Trippy Pictures Collection

I've gathered together another round of trippy pictures and psyart for you all to see. There is quite a range of styles on offer here from black and white collages to full blow color trippy mind-fraks. 

I especially like the grizzly bear and giraffe Godzilla like creation. There is so much crazy stuff going on with Photoshop artists these days. I like to equate these psychedelic collages to a form of sampling. 

In much the same way that genre mashing groups like Australia's "The Avalanches" created psychedelic music out of sampling other artists I get the same sense that designers and bedroom Photoshop kids are also doing the same in the digital art realm. 

Wonderful stuff - I can't get enough of these trippy creations. Enjoy !

trippy picture of a tiger and mushroom

trippy psy art picture of swilrs

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Anonymous said... @ 07 June, 2013

Far out

Anonymous said... @ 25 November, 2013

amazing pics and blog .. please, dont stop with this awesome posts (: Peace friend.

hurt mom said... @ 16 June, 2014

Awesome is all I can say :)

Unknown said... @ 16 November, 2014

Incredible art work. I love them all. Thank you.

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