EMS ( Electronic Music Studios ) Documentary - Video

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Excellent documentary about early electronic sound pioneers "Electronic Music Studios (London) Ltd". Formed in 1969 by Dr. Peter Zinovieff to market innovative ideas arising from his private studio ( e.g The VCS3 Synthesizer ) and interest in musical applications of computers. Over the next ten years many seminal products were released and many talented designers worked for the company.
electronic music studiosEMS had its own peculiar brand of British eccentricity which could be both endearing and annoying, but should be viewed in the context of true pioneering. It is easy to copy and follow others, but not to think up new ideas in the first place and EMS had no shortage of originality.

The EMS influence was significant and can be traced into many contemporary products. I think anyone into psychedelic ambient, psychedelic chill out, trance ambient music will get kick out of this. I certainly did.

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