Ambient Dub Mix - PsyAmb 42

A long overdue ambient dub mix today. This mix contains some classic dubs and a few modern psydub tracks as well. I tried to mix a nice cruisy feel overall so this a good one to kick back with and enjoy a nice cold beer on a sunny afternoon or whatever you like to indulge in while listening to bass heavy dubs.

This mix is notable for some very tasty tunes that are available as free downloads such as Harmonic Frequency ( free download at Ektoplazm ), Brujo's Bowl ( free download at Ektoplazm ), Dubsalon ( free download at at ), Massive Exode ( free download at Ektoplazm ) and Manudub ( free download at LibreCommeLair ).

Harmonic Frequency - Ambient dubAll of the above mentioned websites are a veritable treasure trove of free electronic music so if you are on a tight budget do check them. out. Of course, don't forget to mail them and tell them what a great job they are doing - I'm sure they would love to feel the love.

I hope you all enjoy this ambient dub mix. Up next will be a an a minimal ambient mix of some more free tunes mixed in with some ambient heavy hitters.

Oh, by the way, if you like listening to ambient dub then I recommend watching "Dub Echoes" - a documentary about the roots of dub and how it has transformed into it's current guise. You can read more info about it at the Dub Echoes website. Also if you are keen on finding some more free music, check out this free ambient music article that can point you to a number of great websites.

Track / Artist

  • 01. Eostrae - Harmonic Frequency
  • 02. Realization Dub - Brujo's Bowl
  • 03. Awka - Dubsalon
  • 04. Maitre Soda - Massive Exode
  • 05. Veil Of Forgetfulness - Liquid Stranger
  • 06. Osaka dub mission - Manudub
  • 07. Submerged - Deep Fried Dub
  • 08. Mtoto In Dub - Kadubra Meets Raggattack
  • 09. Dub Of Purpose - Another Sound System Experience
  • 10. Untitled - Al-Haca Soundsystem
  • 11. Saucer - All India Radio
  • 12. Twin Decks - Deathhprod

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The Orb - Alex Paterson Interview : 1995

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Here is a nice little video featuring an interview with Alex Patterson from UK electronic ambient music legends "The Orb". This clip comes from the BBC2’s excellent history of rock & roll series ‘Dancing in the Street’. Alex seems to be pretty busy of late with a number of projects on the go including a album with Lee Scratch Perry that sounds very tasty indeed.

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The Art Of Isaac Abrams

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Another recent art find has been the work of Isaac Abrams. I was very pleased to run across Isaac's website as I find his flowing, bubbly psychedelic artwork to be somewhat similar to my own work at times. Mind you, Isaac is a far better painter than I could hope to be at the moment 8)

Isaac was born and raised in the New York area. He is a self-taught artist with an academic background in literature, history, science and psychology. He founded the first gallery of Psychedelic Art in the world in 1965.

He began working as a self-taught painter in the beginning of 1966 and then worked as a sculptor in the 1970's. During the 1980s he also began extensive work as an animation artist.

Abrams was the former owner of Coda Gallery. The Coda Gallery was noted for its introduction of Psychedelic Art into the mainstream of American media consciousness. He studied in Austria under the tutelage of Ernst Fuchs whose school and method of painting runs in an unbroken line of students and teachers from Albrecht Durer to the present.

He begins his work with a series of loosely conceived juxtapositions and then discovers in those juxtapositions the metaphysical and cosmic concepts which are so often expressed in his art. Right on !

Check out more of Issac work at the Isaac Abrams website.

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Hapshash Takes a Trip: The sixties work of Nigel Waymouth

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Anyone here with an eye for the psychedelic art of the 1960/70s might by interested to know that London based arts and culture promotion company Idea Generation is presenting an exhibition by Nigel Waymouth of legendary art group Hapshash and the Coloured Coat.

Nigel, along with partner Michael English, was responsible for some of the 60s psychedelic generation's most famous images. Aside from the pair's more popular creations, fans will be treated to a series of images from Nigel's own collection , many of which have never been presented before or have not had a showing in over 20 years .

The Nigel Waymouth exhibition will run from September 9th to October 2nd 2011 at the Idea Generation Gallery, London.

More details can be found at the Idea Generation website.

Here is some of Nigel's work to wet your appetite :

nigel waymouthnigel waymouthnigel waymouth

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