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Back in the matrix. Here is a mix of psychedelic dub which starts out in a effortless laid back style thanks to producers Kuba and Green Beats. It then gets gradually more and more trippy with tracks from Androcell's super new album Imbue ( recently voted best psydub album 2014 on reddit/psybient ) and Squazoid before peaking with the glorious Globular tune Dance Of The Logarithm from the Kupuri Festival vol 2 compilation. There is plenty of good psydub tunes to check out in this mix so be sure to follow up on some of the great artists involved.

We kick off with Kuba with his tune Unsinkable off the "Beneath The Trees" EP. Kuba has recently released loads of his stuff on bandcamp including a few new EPs and is due to release a new full album this year too ! A class act all the way - check him out if you are yet to do so.

A drop of Green Beats go well with a slice of Kuba I think. Both acts have a very laid back dubby vibe that oozes production genius. Victor Solsona and Xavier Jansana of Barcelona have been together for a number of years now and impressed with their debut full length album "Cosmic Turtle" back in 2012. The lads are due to release a new album this year so track them on Facebook to keep up to date on that one.

After a tune from Ktones ( Fire ) which I also used in mix 71 back in May last year we have "It's Gonna Rain" by 3 Wise Monkeys. These 3 monkeys are in actual fact a duo comprising of Matt Coldrick ( of Green Nuns fame ) and Mark Brogden. Very much a summery dub vibe, you can find it on Aleph Zero Records' compilation "Natural Born Chillers 2" which was release back in 2009. AZRs has been a bit quiet of late. They put out some excellent stuff via the likes of Bluetech and Shulman early on though so check their back catalog for some now classic material.

Up next is Yechidah with a tune from Dubmission Records third release in their excellent "The Next Mission" series.  Yechidah is the alias Of Andre Martins from Portugal. Definitely another artist to follow as his music gets better with each release. He has a number of tracks on compilations from other labels too including Mystic Sound Records and Maia Brasil Records.  

I'm pleased to mix in another great tune from Vonoom ( Michael Sundo ). While Michael's music never gets too deep into the psychedelic side of dub like say a Globular or Shpongle, his music always satisfies with originality and just enough quirkiness to keep things rolling along. Great stuff as always. You can find today's track on the compilation "Grower" from 2011 - now free to download at Ektoplazm.

Speaking of deep psydub - Androcell is next with his new tune "Roots Of Pharmacology" from the award winning "Imbue" album. I was a bit disappointed with the album at first listen as I thought it sounded a bit too Ott like. However with repeat listening I really got into it. Love it when that happens. I think it's a sign of a great album if it doesn't catch you straight away but doesn't let you go either.

Squazoid album cover for Two Reality

From the manic mind of Squazoid ( Jeremy Bringue ) comes a belter of a deep bass in the form of "11th Dimension" from his album "Two Reality" released late last year. A super album by the way - one of my tops of 2014 for sure ! Also check out his beautiful website !!  How's that for cool web design ?

Soulacybin then provides a remix of the Desert Dwellers track "Kumbh Mela" which you can find on their compilation "The Gathering Remixes". Soulacybin has a spanking new album out and it's an absolute peach ! Titled "Funkerpump", the album bristles with innovative psydub sounds throughout. Only wish I had got it in time to get a track or two included in this mix. Check it out now at his Bandcamp page.

The Shanti Planti collective is a group of artists who have quickly gathered a reputation for their high quality psychedelic dub sounds. As a fine example, our next track comes from their superb release "Rythm Code" which features some of the current best bass producers in the business. Quanta, Globular, Akasha, Beatroots, Whitebear and Wolfen Technologies are just some of the artists supporting this phenomenal young label. Have a squiz at their releases - you wont be disappointed.

Over the years there has been a number of "In Dub" releases from classics such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd via Easy Dub All Stars to the psydub of Ott and Hallucinogen's colloboration "Hallucinogen in Dub". Let's also not forget the whimsical "Green Nuns On Ice" - a reworking of trance act Green Nuns Of The Revolution's tracks into a playful dub work of brilliance. Goa/Psytrance legends Etnica have joined the party with a release of dub reworkings on some of their old material and released as, wait for it,  "Etnica In Dub" complete with rasta red,yellow,green motif cover art. 

As cheesy as that sounds, there are a number of good tunes to be had.  Two of the best come from one of my favorite dub producers - Vlastur, with one making an appearance in this episode. Vlastur has also just released another rework project where he remixes four tracks from the Parvati Records archive. It's freaking good too ! Pick it up here

From the third volume in the "Peace and Love" ( Verigo Records ) series comes a cracker of a track from Andromeda ( Anders Nilsson ). I feel like Anders has been around for ages making top music. He never seems to get the recognition he deserves though. Maybe because his music floats between various genres, I'm not sure. Anyway, I love his work and this track, Dubdelicious, is another illustration of his boundless talents. 

Well we close things off today with a fine tune from the prince of psychedelic dub - Globular. This time I've gone for Dance Of The Logarithm from the Kupuri Festival vol 2 compilation as I mentioned in the intro. Such an awesome squishy dub tune that has all the makings of a classic. 

As always, I hope you enjoy this mix and I look forward to our next journey into the realms of dub adventures from deep withing the matrix. Till then - kick back, turn up the volume and chill out.  

Cheers ...
Track / Artist 

  • Unsinkable  -  Kuba
  • The Memory Persistence  -  Green Beats
  • Fire  -  Ktones
  • It's Gonna Rain  -  3 Wise Monkeys
  • Embracing the Sun  -  Yechidah
  • Dirty Dishwater  -  Vonoom
  • Root Of Pharmacology  -  Androcell
  • 11th Dimension  - Squazoid
  • Kumbh Mela (Soulacybin Remix)  -  Desert Dwellers
  • Eminations  -  Quanta
  • Triptonite Dub  -  Etnica
  • Dubdelicous  -  Andromeda
  • Dance of the Logarithm (Kupuri Edit)  -  Globular  
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    Anonymous said... @ 29 January, 2015

    holy shit this one is absolute phenomenal. bless!!

    Anonymous said... @ 01 February, 2015

    distinctive tracks, amazing set, thanks and cheers as ever!

    Cloud Tiger said... @ 08 February, 2015

    I just facebook liked this and I have not heard a note yet! I have have total confidence you will have pulled out of the hat another wonderfully brilliant set of musical marvels. :D Thank you! :D Cheers! :D

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