Cool Psychedelic Beatles Posters

The psychedelic Beatles songs were a big part of my childhood thanks to an excellent collection of original vinyls that my uncle left in our family care once he moved abroad. The albums included the four psychedelic classics Magical Mystery Tour, Revolver, Sgt Peppers and The White Album. 

While these albums were busy forming a solid basis for appreciation into psychedelic sounds in my young and impressionable mind, my eyes were drinking in the visuals provided by an accompanying collection of psychedelic Beatles posters and art books he also stored with us. So for a literal trip down memory lane here I present some of the best trippy Beatles images and artist books that I enjoyed looking through as a kid.

artwork poster of john lennon

photo from beatles illustrated book

picture of paul from the beatles riding a boat

Beatles Illustrated Lyrics cover art

image for Fool On The Hill

Some of these would make for interesting backgrounds or framed wall posters. I seem to remember a kind of pop-up-book in the collection back then too. I wonder what happened to that ? Probably worth a good amount of money by now !

I recently discovered there was a Beatles comic made decades later, around 1999-2000, as a nod to the early Yellow Submarine artwork and for the reimaged release of the movie. Sadly it remains unpublished due to the publishing company moving in another direction for the project.  Here are some images from it - looks pretty cool.

You can read an interview with the comic's principle artist Bill Morrisson here.

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Anonymous said... @ 01 May, 2013

Alan Aldridge is awesome !

PsyAmb said... @ 04 May, 2013

Love those psychedelic comic pages. Think I shall have an attempt at coloring them in as they might make good wall art.

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