Psychedelic Ambient Dub Mix Download - PsyAmb 71

A smooth ambient dub mix is on offer this week. Here we have a good solid 90 minutes or so of top quality ambient dub music from some of the finest basswizards on planet dub. 

We kick of with a track by Los Rastillos from the Mind Gap compilation of late 2013 on the exciting new Mexican label Kupuri Music. Then we move into Spiritual Orphans by long time dub champion Gaudi.

picture of musician Gaudi
Some of you guys have probably come across Gaudi's music before on various psydub compilations through his work with Tripswitch and Kaya Project. Did you know he was actually has more than a dozen albums and was awarded "Best Italian New Coming Artist" back in 1991 ?

My favorite track by far in this mix is our next track - Vibration 1 by Padmasana. Padmasana is the work of Dakini Record boss Gio aka Makyo and David Hikari.

Their music has been a constant companion for me for as far back as I can remember. I was so delighted, as were fans worldwide, when he released a new Padmasana album after a 15 year hiatus ! Makyo is also gearing up to with a few new releases soon so check out the Dakini Records website or the Makyo bandcamp page for more exciting new releases in the near future. 

Lulu Rouge is a Danish duo consisting of DJ T.O.M. and DJ Buda, both well-known names in the club and electronica scene. They look more like WWF tag team than elctronica afficanodas, but don't let that put you off as their tunes are top drawer. 

They are not an act you would normally associate with psydub but occasionally they release some very spacey bass numbers that slip into a mix quite well as is the case with the track "Thinking Of You" from the album "Everlasting" - a compilation curated by Gaudi !

The middle of this mix has some excellent tunes from the likes of Temple Step Project, Sergio Walgood and Ktones with the tracks increasingly moving into dubby psyglitch territory.

It rounds of nicely with a track from this weeks album of the week "Resonant Mind" which was compiled by Kalya Scintilla. A superb collection of bass and beats full of deep spiritual landscapes. 

Track / Artist
  • 01. El Cadub (Mo & Chuk Remix) -   Los Rastrillos
  • 02. Spiritual Orphans  -  Gaudi
  • 03. Vibration 1  -  Padmasana
  • 04. Thinking Of You  -  Lulu Rouge
  • 05. I Alone (Lubdub Remix)  -  Temple Step Project & Kyrstyn Pixton 
  • 06. Dub Molecule  -  Ecometric
  • 07. Step In  -  Sergio Walgood
  • 08. Fire  -  Ktones
  • 09. Circuitbender  -  Mathias Fekjar, Hello Mellow, Steve Hex
  • 10. Burroughs Called The Law  - Dub Spencer and Trance Hill
  • 11. Prana Dub (Original Mix)  -  Dreadlock Tales  
  • 12. Sky Lines  -  Akasha
  • 13. Quazilimbo (Akasha Remix)  -  Quanta
  • 14. Kuru  -  Occult

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One Mighty Atom - Mystery Karaoke - Review

Artist : One Mighty Atom
Title : Mystery Karaoke
Label : Self Release
Release : July 2013
Genre : Psychedelic, Psyfunk, Future Funk
Mastering : Colin ( OOOD ) Bennun
Rating :

One Mighty Atom is a three piece live psychedelic band from Johannesburg, South Africa. Jeff Fletcher, Michael Westwood and David Owen have completed their debut album "Mystery Karaoke" and delivered an atomic psychedelic funk bomb on the world. One listen and you will be hooked on their vision of what is possible in merging psytrance synths, funk bass and guitars with rock percussion. It's a mesmerizing trip into cosmic galacto-funk. Strap in. Ignition start ... 

Track 1 - One Misses Hippie

The opening track sets the mood for the album with a belting psychedelic funk blaster. This track has thick strata of heavily fuzzed up guitars and synths mixed with rock percussion and funkalicious bass. Someone call Quentin Tarantino - I think we have the coolest tune to have never appeared in a schlock exploitation film. This is what aliens dance to when they party !

Track 2 - Melismatic Moustache

Who's got da funk ? This tune is like licking a psychedelic toad of funk chocolate sauce. The guitar work alone is enough to peel your brain until it's left tickling your pineal gland deep inside. Could be a bit longer though, just as your crusing along the unfolding psyway it sort of comes to a dead end. Once again the guitar work is superb here - Hendrix is dancing in heaven to this one.

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Deep Psybient Mix - PsyAmb 70

Time for a heady mix of deep psybient music. We kick off this mix with a track from the new Soulacybin album. Soulacybin has been creating bass heavy psychedelic dub for a few years now and it's great to have followed his journey from his first few tracks to this wonderful album. It looks like the pieces of his puzzle are fitting together into a more definitive sound. The title of the album, Gratitude, is also very apt as John is always ready to acknowledge the role his fans have played on social media in his development and evolution as a musician. A genuinely warm hearted individual, you can show your support by checking out his album at the link above. 

Next up is another US based act, Desert Dwellers, with a remix they did for Earthrise Soundsystem. Desert Dwellers are one of the best acts in the US at the moment and continue to delight fans at outdoor festivals all over the US and abroad. This track can be found on the album "Night Visions : Desert Dwellers Selected Remixes". The group is constantly releasing remix albums so follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on new releases and their busy touring schedule.

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Nokorimono Vol 7 - Chillout Mix - PsyAmb 69

Here as promised is the follow up to the previous Nokorimono Mix. This episode once again explores music that I find doesn't quite fit into my main mixing genres of psychedelic dub and psychill etc.

This time around most of the tunes are fairly recent releases with one notable exception - I Travel by Cotten Forex and Genesis P-Orridge. 

Mr P-Orridge ( Neil Andrew Megson ) is one of the more interesting characters you are likely to read about. 

He is a multi talented musician, actor, poet and writer and has performed with many psychedelic and industrial bands over the past few decades.  He has used a number of different aliases in the past including the wonderful "DJ Doktor Megatrip" via which he released the album Tekno Acid Beat in 1989.

Anyway check him out online here if you want to to read more about him or should I say "her" ? He/she prefers to be addressed by both pronouns !
Another notable track in this mix is the awesome remix of Globular's tune "Up the Xylem Elevator" by his good buddies Radioactive Sandwich. The RS boys run it through their magic toaster and it comes out all Spaghetti Westernized - marvelous !

Cheers ....

Track / Artist
  • 01. Het Leven Is Mooi  -  John Beltran
  • 02. I Travel  -  Cotton Ferox featuring Genesis P-Orridge
  • 03. I've Been Lying  -  True Key
  • 04. Invisible Allies  -  Turquoise Rain Chant    
  • 05. Dusk Precipice (feat. Kyrstyn Pixton)  -  Erothyme
  • 06. Interpretation  -  Devin Kroes
  • 07. Island Of Dreams  -  Suduaya
  • 08. Konduit  -  Arcturian Soul and Dash
  • 09. Low Country  -  Bill Laswell
  • 10. La Luna Y El Caballero  -  Woob
  • 11. Look Here  -  Goopsteppa
  • 12. Blit  -  Arcane Trickster   
  • 13. Lust  -  Atoi
  • 14. Mars Raver  -  NVO
  • 15. Monarchs Take Flight  -  Nadis Warriors
  • 16. Up The Xylem Elevator (Radioactive Sandwich's Wild West remix)  -  Globular
  • 17. Skywave  -  Sky Effect
  • 18. Terra Firma (The Abominable Twitch remix)  -  The Flashbulb

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Nokorimono Vol 6 - Chillout Mix - PsyAmb 68

Hi Guys ! Back again with another smooth chillout mix. It's kind of what I need at the moment after the last few months. If you haven't seen the updates on the PsyAmb Facebook page of late, well, our baby son was born recently !

Taking care of him and keeping my wife happy has been taking up a fair chunk of my time but it's all good. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen and as much as I enjoy doing these mixes, they don't come close to the enjoyment I get from seeing him smile.  

psyamb 68 episode cover art

I have another two mixes completed that I'll upload soon too. One is another chillout mix and after that I put up a deep psybient mix I just finished. So keep an eye out for those ones over the next week or so. 

This mix has quite a diverse range of eclectic chillout sounds from the past and present. It also includes a track from what I regard as one of the greatest ever toker albums - It's Tomorrow Already by The Irresistible Force which was released in 1998 on Ninja Tunes.

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