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After some nice feedback on the psystep mix from last year I thought it might be about time to do another mix of psychedelic beats and bass. Today I have 20 top tracks full of squelchy stuttering funk'n groove that are sure resonate with your bones.

The mix kicks of with Brujo's Bowl ( Saxon Higgs ) who was also featured on the original mix so be sure to check it out if you are fan of BB's tunes. His music covers a range of styles from psystep to techfunk and progressive trance, all of which he handles with ease.

Following on are two artists, Whitebear and Landswitcher who may not be so familiar to psybient/psychill listeners here at the blog. Whitebear is Australian producer Arthur Song. He releases tunes through the Enig'matik Record label, one of Australia's newest and most exciting labels. You are going to be hearing a lot more about Whitebear in the future I suspect - a real exciting new comer. 
Landswitcher is a French duo who are having a big year after signing on with French label Free-Spirit Records. Another act who are definitely set for big things so keep an eye on them too. 

We then move on to some ethno psystep sounds thanks to to a number of top American producers in Jef Stott, Soulacybin and Birds Of Paradise. I highly recommend you check out these three acts if you even slightly interesting in quality psystep sounds. These three guys are at the top of their game. It really doesn't get much better at the moment when it comes to mixing psychedelic riffs, funky bass and stuttering syncopated percussion. 

The next three acts - Amygdala, TronSepia and Itsu all come to us today via the legendary Ektoplazm website where you pick up a truck load of free music covering all kinds of electronic styles.  

The final track I would like to highlight is near the end of the mix. It's not often that I come across an Italian producer making psychedelic chillout sounds so I'm glad to hear the Pineal ( Nico Canzoniero ) finally has a full length album out.  

Pineal - Nico Canzoniero

Nico has come up with an instant classic for his debut album Cauda Pavonis which was mastered by Aes Dana. You can pick it up at the BlueHourSounds website.
Okay well I'll try to add some more details about the other tunes on offer today when I get time. I've picked up a number of excellent full length ambient albums lately so I'll be looking to add another relaxing ambient mix over the next few weeks. 

Also, if you are a producer of ambient music why not check out last month's ambient production tips post for lots of great ideas about producing psychedelic ambient music. The series is still open and I would like to add a third post so if you want to share your ideas send me an email on Facebook or mail me directly at "psyamb at gmail dot com". 


Track / Artist
    • 01. Everythings Special  -  Brujo's Bowl
    • 02. Inanimate Incarnate  -  Whitebear
    • 03. Interwhave  - Landswitcher      
    • 04. Sayat Nova (Sendai Tsunami Dub)  -  Jef Stott
    • 05. Through Love  -  Soulacybin
    • 06. Skyward Eye  -  Birds of Paradise
    • 07. SimStim  -  Amygdala 
    • 08. Flange  -  Tron Sepia   
    • 09. Drizzle  - Itsu  
    • 10. Temple of Mind  -  Shamanic Technology
    • 11. Phoebus  -  Jacek Dojwa 
    • 12. Liberation  -  Kaminanda    
    • 13. Awareness  -  Kalya Scintilla
    • 14. Seeing Things  -  Desert Dwellers
    • 15. Chosen Few  -  Kryptic Minds
    • 16. Salami Step  -  Kromagon
    • 17. Leaving  -  Numbernin6
    • 18. Terradactyl Porn  -  Bird Of Prey
    • 19. Prime Numbers  -  Pineal
    • 20. Craziness is Part of Normality  -  Symbolico

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    Keera Hayes said... @ 22 April, 2013

    amazing mix my friend a little bit of Ott in the next mix you do and you will have hit all the right spots ;)

    Unknown said... @ 24 April, 2013

    Cheers Keera. Ott is awesome and certainly would make a fine addition to any psystep mix.

    Amado said... @ 31 July, 2013

    This is cool!

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