50 Trippy Coloring Pages

Stop Press !! My new psychedelic coloring book is now available on Amazon ! Check out some samples here :

High Visions - Psychedelic Coloring Book

Summer is here in Japan and that means summer holidays. Which also means kids screaming in your ears for something to do ! Well if you can scrape  them away from the X-box/Playstation long enough and remind them what color pencils look like then they might just enjoy this collection of printable psychedelic coloring pages. 

Some of these crazy trippy coloring images are detailed and complex enough to amuse you and your kids for hours on end. Actually I suspect some of you adults might find more enjoyment out of doing these than any toddler. I know I'm getting a kick out them. 

To view the image simply click on it to be shown a larger version which you can then print out from your browser or just download it and do whatever you like with it. 

If you come up with anything really colorful why not take a photo of your creation and email them to me and I'll post them here on the blog to share. I'm always on the lookout for new trippy patterns.

Have a great psychedelic summer everyone and enjoy these psychedelic coloring pictures !

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Anonymous said... @ 07 July, 2013

Very nice. I especially appreciate the illustrations by MÅ“bius. I love trippy artwork like this. Now it's off to buy a set of colored pencils.

Spring Hill, West Virginia, USA

Anonymous said... @ 14 September, 2013

Hi...Is this the latest post? Seems this site has fallen asleep. No new psyamb mixes. It's like it's been abandoned. Such a pity.

PsyAmb said... @ 14 September, 2013

Not at all. Just waiting for Internet connection to allow me to do uploads :). Got a ton of mixes ready to share

Anonymous said... @ 26 September, 2013

This site is great, can't wait for more mixes!

Anonymous said... @ 15 January, 2014

wow love this site

PsiloCyber said... @ 24 May, 2017

Ohh... <3 O_O Lovin these.
(gonna order your high-visions book[s], too)

Anonymous said... @ 04 June, 2017

thanks for posting these! I will be using some of them in my grade 1 math lessons

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