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Another new mix for this week is ready for download. This time I have a psychedelic dub mix full of bass heavy wobbly bits that are sure to get you head nodding in a cloudy vapor. This is quite a long mix so rather than going through each track in detail I'll just highlight some of the more interesting a noteworthy tunes that are worth a mention. 

Firstly one artist I'd like to pick out is Ras Command ( aka Alex Buchal ). Alex was mostly active from the mid 90's onwards before he passed away in 2000. He released two solo albums "In Dub" and "In Dub 2" as well as appearing on a number of excellent dub compilations. Under other names he also put out a good amount of quality drum n bass tracks as well and managing a DnB label. He was such a talented musician so hunt down some of his releases for quality electronic dub with a different twist.

Next highlight would have to be "Infinity Dub" by Somaton. This is a brilliant little tune that has some of the nicest use of a tb303 acid bassline that I've ever heard. If you have never heard of Somaton before then you most likely will know of him by his real name - Seb Taylor ( aka. Kaya Project, Digitalis, Shakta and many more ). This track comes from the Somaton album "Future Memories" released in 1998. A great album with a nice mixture of psy-trance, dub and breaks.

Following soon after Somaton is another classic tune from 2000, The Delta's dub edit of "As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling". The Delta was a hard, dark psy-tech act that served as an outlet from XDream's Marcus to explore his more horror filled dark psychedelic ideas. The album itself is pretty cool if you want to listen to a good example of how to slowly build moody industrial nightmares on a dancefloor at 4am. And this track is also a great example of how to take a thumping scary trance tune and soften it out to a slow dubby wave.

Tjak's tune Bacaramani from the wonderful "Dub Dimension" compilation is a superb entho-dub track full of African style chanting, a modern dub bassline and plenty of other interesting tidbits going on to please your ears. Tjak have a number of tracks on compilations over the past few years. No album as of yet but you can listen to some of their tracks on their sound cloud page at this link.

For me, the ultimate highlight of this mix would have to be Spectralite's track  "The Forest" from the album "Temple Of Stars" on Sangita Sounds. The bassline in this track is phenomenal. I couldn't stop humming it for days and days after I first heard it. The track is over 11 minutes long and just builds and builds into a organic monster of sound. I did overdub this with some extra samples so if you want to hear the full original version and get a copy of the album then follow this link to the Spectralite bandcamp page.

The second last track on this mix is by Gus Till from his "Dub Shadows" album. Apart from being an excellent album that I highly recommend you should know the Gus has been a busy man of late preparing for the release of his new album "Ghosts Of The Earth". Gus said this will be a Twisted Records release which is exciting news for all you Twisted records fans. If it is anything like the track he released on the latest Eclipse compilation then I think we are in for something very special indeed.

Cheers ...

 Track / Artist
  • 01. Last  -  Mere Mortals  
  • 02. Recept  -  Quanta   
  • 03. Tui Dub  -  Salmonella Dub  
  • 04. Revolution In Ras  -  Ras Command
  • 05. Always In Control  -  Atmos   
  • 06. Rhythm Collision  -  Sub Dub
  • 07. Infinity Dub  -  Somaton    
  • 08. Move Your Soul (Kuti Remix)  -  Laroz Feat. T.Y. 
  • 09. As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling (Dub Edit)  -  Delta   
  • 10. Brilla El Sol  -  Bandulu Dub Meets Australopthecus and Daia
  • 11. Your Moment With Albert  -  Zeitgeist
  • 12. Rainman  -  Captain Ginger
  • 13. Soma 5  -  General Dealer
  • 14. Siliclone  -  Ark
  • 15. Bacaramani  -  Tjak   
  • 16. Submerged  -  Dubsalon
  • 17. Ress-t-onate  -  Paul Jove
  • 18. The Forest  -  Spectralite   
  • 19. Brainwash Nation  -  Shakta    
  • 20. High Noon  -  The Orb   
  • 21. The Road To Find Out  -  Kuba    
  • 22. Naturality  -  Digital Jockey  
  • 23. Chrome Optimism (Antiserum & Oxygene Pt.4 Remix feat. Bakir)  -  Dubblestandart
  • 24. Life Of Flesh  -  Gus Till    
  • 25. Falling Inwards  -  Dual Barrel  

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Unknown said... @ 15 October, 2013

Love your work!

Your psyamb mixes are all I listen to these days. So much depth and breadth..

Rick said... @ 16 October, 2013

Good to see you back on air, disproving that all good things have to come to an end. Thanks for years of promulgating great psychedelic ambient trance to the far corners of the planet.

Anonymous said... @ 18 October, 2013

Just got to know your amazing efforts. Very glad to see that it is still up.

I am so sure that you make so many Psybient listeners/experiencers genuinely happy with this work, including me now.

I will keep on catching up all this history of mixes, as well as awaiting new and fresh work.

Many, many cheers for your efforts!

Anonymous said... @ 20 October, 2013

I agree with Brian Blackie your mixes is what i listen to. in the car at work or home. very nice

Anonymous said... @ 01 November, 2013

excellent stuff- both mixes so glad your back releasing mixes

Clipping Path said... @ 26 March, 2014

very nice post, two thumb up for you ^___^

Anonymous said... @ 07 May, 2014

Great Mix! Nice vibes

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