Djmix : Alucine - On the Egg

While catching up on some mixes over at the Isratrance chillout forum I came across this tasty mix by Alucine that I though you might all get a kick out of. Some really excellent tunes here in the psybient, psystep styles. Slackbaba, Brujo's Bowl and Bird Of Prey are three of my favorites when it comes to funky bass-driven psychedelic shenanigans.

 I think Alucine has a done a superb job with the mixing and maintained a really nice tempo - perfect driving music ! Looking forward to hearing more from this guy.

Tracklisting :
  • Intro (mote. - Life Is Large vs Allix - paisagem sonora)
  • Tripswitch vs Gaudi - On the Edge  
  • Brujo's Bowl - Brujo's Entheogenic Soup  
  • Tara Putra - Dubland Mountains (Harmonic Frequency Remix)  
  • Brujo's Bowl - Najd's Squelch  
  • Slackbaba - A Drop in the Ocean  
  • Brujo's Bowl - Brujo's Drift  
  • Bird Of Prey - Kiva  
  • Slackbaba - And the Beat Goes Om  
  • Birds of paradise - Wingspan  
  • Celt islam - the silk road
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