Psychedelic Glitch Mix - PsyAmb 63

Well, 63 episodes in and I am about to attempt a glitchy psychedelic mix. I'm not sure if that is even the right name ! The tracks in this mix share a stuttering glitchy feel to them so I'll just ride with that. So if you happen like that kind of thing you might enjoy this week's episode.

We begin with a a track from UK duo Synth Sense from their After Dark EP. I really dig the Synth Sense sound. I think their darker tracks work best where the bass is to the foreground such as on this tune "Next Level". There is  another track from them later in the mix where I'll talk further about the duo.

After Synth Sense is Digital Connection with a a great slice of bass percolation. Just listen to that bass synth bubbling along. The lush synth cords and a touch of rap adds up to make a superb track. This one comes from a huge collection on tracks on the compilation "Bass From Above 2" which is a free download on Bandcamp.

More funky bass from Sympath follows on next with his track "Zero Sum" from Native State Records now classic release "Bioluminescence" of 2007. If you like ambient, quirky glitch psy then you have to get a hold of it. It stands as somewhat of a defining moment in a number of genres including glitch, idm, ambient and psybient styles. On this release Native State artists demonstrate an intelligent merging of all these genres into something new which drove the music forward to the next step. Highly recommended listening.

After Sympath is a collaboration between Xerxes and Jonas Kroon. Xerxes may be known to a number of listeners here as his work has featured on a number of past mixes. This track comes from the eclectic "Droplet Of Water" album released late 2012. A nice diversity of tracks on there so check it out if you enjoy a bit of variety between tracks. Jonas is a producer and mixing engineer who has worked in a variety of media including sound works for film and television. You can listen to more of his individual work at his website

Enrico Coniglio

We then dive into the clear blue waters of Enrico Coniglio's tune Brushwork from the album Dyanmu. Guitarist, environmental sound recordist and sound artist, Enrico is a musician with an interest in landscape aesthetics. Enrico's music  aims at investigating the loss of identity of places and the uncertainty about the evolution of the territory. Enrico is part of several collaborative projects as Aqua Dorsa, Herion, Lemures, Exquisite What and Sens-O-Tape. Together with Leandro Pisano, Enrico runs the digital label Galaverna. This year he started another new project My Home, Sinking. 

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Psychedelic Dub Mix - PsyAmb 62

Another new mix for this week is ready for download. This time I have a psychedelic dub mix full of bass heavy wobbly bits that are sure to get you head nodding in a cloudy vapor. This is quite a long mix so rather than going through each track in detail I'll just highlight some of the more interesting a noteworthy tunes that are worth a mention. 

Firstly one artist I'd like to pick out is Ras Command ( aka Alex Buchal ). Alex was mostly active from the mid 90's onwards before he passed away in 2000. He released two solo albums "In Dub" and "In Dub 2" as well as appearing on a number of excellent dub compilations. Under other names he also put out a good amount of quality drum n bass tracks as well and managing a DnB label. He was such a talented musician so hunt down some of his releases for quality electronic dub with a different twist.

Next highlight would have to be "Infinity Dub" by Somaton. This is a brilliant little tune that has some of the nicest use of a tb303 acid bassline that I've ever heard. If you have never heard of Somaton before then you most likely will know of him by his real name - Seb Taylor ( aka. Kaya Project, Digitalis, Shakta and many more ). This track comes from the Somaton album "Future Memories" released in 1998. A great album with a nice mixture of psy-trance, dub and breaks.
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Ambient Space Mix - PsyAmb 61

At long last my internet connection is up and running after a difficult period of house moving. So for those of you who may have thought this site had gone under I offer my deepest apologies. All is sorted now and I have a number of new mixes I completed during the down time.

So without further ado let's get into the first of the "waiting for internet" mixes. This is a spacey ambient mix full of those familiar hypnotic beats and reverb laden atmospheres that can really lift you into an outer body experience.

It kicks of with E-Mantra's awesome Harmonic Waves tune from his latest release on Altar records, "The Hermit's Sanctuary". A fabulous album and certainly Emanuel's most polished to date. You can get more info and listen to some online samples through the Altar records site at this link.
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