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At long last my internet connection is up and running after a difficult period of house moving. So for those of you who may have thought this site had gone under I offer my deepest apologies. All is sorted now and I have a number of new mixes I completed during the down time.

So without further ado let's get into the first of the "waiting for internet" mixes. This is a spacey ambient mix full of those familiar hypnotic beats and reverb laden atmospheres that can really lift you into an outer body experience.

It kicks of with E-Mantra's awesome Harmonic Waves tune from his latest release on Altar records, "The Hermit's Sanctuary". A fabulous album and certainly Emanuel's most polished to date. You can get more info and listen to some online samples through the Altar records site at this link.
Another excellent Altar records release from earlier this year was Cosmic Replicant's "Future Memories" album. Our next track comes from this emotion filled album and reflects what a stellar year Altar records is having in that spacey ambient segment of psychedelic electronic music.

We then have a track from one of the best free albums to comes out this year - Phone Booth Robbers' "Falling Into One" which proved to be a big hit on the Ektoplazm website. If you are yet to hear it then by all means jump over to the Ektoplazm website and grab your free copy today.

Next is a bit of a classic tune from one of my all-time favorite artists in the ambient trance genre - Healer. Healer's first album was one of the first ambient trance albums that really resonated with me and I still get a lot of enjoyment out it some 13 years later. This track can be found on his second ( and final ) release 2004's "Higher Grounds".  I'm not too sure what he is up to these days. A friend mentioned he was doing industrial stuff now. If anyone knows let me know and post a comment below. I remember he did have a website where he had both releases online for free download but that seems inactive now.

No spacey ambient mix would be complete without a bit of Ultimae Records. Miktek is one of the newest artist to join the Ultimae roster and for good reason. His music offers listeners a exceptional audio experience. While the similarities to other artists on the label may be evident, Miktek's music is also carving out a unique spot within the label that is just different enough to be uniquely his own sound. Fabulous stuff.

With over 10,000 downloads of his album "Complete Tranceformation" on the Ektoplazm website, Shantifax has captured the hearts and minds of ambient fans worldwide during 2013. Here, up next, we have a fine example of a a pulsating, driving ambient trance tune that Shantifax is quickly becoming known for.

Solar Fields is known to everyone I'm sure and for this mix I thought I'd include a track where he got it all started. This tune comes from his debut release back in 2001 - "Reflective Frequencies". Solar Fields really evolved as an artist since then in terms of production and musicality too. Most people would agree that while his debut may not be their favorite album it is still a good listen none the less with lots of that signature dreamy, spacey themed ambiance. Personally I think his tracks with a bit more tempo and groove in them are the most appealing.

After SF we have yet another Altar release ( I didn't intend this to be an Altar showcase ! ) with Akshan's tune "Aborigen's Dream" from the album "The Tree Of Life". Akshan takes an approach to music production much like Vangelis and Jarre that relies on pure intuition rather that structured formulas. The result is music that is emotionally charged and full of lush tones of converging atmospheres.

The remaining tracks on this mix includes a few from good old classic releases that I was able to finally sort through and get imported during the dark, cold days of internet free oblivion. So there might be some sweet memories in there for some of you older listeners and something new for you younger guys to grab a hold of.

The final track is a bit of mash up of some ambient soundscapes including some Pink Floyd and a Wimbledon tennis match.

I hope you enjoy listening to this ambient trance mix. It's a real pleasure for me to back online and sharing these wonderful songs with all of you so feel free to share them online and help us spread the the ambient trance vibes around the world.

Check back with the site over the following weeks as I'll be posting a number of mixes in quick succession. If you want to keep up to date on when mixes are released then join the PsyAmb Facebook group or Twitter feed ( see links on right ) as I always post a link to each mix as soon as it is uploaded.

Cheers ...

Track / Artist

  • 01. Harmonic Waves  -  E-Mantra
  • 02. Enter The Void  -  Cosmic Replicant
  • 03. The Hills Of Faraway  -  Phone Both Robbers
  • 04. Infinity And Beyond  -  Healer
  • 05. Song Of The Burning Mountain  -  Miktek
  • 06. Karma Never Forgets  -  Shantifax
  • 07. Floating Channels  -  Solar Fields
  • 08. Aborigen's Dream  -  Akshan
  • 09. Antegia  -  Timewarp
  • 10. Spirit Breath  -  Steffe 
  • 11. Deeper And Deeper  -  Sun Project   
  • 12. Aphelion  -  S1gns Of L1fe
  • 13. Living In A Dream  -  X.I.S

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Chenn said... @ 14 October, 2013

Supergreat! Welcome back online and thanks for new food for my ears ;)

Anonymous said... @ 14 October, 2013

Welcome back ;-)
Your mixes are always greatly appreciated...I very much enjoyed your latest one. Cheers. Best regards from Israel. Markus
ps track 5 should be "Song of the Burning Mountain"

PsyAmb said... @ 15 October, 2013

Ahhh...I wrote Song Of The Burning Man ! Must have been on my mind.
Thanks for the heads up Markus 8)

Anonymous said... @ 15 October, 2013

Wow! My despair is over. Seriously impressed to see the conversation continues. A whole new feeling of "brilliant" has engulfed me. (without drugs)

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