also recorded together with DJ Colin Waterton) as Journeyman for the "Ntone" label. The pair's work is similar to Frankland's own, although the Middle Eastern elements are largely replaced by less localizable, heavily treated and manipulated influences.

"Flashbaxx" is up next with a sweet dubby number from 2007's "Chasing The Third" on Israel's "Mighty Fat Records" - a very fine dub infused compilation. I definitely recommend a visit to their website where you can find a number of great ambient dub compilations showcasing some of the current leading exponents of the genre.

Next is another tune from "More Bass Than Space". Sean Williams ( Process , Beasts , Mystery School Ensemble ) has produced some classic psychedelic ambient music over the past 15 years. Many ambient listeners may remember his past work on tracks like "Under Mount Kailash" from "Mystery Of The Yeti- Part 2" and "C" from Tip World's "Twelve" compilation. The Process project sees Sean team up with Benji Vaughn ( Prometheus , Younger Brother ) at times and has lead to the release of "One Drop Or Two" , a stomping psytrance CD released back in 2000.

dymons"Dymons" ( Daniel Symons ) released a awesome psychedelic ambient CD a few years back titled "Druids Brew" through "Elestial Records". Dan is also involved writing, recording, mixing and performing with the Peaking Goddess Collective, a live ambient and trance band that I have featured here on several mixes. He also mixed the album "Flooting Grooves - Upsyde Downe" (Peak Records) with Pearce van der Merwe and has released tracks on internationally acclaimed compilations. . If you like his sound you might be interested in his collaborative dance release "Organic Space Age" where he teams up again with Pearce to produce a smooth , groovy and flowing slice of psychedelic wonderment. 

"Krusseldorf" aka Simon Heath has released 14 full length albums in many genres over the years, among them: Atrium Carceri, a black ambient / noise /industrial project that released 5 albums; Za Frûmi, his classical music project, which to this date spans 8 albums. Krusseldorf makes diverse music, that ranges from glitchy dreamy atmospheric pieces to happy dubby tunes. A term often used to describe his sound, is that it is highly cinematic. This tune comes from his "Bohemian Groove" CD released through "Beats & Pieces" last month. I can't recommend that one enough. Keep an eye on this guy - he just gets better and better.

Next we have "Seahorse Transform" ( Simon Jagd ) with a tune from his CD of 2006 "Dust From A Trip" on "Sofa Beats". An amazing album with plenty of thick dub basslines to soak your ears in. Certainly one of the best of 2006. If
you like artists like Kuba, Kick Bong , Slackbaba then I think you'll get into it.

After that we have Mexican DJ/Producer "Tor.Mar in Dub" ( Rafael Hernandez ). After more than 2 years working as a DJ in the late 90s Rafael decided to move to the next step, the production of his own tracks under the name of "Factor Mazorca" (Corn Factor) by making psychedelic trance in fusion with traditional Mexican music. Later he developed his own style, making mostly progressive trance and ambient tunes. At that time he was listening to lots of reggae and dub which influenced him enough to release his very first dub track in 2006. One thing you notice in Rafael's tune is how effortlessly he merges the two sides of his music - roots and electronica. This track comes from his 2008 CD "Big Blue Story" on "IONO Music". Keep a look out for his follow up album "Jump High" due for release March 15.

terra nine"Terra Nine", aka Michael Westcot, combines electric viola with digital and analogue technologies, producing a distinctly organic and free form sound, with an aural palette ranging from chilled ambient to breaks and beyond....Terra Nine's music has evolved from hard tech-trance to breaks and chilled downbeat and with each release has met with critical acclaim worldwide. My first exposure to Michael's music was his track on "Ambi-ant Beatz" compilation back in 2000. His music has come a loooong way since then ! Michael's latest CD "Stream of Consciousness" was released last year on "Tempest Recordings" and is an absolute beauty.

Next up is "Liquid Stranger" (Martin Staaf).
Currently one of the world's leading dubstep/elctrodub artists. Traveling in the uncharted terrains of music, Liquid Stranger's creative output ranges from suggestive ambient soundscapes to movie scores, pop, dub, drill n bass, and electronica. Always pushing the sonic boundaries and merging genres to create a soulful blend of new, unique atmospheres, and grooves. This track is taken from 2007's "The Invisible Conquest" on "Interchill Records". He has some excellent mixes available on SoundCloud too.

Finally , "Zero Cult" is back again this week with a remixed version of "If" by "Tempest Recordings" artists "Arcane Trickster" and "Stickleback". You can find this one also on Tempest Recording's CD "Between Earth And Sky". A top notch compilation full of many tasty tunes. This track is very breezy - would be a nice accompaniment for a summer drive along the coast.

Okay , that's it for this week. Enjoy the dubby vibrations. Oh , I'm still planning on doing that all listener show. So if you have any music you want showcased here on PsyAmb send your tracks my way and I'll give them an honest listen.
Artist - Track
  • 01. The Omm Squad - Lost Land ( Ultra Ambient Mix )
  • 02. Vakuum Sounds - A Journey After A Snakebite
  • 03. Woob - 10 Ton Laboratory
  • 04. Flashbaxx - Lights Off (Dub Edit)
  • 05. Process - League of Nations
  • 06. Dymons - The Emerald Tablets
  • 07. Krusseldorf - Forest Forever
  • 08. Seahorse Transform - Ninth Gate
  • 09. Tor.Ma in Dub - The People In My Head
  • 10. Terra nine - No Return (ott remix)
  • 11. Liquid Stranger - Familiar & Unknown
  • 12. Zero Cult - If ( Stickleback vs Arcane Trickster Sky Remix )

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