Nokorimono Vol 7 - Chillout Mix - PsyAmb 69

Here as promised is the follow up to the previous Nokorimono Mix. This episode once again explores music that I find doesn't quite fit into my main mixing genres of psychedelic dub and psychill etc.

This time around most of the tunes are fairly recent releases with one notable exception - I Travel by Cotten Forex and Genesis P-Orridge. 

Mr P-Orridge ( Neil Andrew Megson ) is one of the more interesting characters you are likely to read about. 

He is a multi talented musician, actor, poet and writer and has performed with many psychedelic and industrial bands over the past few decades.  He has used a number of different aliases in the past including the wonderful "DJ Doktor Megatrip" via which he released the album Tekno Acid Beat in 1989.

Anyway check him out online here if you want to to read more about him or should I say "her" ? He/she prefers to be addressed by both pronouns !
Another notable track in this mix is the awesome remix of Globular's tune "Up the Xylem Elevator" by his good buddies Radioactive Sandwich. The RS boys run it through their magic toaster and it comes out all Spaghetti Westernized - marvelous !

Cheers ....

Track / Artist
  • 01. Het Leven Is Mooi  -  John Beltran
  • 02. I Travel  -  Cotton Ferox featuring Genesis P-Orridge
  • 03. I've Been Lying  -  True Key
  • 04. Invisible Allies  -  Turquoise Rain Chant    
  • 05. Dusk Precipice (feat. Kyrstyn Pixton)  -  Erothyme
  • 06. Interpretation  -  Devin Kroes
  • 07. Island Of Dreams  -  Suduaya
  • 08. Konduit  -  Arcturian Soul and Dash
  • 09. Low Country  -  Bill Laswell
  • 10. La Luna Y El Caballero  -  Woob
  • 11. Look Here  -  Goopsteppa
  • 12. Blit  -  Arcane Trickster   
  • 13. Lust  -  Atoi
  • 14. Mars Raver  -  NVO
  • 15. Monarchs Take Flight  -  Nadis Warriors
  • 16. Up The Xylem Elevator (Radioactive Sandwich's Wild West remix)  -  Globular
  • 17. Skywave  -  Sky Effect
  • 18. Terra Firma (The Abominable Twitch remix)  -  The Flashbulb

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Anonymous said... @ 20 May, 2014

awww I love the Nokorimono Mixes. thanks for putting all these great tunes together. thanks to the artists to produce those great tracks! yippie I'm so happy :)

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