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Hi everyone. Have a bit of ambient dub for you this week. This mix features a few older tunes from around 2000-2005 that have been screaming at me for years to add to a psydub play list. So for some of you there might be a chance to get acquainted with some lesser known ambient dub producers of the past or at least some older tunes from current artists. They all still sounding super fresh mind you so I hope you dig this hour and half of dub vibes.

We kick of with a track by Daniel Symons and friends in the group Gaia Nima. Some of you will know Daniel from his solo psydub moniker Dymons. This is a fantastic tune and as far as I'm aware the only tune they did together as a group. 

Next is a track from last years Dub Dimension compilation, "Coping with Babylon" by Quanta. One of my favorite dub releases from 2012 for sure. You can download it for free now from the Ektoplazm website.

Following on we have a lovely tune from Michael Sundo aka Vonoom. Michael has released a number of awesome dubby tracks on a number of compilations over the past few years. For more info on Vonoom you can read an interview Micheal did with me last December in which he talks about his studio, touring, future plans and more.

Androcell Entheomythic remixed CD coverAfter a heavy dub from Nako the mix then slides into psychedelic dub star Androcell with a track from his Enthomythic Remixed album. This tune, Dub Ripples, is actually one of two original tracks on the album with all the other tracks being remixes of tunes from his hit Entheomythic album.

I really dig the remixes and the two new tracks also hit the spot and are hopefully a sign of things to come from Androcell after he announced that he is now working on a fourth studio album ! Yes !

Following on we rewind to 2004 for the heavy vibes of Detson Engineering ( Detlef Funder ) and his track Lowland from the Goa Beach Volume 2 album. This is a really unique tune that combines screaming guitar work, ethereal chanting and some heavy,heavy bass. This is followed by a track from Outernational Spacelords which was also featured in one my early ambient dub mixes - PsyAmb 38 so check that one out too if you like their sound. 

Next up is Jaffa Heights with a track from the 2003 compilation Subconscious released on now extinct YoYo records. Shame about YoYo going under as they released some great albums in their time including the "Life Is ... Creation", "Another Life ...", "Life Is ..." compilations. Of course they were probably best known for all the Infected Mushroom stuff they put out and the "Future Sound Of Ambient" compilations. 

As we reach the half way point we have a little known tune, I.D by Mendras which appeared on the compilation Loopsmooth Chapter One in 2003. A kind of hidden gem of an album now so track it down if you can. Another old album from 2003 worth sourcing is the Area 69 compilation released by Afrogalactic Records which provides the next track in the mix - Soma 5 by General Dealer. I also recommend General Dealers album High and Mighty for a great selection of dub, downtempo and breakbeat styles. 

Our next tune comes from one of the biggest compilation to be released in 2001 within the psychedelic ambient music scene - Rhythm Of Life by Solstice Music International. With tracks from Shpongle, Etnica, Digital Mystery Tour and Medicine Drum it remains a classic slice of early 2000 psychill music.  This track, DJinn, was produced by two of the biggest name is goa/psytrance history - Tim Healy and Mark Allen, aka Quirk.
ambient beatz - green ant
Going back to 2000 now and the compilation from Australian label Green Ant, "Ambi-Ant Beatz". Like a fine wine this album has matured over the years. Perhaps it was too ahead of it's time on initial release. Now it seems somewhat more of a comfortable listen. 

It has become somewhat of a collector item too. From it we have today's selection, The Wow Signal by Harmonic 33 ( Chris Innes and Damiano Verna ) . Damiano is busy these days as a manager of Tempest Recordings in Australia. Check them out for some excellent psychill and ambient sounds.

Well that's about all I have time for today so I'll have to leave it at that and say I hope you all enjoy this mix. It's a nice one for a bit of sofa surfing. I have to go check out some apartments in Osaka this afternoon. Moving house again ! Closer to the city this time which means, with any luck, I will be commuting less and have more time to devote to future mixes. Woohoo !

Cheers ...

Track / Artist
  • 01. Light Ages (Dymons Remix)  -  Gaia Nima
  • 02. Coping With Babylon  -  Quanta
  • 03. Pluto  -  Vonoom
  • 04. UFO  -  Nako
  • 05. Dub Ripples  -  Androcell
  • 06. Lowland  -  Detson Engineering
  • 07. Cape East  -  Outernational Spacelords
  • 08. High 'N' High  -  Jaffa Heights
  • 09. I.D  -  Mendras
  • 10. Soma 5  -  General Dealer
  • 11. DJinn  -  Quirk
  • 12. The Wow Signal - Harmonic 33   
  • 13. Dub In C Minor  -  Harry Steel
  • 14. Hamaca Surf  -  Xavier Flux
  • 15. Some Day  -  Secret Lab
  • 16. Peace Dub And Tranquility  -  Roudoudou
  • 17. 12 O'Clock  -  Serious Smokers
  • 18. Loop 7  -  Salmonella Dub

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Psylicker said... @ 04 May, 2013

Salmonella Dub track rocks along nicely. Great mix, keep them coming. Peace from Oslo.

Anonymous said... @ 07 July, 2013

Thanks for sharing your marvelous compilations. I downloaded 12GB of great music, will put in on a thumbdrive an listen to it in the car. Kind regards from The Netherlands. Danny

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