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Time for a heady mix of deep psybient music. We kick off this mix with a track from the new Soulacybin album. Soulacybin has been creating bass heavy psychedelic dub for a few years now and it's great to have followed his journey from his first few tracks to this wonderful album. It looks like the pieces of his puzzle are fitting together into a more definitive sound. The title of the album, Gratitude, is also very apt as John is always ready to acknowledge the role his fans have played on social media in his development and evolution as a musician. A genuinely warm hearted individual, you can show your support by checking out his album at the link above. 

Next up is another US based act, Desert Dwellers, with a remix they did for Earthrise Soundsystem. Desert Dwellers are one of the best acts in the US at the moment and continue to delight fans at outdoor festivals all over the US and abroad. This track can be found on the album "Night Visions : Desert Dwellers Selected Remixes". The group is constantly releasing remix albums so follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on new releases and their busy touring schedule.

False Identity ( Charlie Bartlett ) provides the next track in the mix with a tune from the solid "Into This Wired Abyss vol 3" compilation. Charlie has been producing electronic music for a number of years now. Influences ranging from psychedelic rock and metal, to dub and classical music coupled with a background of playing various instruments in bands since a teenager have combined to shape a precise and powerful rendering of melodic glitch music.

Up next is Isreal's duo 2Minds. With over 11 years of experience and a plethora of EPs under their belt, 2Minds second full album delivers a magical and inspired concoction that satisfies on so many levels. One of the worlds leading psytrance acts, 2Minds are certainly no lightweights when it comes to exploring more downtempo experimental music too. Check out the album online here

Following that was have a track from the album "Alien Jams" which is a collaborative album between Cosmosis and Ajja. The album combines smooth psychedelic guitar with psychedelic trance and psybient sounds. The result is a cruisy, funky collection of long expansive psyberdelica that is perfect for laid back chilled out relaxation. Very cool stuff. Check it out on Ajja's Peak Records bandcamp page for online samples. An interesting fact about the album is that is was essentially records live from within the HR Gieger museum. Yes, the Aliens movie Gothic concept artist guy !

Next up is Maiia ( Alla Vagnar ) with the song "Mystery" from her album "Shakti" released on Ovnimoon records a few years back.Hailing from Moscow, Alla started her musical journey as a guitarist and was a member of a number of heavy metal bands as a young girl. She then moved on to DJing at clubs and experimenting with psybient music production techniques. She is also a regular contributor to DI.FM psychill channel where you can hear a lot of her awesome tribal ethno psychedelic ambient tunes.

American Rob Ulsan has had a busy year with the release of his acclaimed Supersillyus album "Interbang" and teaming up with Super Jesus to release the equally magical Schlang album "Little Information Deposits". Both albums are full of wildly psychedelic glitchy madness. I you like your Shpongle with a twist of crazy then you'll be glad to know both albums are now available as free downloads via Ektoplzm. Rob himself prefers to call his music Psychedelic Cinematic which is pretty apt as each song does occupy a large space and creates their own story. You can listen to a recorded interview with Rob here at SoundCloud.

While you are looking around the Ektoplazm site this week you might do well to check out the 4 track EP "Avacado" by Italian Gianpiero Fiorelli a.k.a Flowertz. I've put his track "Psychedelic Dance" from the EP into this mix. It's a tasty little EP from an artist with a lot of potential for great psychedelic downtempo music. I'm looking forward to see what Gianpiero comes up with next.

Maia Brasil Records are one of the brightest new labels to emerge from the scene in quite some time. They have put out a number of excellent compilations over the past two years including Epistemology and Higher Mind. They are also home to a number of full artist releases including Australian artist Reflection ( Gibb Tartaris ) and his superb album "Exit Time"
Reflection ( Gibb Tartaris )

Strictly speaking it's not his debut album, he did release a progressive psytrance album prior to Exit Time however Exit Time marks his first foray into an album comprising of more downtempo tunes. I hope he can find time to keep producing psybient music as I really dig his style, especially those thick,dark, brooding basslines. If you like the darker side of trippy downtempo psychedelica I highly recommend jumping over to the Maia Brasil site and get your free copy now. Also be on the look out for his live shows which from all accounts are not to missed. Upcoming gigs include Atomic People Festival 11/7/14 (France) and Modem Festival 15/7/14 (Croatia).

Psydub legend Vlastur ( Vlassis Bakoyannis ) from Greece has graced a number of mixes in the past here at the PsyAmb psychedelic podcast. Up next we have a Vlastur track taken from the Sonic Loom compilation "Penduloom Waves". This track "Ram" has been remixed on this occasion by fellow Sonic Loom label mate Orestis. Check out his last album 2009's "Interaxion Dub" for a satisfying hit of psydub vibes. I notice he has been DJing quite a few new songs lately so I suspect we might have a tasty new release landing soon. Fingers crossed on that one !

We are about half way through the mix now as we get into a sweet tune from Tengri ( Leonid Golcev ). This track is lifted from the the EP Shipibo released late last year as a self-release via Bandcamp. One of the highlights of 2013, the album is a superb mix of ethnic, tribal downtempo which will take you on a journey into an ancient past of shamanic ritual and transcendence. Mastered by Aes Dana no less !

Keeping with the tribal theme we get into some serious heavy tribal dub chants with the next tune "Ra Maayan" by the duo Ra Djan. "An eclectic mixture comprised of psychedelic breaks, ethnic beats, shamanic mysticism and electronic flashes. Ra Djan music is a profound and saturated myth about unrestrained Dionysian energy. Shamanic chants (tuvan throat singing) that are woven in the rhythms of Big Beat. Psychedelic expressionism and revelation of the symbolic. Middle eastern, Sumerian vibes, ethnic beats and the retro progressive paradox of the psychedelic roots." That's quite a promo ! And take my word for it, it's pretty much spot on. Their music is an exotic mix of psychedelic tribal anomalies that at first make for challenging listening, but stick with it for the full jeweled rewards. 

Following Ra Djan we have Symbolico ( Ron Stern ) from Israel. With a number of EPs and singe's released over the last year or so, Ron is quickly gaining a loyal following online due to his wonderfully crafted basslines and melodic psybient synth lines. If any artist really needs to put together a full release it's
got to be this guy. I think if Ron could put together an album of 6 - 8 new tunes with a single vision it would be, well, the sky's the limit I think.

Next up is Finnish duo HuuaHaa with a track from their latest EP "Down Under The Triangle". Honestly I don't know much about these guy but from what I've
heard of their music I think that will change pretty soon. This track is an innovative psydub tune mixed with flying, gated effects and tribal chants. Very cool stuff that will cause instant head nodding and shoulder twisting. More please guys !

Interconnekted ( Gilbert Cordina )
Interconnekted (Gilbert Cordina) from Malta is another artist who you would do well to keep an eye on. In the past he released a lot of psytrance with his friend until they decided to explore separate visions of what they could achieve. Gilbert went on to form his solo project Interconneckted through which he continues to release dance music as well as downtempo psychedelic music. This track "Spirit Molecule" can be found of the free EP "Strong Stillness" which is now available at Ektoplazm so pop over there once again for your free full copy.

Right, our next track is from Alba ( Albert Sultanov ) which is another atmospheric entho-tribal affair with plenty of harmonic chants, big beats and delicious acid lines all wrapped up into Ram Raja-esque flutes. It rolls along nicely and builds and builds before collesqing into a 4-4 stomping hallucination inducing guitar driven climax. 

Following Alba are two tracks from two psybient heavy hitters Shpongle and Entheogenic. Both tracks can be found on each groups respective latest releases. I'm sure there is not much I can add about both groups that you don't already know so let's move along. Oh wait, speaking of Shpongle, I did come across a lesser known track of theirs the other day - a collaboration effort with Gunlinger which you can hear on Soundcloud. I'm not such a fan of Gunslinger - sounds too Skrillexy for my liking but this sounds quite good actually.

Following on from those two is going to be a tough act. Morphonix from San Francisco does a good job of changing the pace I think with his tune "Chai Phone" from the 2006 compilation "Cosmik Chill Red" which was released through Electrik Dream. I really enjoyed these colors compilation series Red, Yellow and Orange that Electrik Dream put out. The label also released the milestone album from Kliment, "Perpetual Ritual" back in 2009. What a great release that one was ! 

We finish of today with one of those last track on a psytrance album gems that I'm always on the look out for. I really should put out out a mix of tunes comprised of nothing put downtempo tracks that exist as the final track on psytrance albums ! Anyway, this one is a little know blaster from Russian psytrance artist Zirrex and is the closing track on his album "Ritual Dance" ( Hado Records ) from last year. It's fun track to close with - lots of cheesy guitar rock quitar riffs, Spanish flourishes and Infected Mushroom like craziness. 

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoy this deep psybient journey. Its a long one ! I'll be back with a new psychedelic dub mix in this near future and a very nice meditative ambient mix highlighting some incredible minimal ambient tunes I've picked up this year. 


Track / Artist
  • 01. Alien Life  -  Soulacybin
  • 02. Makyen Ghrir Allah (Desert Dwellers Remix)  -  Earthrise Soundsystem
  • 03. Crystalline Refinement  -  False Identity
  • 04. The Last Travel  -  2Minds
  • 05. Open Horizon  -  Ajja & Cosmosis
  • 06. Mystery  -  Maiia
  • 07. Interabang   -  Supersillyus
  • 08. Psychedelic Dance   -  Flowertz
  • 09. Floating Planet  -  Reflection
  • 10. Ram (Orestis Remix)  -  Vlastur
  • 11. Chasing The Sun  -  Tengri
  • 12. Ra Maayan  -  Ra Djan
  • 13. Magical Chi  -  Symbolico
  • 14. GLX3  -  HuuHaa
  • 15. Spirit Molecule  -  Interconnekted
  • 16. Arising And Passing Away  -  Alba
  • 17. Juggling Molecules  -  Shpongle
  • 18. Spirit Molecule -  Entheogenic
  • 19. Chai Phone  -  Morphonix
  • 20. Rock Box  -  Zirrex

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