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Finally managed a new psybient mix on the blog !  I have been busy importing many of my old CDs into iTunes these past few weeks so I've put a few classic tunes into this mix along with a few spicy new numbers as usual.

As far as the old tunes go I really dig the track "Homeworld" by Protoculture ( Nate Raubenheimer ) which appeared on his psytrance album "Refractions " back in 2003. Great album by the way for those of you who like psytrance from the period when the bass-lines were tight and pumping. I always love it when psytrance guys have a crack at producing psychill music. It doesn't seem to happen so often these days but about 10 years ago it was quite common to find a sizzling psybient tune as the final track on many a psytrance album as is this case with this Refractions.

Picture of protoculture playing live
In a similar vein are the two psybient downtempo tracks by Australian psytrance legends Mantrix. Although Mantrix are sadly no longer around, one core member is creating great ethnodub psybient tunes as part of his Temple Step Project group and has a spiffy new website so check it out here. I bumped into Temple Step years ago while I was DJing at a festival in Australia - really nice guy who deserves lots of support with his upcoming EP in March.

Another from the classics vault is the ABA Structure ( Kenji Williams ) tune "Death and Rain". I just did a quick search through the blog and found I haven't once mixed an ABA Structure track before ! A terrible oversight that I'm delighted to have remedied in this episode of the psybient series.  Kenji's music is quite varied, from atmospheric space music and cinematic soundtracks to chillout music and psytrance. He is an awesome violin player too.

As far as new and recent tracks go I'm loving the latest Kaminanda release which continues to explore the mix of dubstep, psybient and downtempo themes. This time I detect a bit more funk in Kaminanda's trunk making for a more dance friendly release. This could well be as a result of his touring schedule from 2012 where has played at a number of popular dance music and psychill festivals. Will become one of my favorite best psybient albums on 2013 I suspect.

picture of kaminanda playing live
Also the new release from Peak Records, Tengri's album Icaros, is a great listen. It's available now as one of the many excellent psybient Bandcamp releases. Peak consistently release high quality music so follow them on the Peak Facebook page to stay up to date with all their new releases and party information. Speaking of that, I notice Peak manager Ajja is currently in Goa, India and has been working with Billy Cosmosis. That sounds like a potent partnership if ever there was one ! No doubt something amazing will bubble the surface that I hope to add to a psybient playlist in the future.

Anyway there are a few hundred CDs I'm working through on getting imported into ITunes so there is plenty of good classic ambient and psybient tunes available for future episodes. There is a fair amount of old school glitch flavors too so I'll look into doing a psychedelic glitch / dubglitch mix at some point as well. 

Finally, do check out Rob Vector's latest new release "Future Sounds Of Old" which you can pick up for free at Ektoplazm. It's a really solid release that combines psychedelic chill motifs with more traditional rock and hiphop percussion and grooves. This one is better than a lot of albums I've payed good  money for so why not give it a listen. I've had it on repeat all day and it just gets better and better.

Hope you all enjoy the mix. I've tried to keep this one pretty upbeat without to many chillout pauses so it should make for a good one to use when driving to your next festival.

Cheers ...

 Track / Artist
  • 01. Spontaneous Existence Part 1 - Mantrix
  • 02. Wednesday  -  Saiko-Pod
  • 03. Space Trip  -  Dj Zen
  • 04. Free Chill  -  Green Beats
  • 05. In The Air  -  Lumen
  • 06. Under The Mesosphere  -  Psyentifica
  • 07. Wizidry  -  Rob Vector
  • 08. Sexperiment  -  Mantrix
  • 09. Death And Rain  -  ABA Structure
  • 10. My Personal Butterfly (Javier Remix)  -  Lemonchill
  • 11. Asian Star  -  Warp Factor
  • 12. Earth Sing (Biolumigen's Starseed remix)  -  Skytree
  • 13. Optimal Trajecstasy  -  Kaminanda
  • 14. Digital Delirium  -  Seamoon
  • 15. Mindscare  -  Sysyphe
  • 16. Sonic Ghazal  -  David Battenfield
  • 17. Rift in Time  - Ajja, Tengri & Atriohm
  • 18. Aborigen's Dream  -  Akshan
  • 19. Homeworld  -  Proculture

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Anonymous said... @ 07 February, 2013

Thanks! Love your mixes!

Rewi said... @ 09 February, 2013

Super psybient mix. Please do some more space ones with that Ultimae records sound. They are great for chilling out.

Cloud Tiger said... @ 14 February, 2013

That was brilliant!! Thanks very much.
I have not actually listened to it yet but all your mixes are great so my future self will not feel bad about thanking you in advance Now via me!! So tranced out I timetravelled! ;D

Bilal said... @ 18 February, 2013

I love to time travel with this mix on loud on speakers ;)

Many Blessings
from Sweden

Unknown said... @ 22 February, 2013

Glad you like it guys and @Cloud Tiger - can I borrow your time machine ?

Anonymous said... @ 09 March, 2013

Yet another fantastic mix,you open my ears to so much great music l cannot thank you enough....... peace,love and brown rice

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