20 Trippy Psychedelic Toilet Pictures

Okay I try to avoid delving into toilet humor but when I came across this collection of crazy psychedelic toilets I just couldn't resist sharing. From retro 60s designs to home made psychedelic washroom horrors this collection is sure to inspire you to greater thinking next time you sit down to ponder the universe.

psychedelic alice tiolet picture

three psychedelic flower toilets

picture of a home made trippy toilet

weird lighting in toilet block

image a of trippy toilet made from tiles

fluro toilet room

pics of psychedelic toilets using monkeys and 60s art

candy toilet

psy washroom of trippy geomtric patterns

retro toilet patterns

trippy toilet art

toilet bong picture - very colorful enamel

toilet in tower block

graffiti toilet

techno toilet

amazing psychedelic toilet

lion toilet

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lefti said... @ 26 April, 2013

Oh my...they are SO freaking beautiful!.....

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