Pineal Gland Activation

In the past few years a lot of research has been conducted into the mysteries of the pineal gland and how one might activate it's hidden powers. Or so the pseudo-science would have us believe. Having read a number of books regarding the pineal gland and it's possible functions I am still, like much of the scientists, researches, healers, doctors, shamans, clairvoyants and third-eye enthusiast alike, still somewhat confused as to what it's actual purpose is.

pineal gland activation

The popular scientific belief is that the pineal gland is part of the endocrine system and is used to regulate the production of melatonin which in turn is used to modulate our sleep cycles. It is also active in sexual development. Seems fair enough to me. However when you put this research against what people on the other side of the fence put forward - such as the pineal gland being a third-eye into the wonders of the cosmos or even a form of alien technology used to control our evolution into a higher alien like lifeform then one is left wondering where to even begin when making the right informed decision. 

Another meme is that governments of the world have been systematically dulling our spiritual consciousness by adding fluoride to our water which in turn calcifies the pineal gland and reduces our ability for original, imaginative thought processes.

Could the pineal gland be a link to other dimensions ?Further fuel is added to the fire by the research of respected scientist Dr Rick Strassman whose research into the psychedelic drug DMT ( which occurs naturally in all living things ) lead him to conclude that it's production is centered in the pineal gland and that the gland releases large amounts of DMT prior to death and is responsible for what many term a Near Death Experience ( something my mother experienced actually ).

Anyway, what I wanted to present today is some ideas I ran across recently about the possibility of 'activating the pineal gland' or 'exciting it' to a state where one might experience something on the level of a psychedelic trip or form of 'mind opening' so to speak. 

The idea is that because the gland is constructed of a piezoelectric crystal matrix it should be possible to stimulate or excite this crystalline structure to allow it to 'tune in' to a frequencies of trans-dimensional lifeforms ! Sounds pretty incredible right !

The first method of activation is through listening to sounds at a certain frequency and you need to look no further than YouTube to find a plethora of pineal gland activation videos, some with over 2 million views ! There are also a ton of companies online selling "mind power mp3s" CDs and so on. Personally I wouldn't bother with those CDs as I suspect it's the same as what is available on YouTube anyway. Here is one to try :

The second method is also a sound based method, however in this case you don't use headphones or music. All you need to do is cover your ears while making the sound "nnnn" for a few minutes then switching to a "mmmm" sound and finally saying "ngngng" for a few more minutes. I guess this is closely related to the ideas of chanting "ohm" to open up chakra lines and the like.

The next method I have seen is a physical method where one taps the back of your head in a series of rhythmic trance inducing patterns that apparently resonate with the frequency of the gland and open it up to all possibilities. Here is a video that explains the process in some detail :

This final method I've seen is through focusing thought and light to activate the gland. In this idea you need to sit in a comfortable position with your back as straight as possible. The room you are in should be completely dark so as to trigger the pineal gland to begin the production of melatonin. You need simply focus all your thoughts onto the pineal gland at the center of the brain. While you are focusing your thought you need to remain as calm as possible, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. 

So there you have a few things to get started with. All in all I'm still not sure what to make of it. A lot of the so called research I read on the topic makes liberal use of words such as "apparently","possibly","could it be","don't you think" which always raises a few red flags with me. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic so if you have any experience in this area please feel free to add a comment below. 

As a closing thought I'd like to offer you this link to the movie "From Beyond" in which scientists make a device that allows the pineal gland to resonate and open a portal to a hostile alien universe ! Perhaps the pineal gland is best left alone after all ....

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Unknown said... @ 21 March, 2013

What is your opinion on sungazing and pineal gland activation?

Unknown said... @ 21 March, 2013

I'm not 100% sure if the the sun has any affect on the pineal gland. However if we accept that the pineal gland regulates the production of melanin then it's possible there is a relationship between solar rays and pineal gland activity. I would not advise staring at the sun to boost your pineal powers as some websites suggest. So called sun gazing seems pure pseudo science scam territory to me. 

I read once about a guy who claimed to be able to live without food and survived on sunlight and water only.  He was often quoted as proof by pineal gland sungazers that science doesn't have all the answers.  Some guy uploaded a video of him to YouTube in which he was shown eating at an Indian restaurant ! Still it doesn't stop uninformed people handing over good money to hear him lecture about his non-eating lifestyle.

So be careful and do your research because any field where science clashes with spirituality is a gold mine for scammers and crackpots.

Anonymous said... @ 21 May, 2013

Gotta try this ! Imagine if we had a pineal gland activation day where people all over the world actively try to switch on their third eye at the same time ! Boom !

Anonymous said... @ 12 June, 2013

Sounds like a lot of hocum to me. Had anyone done this ?

Anonymous said... @ 23 June, 2013

PsyAmb, it's interesting you mentioned the sun, I had no idea.I've come to believe the sun plays a big role due to my personal experience, starting last summer 2012. I spend a lot of time in the sun tanning and in result I had frequent episodes of opening up my third eye(pineal gland). Most of the time it happened hours later in the afternoon after being in the sun all day or bedtime.Keep in mind all my life I've used sunscreen,well I haven't in the past few years.Coincidence? I don't think so..more garbage in those sunscreens.Why all those chemtrails? Many purposes in my opinion. Well when one gets to experience the third eye open up, it's freaky.Freaky to see the other dimensions with eyes shut while awake.Personally I wasn't focusing on opening my pineal gland it just happened,maybe because I was relaxed and chilling on a chair or bed.Very few times I tried with meditation/sound music.

What did I see? Most of the time, space, people from a different era(past) and sounds I heard that's hard to describe.

"breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth." is key

Anonymous said... @ 25 June, 2013

pineal gland is the most active after 3 am until the sun rises.. thats why those hours are called the holy hours by many beliefs.. sound does effect the pineal gland.. classic music like andre rieu for example will help u .. there is also a relation with ur heart neurons and activation of the pineal gland.. real activation is determined by dna.. ur pineal gland can decode ur heart neurons if ur dna allows it what will lead in receiving high frequent DATA from the universe

Anonymous said... @ 25 June, 2013

Btw.. the sun does effect ur pineal gland.. the sun is loaded with the "Life" Data .. so it helps activating ur pineal gland.. but not through ur skin.. u have to actually look a little in the sun with ur eyes to receive it on ur pineal gland.. not too long of course..

Anonymous said... @ 30 June, 2013

You're all mad.

Anonymous said... @ 05 August, 2013

Your third eye is real. Go raw vegan and watch the sunset and sunrise. Soon you'll see it in low light or whenever you close your eyes. No meditation needed. No one will believe you. It looks like the eye of sauron (lord of the rings) except at dot (no slit) resides in the middle that vibrates and flashes light. You have your own personal Sun inside that tells you your frequency. You can also use the colors thay radiate from the orb to heal yourself. You control your dreams and determine your path in life.

Anonymous said... @ 05 August, 2013

Anyone who has seen their third eye knows it's most active between 10 pm and 3 am.

Anonymous said... @ 21 November, 2013

Chant the Mantra:
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

And you will be surprised how strong the third eye starts to vibrate

The Sun Spot: Global Feel Good Center said... @ 21 February, 2014

sun gazing is great

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