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ambient dub mix

Another lush ambient dub download mix this week. Quite enjoy this one. It's very smooth and laid back. Perfect for an hour's relaxation. This psydub mix begins with a tune from the group "Outernational Spacelords" off the compilation "Ambient Dub" released in 2000. Very tasty compilation it is too. Not all tracks are winners but there are a few there that really shine.

Next up is "Orbit Service" with a tunes from Waveform record's 2005 compilation "Chillicious". Orbit service is the musical project of producer/engineer Randall Frazier, currently with help from Kim Hansen (antenne), Dennis Swanson (day dissolved dream), and Kirill Nikolai (still light). They list The Cure, Pink Floyd and Syd Barret as influences which seems mighty nice to me.

Our next bit of ambient dub comes from "Experimental Sound Project" with their tune " Chacruna Dub Mama Aya's Mix". You can find this dub on the promo psytrance album "Initiate Sequence" from "Dream Creation" magazine. Dream Creation magazine is based in London and the promo CDs aim to highlight fresh psychedelic talent from the internationally mixed underground UK scene.

gus till dub shadows download torrentFollowing on we have I would have to say one of my all time top 10 dub tunes ever. This track by "Gus Till" sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard it. Get in the right "setting" for this song and you'll see what I mean. Absolute classic. "Monkey in the Black Sky" can be found on his album "Dub Shadows" released through Psy-Harmonics offshoot ambient label "Cyan".

The mighty Infinity Project give us the next ambient dub tune in the form of "Noises From the Darkness" off the classic album "Feeling Weird" way back in 1995 ! I have mates who still listen to this album religiously like it is some alien artifact sent to earth to teach us all how to have a good time.

Trance DJ/producer DJ Zen was born in France and has been living in Quebec since 1996. Founder of "Tribal Trance Force" with his brother Emmanuel (DJ Isocele) with whom he was resident at Cyberclub in Quebec and with whom he has organized an annual party, "Natura". 

DJ Zen is also an airbrush painter and 3D digital graphic designer. Since 1996, under the name "Digitalys productions"/"City of Angels", he has airbrushed live at several parties, and for private collectors, painting on huge canvases as well as T-Shirts. In 2002, he switched to 3D digital design with 3DS Max, Vue Infinite and Poser computer programs. Check out his 3D works here. His tune in this mix comes from his album "DJ Zen In Dub" on "Altar Records".

kokopelli samorostNext "Samorost" give us the tune "You" from the compilation "Kokopelli by "Conscious Dreams". As far as I know the label only released this one CD. The CD was intended as a promotional device for the Conscious Dream "coffee" shop in Amsterdam.

"Xerxes" is an artist I'd like to hear more from. I feautured a Xerxes tune way back on the fourth PsyAmb podcast in 2009. This tune is also an excellent chilled out serving of ambient dub. It can be found on Ajana Record's massive double CD compilation "Materia Musica" released in 2008. Easily one of the top CD of that year with the likes of Capsula, Kick Bong and Khooman present.

After another tune from the "Conscious Dreams" compilation we flow into a track by "Sounds From The Ground". SFTG have been around for ages now and I've enjoyed following their path from the very beginning. Their latest CD "The Maze" is their most mature work to date and certainly the most appreciated by modern ambient dub lovers.

Finally, for a chilled out landing, we have Brian Eno mixed with Biosphere to bring us all back down to earth safe and sound.

Track / Artist

  • 01. Cape East - Outernational Spacelords
  • 02. Asphyxia - Orbit Service [ Dark Ambient Mix ]
  • 03. Chacruna Dub Mama Aya's Mix - Experimental Sound Project
  • 04. Monkey in the Black Sky - Gus Till
  • 05. Noises From the Darkness - The Infinity Project
  • 06. I Believe [ 2009 Remaster ] - DJ Zen
  • 07. You - Samorost
  • 08. One-Oh-Three [ Edit ] - Xerxes
  • 09. Hangar - Siebzehn
  • 10. Afterglow - Sounds from the Ground
  • 11. The Chill Air - Brian Eno & Harold Budd
  • 12. Visit - Biosphere

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Altered States said... @ 23 October, 2011

Great ambient dub mix. Loving your site psyamb.

Unknown said... @ 25 March, 2014

Really enjoying this one today.. makes my office job so much more bearable...

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