Best Psychedelic Clothing Online Shops

Psychedelic clothing sites online are a great way to shop for trippy apparel as it gives you a chance to quickly compare styles and prices. Here is a list of 30 of the best ones available. I take no responsibility for maxing your credit cards on these psychedelic clothing brands ! To check out their online shops simply click on the company name. Enjoy.

Style : Festival, Psytrance
Range : Mens, Womens , Accessories, Deco
Location : Goa ( India ) and Europe

Symbolika creates intricate psychedelic designs that document the psychedelic experience. Their artwork in painstakingly created dot by dot to form microscopic patterns of trippy details. They have a range of excellent t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies as well as a fascinating range of psychedelic deco lamps. They are located in Goa, India for half the year and then hit the festival circuit over summer where you can see many of their designs on sale. 

Style : Psytrance, Festival
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : USA

Somewhat of a growing trend in psychedelic fashion over the past few years is the inclusion of the works of visionary artists in all manner of apparel. InVisions Clothing supplies a range of psychedelic visionary artwork transferred to a wide selection of mens and womens clothing that is so eye catching people will want to know more about you.

Tank tops, tie tops, jackets, skirts, pants and vests are all available with exotic dreamlike visionary images. I think their leather goods are really cool too and have a kind of psytrance meet Zeena warrior princess look about them that is both sexy and tuff - perfect for kicking up dust. Artists whose works are reproduced in CT clothing include Alex Grey, Brian Froud, Jody Bergsma, Luke Brown, Robert Venosa and more.

Be sure to check out their newest concept - clothing printed with psychedelically inspired real life satellite images of planet Earth ! Very unique and trippy !


Style : Psytrance, Festival, Psychedelic Clothing
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : Israel, Goa ( India )

While commercial clothing focuses on mass production and fitting in, SOL-Seed Of Life is about standing out and self-expression! That’s why their designs are psychedelic, spiritual, and visionary. They offer unique art on a variety of items, from T-shirts, dresses, and hoodies to an array of bags and cushion covers. Those who have an interest in psychedelic art will find that there’s really an item for everyone.


Style : Festival, Bohemian, Psytrace
Range : Mens, Womens, Accessories
Location : UK

Located in London's famous Camden Market area, Star Tessa has an excellent range of tribal, bohemian and ethnic inspired clothing that is perfect for outdoor festivals. From free flowing nomad pants, delicately detailed dresses and intricately crafted tribal jewelry to psytrance hoodies and trippy t-shirts, there is something to catch the eye of any discerning psychedelic shopper.

Style : Festival, Psytrance
Range : Mens, Womens , Kids
Location : Europe

We begin our look at psychedelic fashion with Ajna Design. Ajna Design is based in Europe and provide a range of mens, womens and kids fashion suitable for festival and psytrance parties. Designer Tanja Vana travels the world to find inspiration for her beautifully crafted clothes which are sold online and at shops in Europe and Australia. Tanja is very aware of the negative effect that standard clothes production process has on the environment and thus her clothes organically cultivated and treated cotton as well as ecologically compatible colors.

Style : Bohemian, Hippie, Ethnic, Fesitval
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : USA/India

Bohemian Groove are a closely knit family company who are innovative in their production of patchwork clothing and ethnic hippie style fashion. This is perfect clothing for hippie festivals and for anyone who likes to feel comfortable in decidedly ethnic fashion such as Indian or Middle Eastern styles. Their hippy boho Indian dashiki tops are particularly impressive and would be the envy of your friends. They also produce a nice range of bags and coin purses and fashion with a psychedelic embroidery style. They only ship to USA customers at present but are planning to go global soon so check them often if you live outside the US. Alternatively have goods shipped to a friend in the US who can forwards items to you.

Style : Hippie, Psytrance, Rave, Stoner, Rock
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : Israel

Bolinat is essentially a head shop with all the paraphernalia one would expect from such a store plus a good range of psychedelic clothing suitable for trance parties and music festivals. Fractals, mushrooms, butterflies and Bob Marley are some common motifs in their range of trippy tshirts and pixie hoodies. They also have a wicked Salvadore Dali tshirt that I think I'll have to order some time and a good selection of PlazmaLab's hoodies and jackets too. The ZAND Amsterdam range of women's wrap skirts look pretty awesome too.

Style : Hippie, Retro, Hipster, Funk, 70s
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : Germany

If you prefer to step out in the hippy and hipster fashion of the 1970s then Chenaski might be what you are looking for. Retro is key to what Chenaski is all about and they supply an excellent range of wild psychedelic retro patterned trippy shirts. You could days looking for this kind of stuff in your hometowns upmarket op-shops or markets but why bother when it is all here online and may I say also a good sight funkier than most of the stuff you see at regular second hand retailers. Just add your best psychedelic tie or accessory and you are ready to groove.

Style : Psytrance, Cyber, Fetish, Techno, Futurism
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : USA

Delve into the darkside of the scene with the latest in futuristic leather, latex, PVC creations via Cryoflesh and their range of superb atomic cyberpunk like creations. While black is their main palette of choice they also have a range of fluro fluffy bits for girls that might appeal to club goers and glowstick twisters. While all that leather and rubber might be a bit too sweaty for the outdoor summer festival dance floors it would go down nicely at an indoor party. This is sexy stuff. Dare to be a little different.

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Space Music Mix - PsyAmb 56

A new space music ambient trance download with a psychill twist this week. A few listeners have asked for some more mixes with that Ultimae records like sound so here you are guys. I don't do too many spacey ambient trance mixes purely because I don't get a lot of that music in my mailbox. I would love to do more but there just aren't that many producers out there outside of the Ultimae and CosmicLeaf Records roster that produce that kind of psychill. Anyway here we have a nice mix of tunes that builds up from a rather slow dark ambient beginning into some pulsating ambient trance in the second half before a soft touch down.

We kick off with the suitably titled Take Off from Connect.Ohm. Connect.Ohm is a collaboration between composers Hidetoshi Koizumi (Hybrid Leisureland) and  Alexandre Scheffer (Cell). Both are well-known to fans of Ultimae records and have graced a number of my past mixes in their solo projects. This track comes from their debut album, 9980, released last year and marks another triumphant collaboration from the labels established artists. You can grab a download of 9980 through Ultimae Records online shop.

Next up is another Ultimae team member. Mihalis Aikaterinis is the name behind project Miktek, an ambient music producer who gained a lot of recognition recently with his album Anisotropy on label Abstrakt Reflections. He is due to release a new album on Ultimae this year so keep an eye out for it - should be awesome. This track, Flying Dots, comes from the excellent compilation Greenosopy.

Lauge and Baba Gnohm are up next with their track Nostalgi from the Critical Beats 2012 charity release A Conversation Between Two Trees. Critical Beats works with indigenous communities in the Amazon to share their music and their stories with the world to raise awareness about the gifts of the culture, the needs of the people, and the critical state of the forest. Copenhagen based Lauge and Baba have released a couple of great recordings over the past few years and I recommend following them on Facebook where they often share info on their recent activity and provide links to great dj mixes that they find or are involved in. And believe me they find some good ones ! They have quite a few releases on Bandcamp too.

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20 Classic Vintage Psychedelic Rock Posters from the 60s

Here is a great little collection of trippy psychedelic rock posters from the 60s featuring bands like The Doors, Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd to name a few. 

I really love the simplicity of these designs. 40 years before the advent of Photoshop artists like Rick Griffin and friends were pumping out spectacular hand crafted works of psychedelic brilliance. 

Sixties psychedelic art went on to inspire so many great artists and musicians over the following decades. I see definite echos of the original 60s style in modern day graffiti and psychedelic visionary art too. I suspect they were also used as general trippy pictures to look at when high back then too.

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Psybient Download Mix - Psyamb 55

Finally managed a new psybient mix on the blog !  I have been busy importing many of my old CDs into iTunes these past few weeks so I've put a few classic tunes into this mix along with a few spicy new numbers as usual.

As far as the old tunes go I really dig the track "Homeworld" by Protoculture ( Nate Raubenheimer ) which appeared on his psytrance album "Refractions " back in 2003. Great album by the way for those of you who like psytrance from the period when the bass-lines were tight and pumping. I always love it when psytrance guys have a crack at producing psychill music. It doesn't seem to happen so often these days but about 10 years ago it was quite common to find a sizzling psybient tune as the final track on many a psytrance album as is this case with this Refractions.

Picture of protoculture playing live
In a similar vein are the two psybient downtempo tracks by Australian psytrance legends Mantrix. Although Mantrix are sadly no longer around, one core member is creating great ethnodub psybient tunes as part of his Temple Step Project group and has a spiffy new website so check it out here. I bumped into Temple Step years ago while I was DJing at a festival in Australia - really nice guy who deserves lots of support with his upcoming EP in March.
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