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Greeting earthlings. I've come back from the depths of the outer cosmos with a bag full of hypnotic spacey psychill for you all.  This mix begins with a splendid, haunting downtempo tune from Aes Dana and Miktek. These guys have been collaborating a lot of late so if you like this one be sure to click over to the Ultimae Records website to see what other goodies are on offer these days.

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Following on next is Spain's Keemiyo ( José Fernandez Romay ) with a track from his album "A Mystical Journey" on label Altar Records. Keemiyo has a solid old-school background having traveled the hippie trail through Goa in the 1970s. A talented guitarist and flute player his music is best described as progressive trance, progressive chill.

After José we give it a little more throttle with Airform ( Anton Stepanov ). Airform has been around for a few years now and came to the attention of a wider audience with the release of his album "Flourishing Zone" last year on Mystic Sound Records.  

Our next artist is AuroraX who featured as part of my best chillout DJs list a few years back. Its great to see he has stepped out from behind the decks and into the producer's chair. I'm really impressed with his tunes too. Some original vibes going on to be sure ! Check out his exciting album "Evolutionary Voyage".

Cosmic Leaf records is home to Fourth Dimension ( Strahinja Maletić and Strahinja Zdravković ) who craft deep spacey chillout full of emotive atmospheres. Their sound is very typical of the kind of music you find on Cosmic Leaf. Very cool stuff. Get this one on their 2015 release "Harmonia". We then have Stimulus Timbre ( Keith Farrugia ) from Malta. This track is another Cosmic Leaf gem and was released on the album F.I.S.A.R.

cover for emantra raining lights

One of the modern stars of spacey psychedelic chillout follows on next. E-Mantra needs little introduction to fans of psychill music. His instantly recognizable mix of goa influenced melodies over smooth beats and bass has picked up fans world wide and made him much in demand on the festival circuit too. His latest album "Raining Lights" is an absolute must for lovers of intelligent spacey psybient sounds.

Swedish artist Dhamika has impressed recently with a number of EPs and albums released over the past few years. Quite a few of them are available as "pay what you like" on Bandcamp. This track comes from his EP Luminance. He has a number of gigs around Sweden and Hungary this summer so if you are in those area be sure to check him out.

One of my favorite artists of late is Suduaya. This guy makes some of the most emotive and inspirational music on the scene and should be in every chillout lover's music collection. Today's track comes from the album "Ancestral Lullabies 2" on label Melusine Records from Romania. Melusine is actually partly owned by E-Mantra. So much cross fertilization going on huh !

The next track is a stormer from GMO and Dense. When these two guys team up magic is the inevitable outcome. Once again they have pulled out all the stops on this wonderful track. Get it on their new single "The Whistleblower".

Speaking of storming traks, what a pleasant surprise it was to find the next tune from the little known "The Flying Mars" ( Mario Engel ). This track kind of borders on deep psychedelic ambient trance. It  has a wicked bassline and is a little more uptempo than most tracks on offer in this mix. It just grooves on and on. Fantastic ! Grab it on his album "Vibradimensional Experience".

I step the beats back just a touch then with Yarn's tune "Motion Blur" from the compilation album "Autumnal Chillout Box" before a smooth re-entry with Astropilot and a track from his latest entry in his awesome ambient Solar Walk series

I hope you all enjoy these spacey vibes and they get you in the mood for the upcoming summer festival season.

Cheers ...

Track / Artist
  • 01. Sulfur  -  Aes Dana feat MikTek
  • 02. Daydreaming  -  Keemiyo
  • 03. Die Flugbahn  -  Airform
  • 04. Inner  -  AuroraX
  • 05. Architect  -  Fourth Dimension
  • 06. Freedom  -  Stimulus Timbre
  • 07. Shadow Traveler  -  E-Mantra
  • 08. The Road To Here  - Dhamika
  • 09. Astral Lullaby  -  Suduaya
  • 10. C4U  -  GMO and Dense
  • 11. Vibrant State  -  The Flying Mars
  • 12. Motion Blur  -  Yarn
  • 13. Permanent Impermanence  -  Astropilot

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Norm said... @ 12 May, 2016

Got to say I am loving this mix. I have only recently got into psychill and psyamb and found your podcasts. They have really opened my ears and I have really enjoyed the stuff that is on them. I listened to quite a bit of stuff like this for years, you know, eat static, astralasia, children of the bong, steve hillage, gong, Hawkwind (I know that they aren't primarily this kind of music, but they did load of stuff that sounds like it), The Orb etc and I always loved this kind of stuff. Keep it coming, luv it!

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