Incredible DMT Experience Trip Reports

DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) is arguably the world's most powerful hallucinogenic compound. The power within a DMT experience can produce life altering events, leaving users with a new sense of self and the world, or the universe for that matter ! Unlike other psychoactive compounds such as LSD or mescaline, the DMT trip is rather short - typically lasting anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes. However users are able to remember their journey with amazing accuracy. 

The visions seen while under the DMT spell include entities such as alien creatures, half human-insect hybrids, laughing gnome like beings and more. Colors and geometric symmetrical landscapes cascade in rhythmic harmonies. But don't just take my word for it - here below are some incredible examples of DMT trip reports that defy belief. Simply wonderful to read. 

Blast Off !
I was blasting off; that terminology, it couldn't be any more correct. The high was hitting me at an increasing speed and intensity; imagine an exponential growth curve. The ceiling seemed to vibrate to the point of blurriness. "Wow," I had said before closing my eyes and tumbling down the metaphorical rabbit hole. 

My world was a constantly transforming soup of geometric and 3-D designs. No single image or thought, at this point, lasted for more than a half-second. My shortened attention span was disorienting to the point that I had momentarily forgotten what was causing the hallucinations several times in the course of a minute. The hallucinations, thus far, had been primarily in black and white. Colors slowly began to seep into the morphing designs.

Each geometric design appeared from the previous one. They melted OUT of the previous design, grew out of it, appeared as a flame, or rippled into existence like ripples on water. The colors and designs became more vivid and intricate at a steady pace until, at a critical point of intricacy and color intensity, my entire perspective was shattered, in an almost very literal sense.

The geometric designs appeared to shatter like a pane of thin glass. The glass was shattered by a majestic, and very regal-looking harpy eagle as it flew through the 'screen' that the designs were playing on. The harpy eagle burst through the glass and suddenly everything became more, well, "real," would be the best way to describe it. The transition from the designs to the eagle felt like a puck on ice sliding from the second dimension to the third dimension.

The shards of "glass" broke off, and then broke again and again, until within the span of a few seconds, the glass debris had dissipated into stardust behind the eagle as it flew past my perspective. The trip centered on the static existence of the eagle, my attention span wasn't nearly as chaotic, erratic, and overwhelming as it had been minutes ago. 

My perspective of this "royal" eagle, this veritable King of Birds, was in the 3rd Person. I'm certain that this eagle was a strange manifestation of an out-of-body experience as I could feel the sensation of "my" wings beating. The sensation in my wings was textured in layers with the feeling of the warm wind in my feathers and ears.

My eyes watered (in reality).

The skies we flew through were beautifully sunset-colored with tinges of turquoise around the edges of the clouds. The aerial environment, still shifting and transforming, started off very mottled and distorted with bright hues, comparable to a watercolor painting. In no time at all, the indistinct outlines of the clouds became incredibly sharp and clear; once the scenery became clear, it reminded me much like vectored artwork.

The eagle was a part of me for the majority of the rest of the trip, it was nice. The hallucination of the eagle was a very freeing experience. It made me feel alive and filled me with joy.

A Gentle Entity 

After my first good hit, I said to my friend "it's working". 

I sat back and closed my eyes. I heard one last note of the sitar music I had playing play and it got caught in my perception as the sound shaped a white outline of the edges of my visual reality being closed in on one another like a paper snowflake being folded one side after another in upon itself over from every direction. 

After 10 or so of these perceptual folds occurring an orange and red checkerboard/fractal began to spiral in front of me but I was completely enveloped in it. I felt like I was falling, in a way- falling away from one thing but deeper and deeper into the sound and visual field of the spiraling space. 

I had thoughts like "wow it's happening, no turning back now", I also had the thought "I love you" running over and over in my head. I felt a strong sense of stress as to how overwhelming and enveloping the spiraling space was. 

Every now and again I could hear pieces of the sitar music escaping into my perception and it was warped in the spiral along with my other senses. I am sad to report it had a somewhat ominous sound. In hindsight I should have played music I really loved, instead of basing my music selection on someone else's trip report online.

Then I heard what sounded like my right ear pop/decompressing/pressurizing, then began to hear the tell-tale "carrier-tone" begin as a small sound coming from my right ear and then fully encompassing my hearing for a quick moment. I thought to myself, "that's definitely the tone McKenna talked about, now I think something is supposed to happen after that".

I kind of just stayed in the space though and felt mild feelings of fear/worry. That was when I felt the presence of an "entity" come to me. It was oval shaped and came very close to what would be the right part of my face. It was translucent and resembled a jelly fish with purple edges and a deep red center. It did not communicate with me in any way, but seemed to be "considering" me. I thought to myself/it, "I obviously submit to you, I have no idea what you are, but I come from a place of love and appreciate you being gentle with me".

It hovered near me for a while and I noticed that I could hear my breathing again. I was coming back. After a while i stayed with my eyes closed and asked my friend if he was there. He responded "yes" and I opened my eyes- back in my room. 

DMT Breakthrough 

So I leaned closer and took a hit for over 3 seconds. The smoke was in my lungs for only 2 seconds and it hit me like a bulldozer. It tasted and felt terrible! The worst smoke I have ever had in my life. Like plastic burning in my lungs. I started to hallucinate heavily.

Eyes were opening in the curtains, the wall started to vibrate. I could hear my friend say “one more time” but I couldn’t see him. His voice was heavily altered like it was being played though a computer and being played with. The pitch was lower and it was like he talked in slow-motion. So I hit it again. This time I was starting to get really dizzy and heavy.

A faint noise was starting to arise in the room much like sound distortion. I felt like I had trouble breathing now and starting sweating. I couldn’t hear the music anymore and could barely see anything. But the sound distorting was getting louder.

I knew I didn’t have long. “One more time” he said. So I took a third hit. And fell. I could hear him say.. “One more time” and with all the strength I could muster I answered “No.. Enough..” But it was like I to spoke in slow-motion”

The Sound distorting was embracing me like a mother embracing her child. I felt … strange. I didn’t comprehend what was happening to me. What is this ? Where am I ? What happened ? I asked all the When, Why, What and How questions. I could still feel my body sweat, and it felt like my nose was bleeding but I couldn’t move and slowly it was like I could feel the DMT move though my body and everywhere it came it killed me, it was cold.

I couldn’t feel my arms at first. Then I couldn’t feel my legs and lastly I couldn’t feel my heart and breathing.

I was alone in my mind and there was nothing but my thoughts. Thoughts I thought. Must be what death is like. Am I dying ?! Wake up, please wake up, please wake up ! I didn’t. I tried waking up for what felt like an hour. No good. Did I become my friends experiment ? Did he kill me ? No, having a corps on his bed would get him in serious trouble. Then I must have accidentally took too much. Yes that’s it. I took to much DMT. I am the first person dying on DMT. What a waste. There is so much I wanted to do with life. Sure I wasn’t always grateful for life but did I want to die ? No.

Hmm ... whats that? A voice.. “You idiot!, You are dying!, You took too much ! What would your parents say ! There is a girl in your house expecting you to come home tomorrow and now what ? You’ll never see her again! You will never see anyone again!”

But I tried everything. I tried waking up. Lets give up I thought. Fine let this be my end. My life would have been brief but I lived my life the way I wanted to. I had a good life.

It felt like my conscious was being lifted from my dead body, and send at light speed though the universe. I kept going and going and going for what seemed like years. And then there was this dark place. And I had no physical form, I was the shattering of my ego - thousand of pieces floating in space.

My memories, my feelings, my ego. I played a piece of my memories. I relived it like it was happening at that very moment. I was a little boy walking to my mother on a sunny day. I was happy and wanted to be embraced with the love of my mother. It felt like I was starting to cry but there was no body to cry with. I relived moments of my life. My first kiss, meeting my first friends. Being bullied, my first fight. I felt ... everything.

I started to get control over my shattered ego floating in space. My first thought was not where am I but when am I. I am no believer of reincarnation but it felt like this is where souls go to wait for rebirth. And I felt a presence. I felt he felt that I could feel his presence (it felt like a him not a her). I wanted to meet him and instead of moving through space, space moved around me and I started going forward.

What I encountered next was beautiful. A floating ball of light. It was huge ! Like a red giant in comparison to planet earth and it made colors and shapes with its tentacles of light. Millions of tentacles of light going everywhere. I saw colors and shapes I had never witnessed before. It was profound. Tentacles started going my way to my shattered ego. And when it touched me I learned all the secrets of existence.

Images flashed in my head: space, men, alien, gas, colors, murder, sex, TV, propaganda, The News, pain and suffering, technology, the past, the present and the future. The formula, the math behind existence became mine. And I realized all that is, is but perspective in an infinite large universe. I am god and I am men, I am the devil and I am the saint. All that I see and all that I feel is but my perspective. If men and woman will ever live together in peace we must understand that all that we feel is but perspective.

Our greatest enemy is our ignorance. We kill and hurt because we don’t understand. These people we kill and hurt are not bad, they are different. They have a different perspective. Western society has taught me prejudice, has taught me so called good and wrong. But they are just one of many perspectives in the universe. And maybe, just maybe no one is right, not even me.

I started to hear music and chanting. I could feel my body become whole again and slowly I could feel the sweat on my face and the pain in my lungs. I opened my eyes and could see the eyes on the curtain stare at me. I felt very light and started to speak “water..” A men sat next to me, he was chanting and appeared to make a sign in the air almost like he was conjuring up magic. His face was covered in a mask of light and color. It seemed familiar. He gave me water and kept chanting. His long blond hair was swirling and it fascinated me, just like his chanting and songs. I drank. It felt good. The memories of my breakthrough started to come to me, I lay down on the bed and smiled I felt great. I traveled and found truth. I could already feel it changed me forever.

A familiar voice: “Are you OK? How was it” He calmly asked. I was back. 

The Test 

My first impression is that I am underneath a vast, stretching dome, the ceiling of which consists of interlocking translucent hexagons.  What appears to be sunlight is streaming in from above, illuminating my surroundings.  The space is enormous, stretching for at least several miles.  Beyond the aqua-green semi-transparent surface of the dome there seems to be a city of some kind, with enormous smooth purple buildings stretching far into the sky. 

Inside the dome there are enormous floating globules meandering between myself and the skylights far above.  They are reminiscent of squid or octopus, with long tentacles trailing behind them in the air.  My attention to these floating creatures and the city outside is soon lost as I realize that I am not the only sentient being in this space.

I’m surrounded by curious entities, and I am being observed.  Alien fear takes hold of me, and I begin to tremble. Surrounding me in a wide semicircle, there is an array of creatures watching me with wide, observant and unblinking eyes.  Their bodies consist entirely of geometric shapes that condense to form figures of little Chinese “elves” (for lack of a better word). 

There are two distinct types of beings here.  In the first row and sitting on the floor closest to me are smaller, childlike elves.  They seem to be assembled there in preparation for a lesson of some kind.  Behind them stand several taller, more slender figures.  They are the teachers, and they are instructing the smaller ones to observe me as they prepare me for a test.  They seem to be saying “Look at this human. See what he will do.”

At this point, the larger entities begin to communicate with me.  The odd thing about the communication is that it is a language consisting entirely of thought and emotion.  There are no words, only feelings and understandings.  They gaze at me and ask me if I am afraid.  I respond, “yes.”  They ask me if I would like to see more.

Now I begin to resist.  I am afraid and confused, bewildered by the fact that I have found myself here in this intensely alien place and fully conscious of my environment.  I struggle with them and the strange place mentally.  I seem unable to respond to their request.  In the tumult of terror and indecision, I feel myself spin 360 degrees in a sort of “reset,” and I find myself facing the group of creatures once again.

For the second time, they ask me “Are you afraid?”  I respond, “yes.”  Again they ask if I would like to see more.  Once again, same as before, the fear and confusion overwhelms me and I spin 360 degrees and reset, facing the entities for the third time.

For the third and final time, they look at me curiously and ask “Are you afraid?”  Realizing this is my last chance to get this right, I let the intense fear wash over me and dissipate into a resolved acceptance of my fate.  I respond “No, I am not afraid.”

“Then we will show you more.” 

I Am One. I Am Love 

It was a beautiful day, outdoors and with my friends. One of my best friends was sitting directly in front of me. I uttered the words “take me away” over a few times before I finally smoked the bong. Sandwiched with weed the DMT tasted mystical as hell. Once I had finished it I held it in, closed my eyes and raised my head to the sky.

The sunlight made a bright canvas for my mind to explore. Shimmering corners of red static seemed to vibrate and sound became very echoic, followed by a very strange magnetic sensation around my head. The static began to oscillate so fast it appeared to be moving upwards smoothly.

At this point my vision was full red and blood cell type shapes were morphing and becoming more complex in seconds. Like lava or the surface of the sun, these colors and patterns seemed to bubble and bloom. Upon exhaling, things got a lot more intense. I felt my body rise like gravity was pulling me upward, while this was happening these patterns opened up into a tunnel made of colorful light. At this point I said “Holy Shit” and I was no longer myself. 

I saw multiple God-heads whilst I began to speak words that seemed to just pour out of me. Just so you know, prior to this experience I had no previous knowledge of the law of one.

I am one

I am one

I am one with the universe

I understand reality

I am everything you ever loved

Everything you ever dreamed of

Everything you fear

But don’t be scared

Because I am love

Love for my friends and my family

Because of the sound effects happening you can imagine how strange my own speaking voice must of sounded, almost like 2 layers - one normal, one fuzzy.

The more I spoke the more I felt as if the universe was closing in on me and for this brief moment I was the the center of everything.

I just wanted to scream in astonishment but luckily I was too entranced to even try to stop what was happening. At this point I had reached the end of the tunnel and saw a mystical multi-armed form that was speaking the very same words I was.

And everything

And everyone

Is perfect

Upon that last word in front of the multi-armed being, without any intention, I lowered my head and opened my eyes and saw my best friend sitting there smiling in amazement, in the very spot the being was. Almost as if nothing had happened, like I had just awoken from a dream.

I honestly felt like a naked baby so I asked my friend to hug me right away.

As he crawled over I realized my vision had become super high quality and the movement of all things was so graceful and smooth. It felt very Avatar like.

My friend hugged me and that’s when all the astonishment came pouring in.


After we hugged I literally jumped in the air and screamed “HOLY SHIT HELL YEAH!” in ecstasy.

I'll be honest, I cried out of joy once I sobered up, it was that beautiful.

This experience confirmed what I already I knew. I am on the right path, love and peace over everything including myself. 

Divine Universe 

DMT was locked within my lungs. BOOM!  Neurotransmitter after neurotransmitter my body tingled all over with immense feeling.  As soon as my vision completely warped I immediately closed my eyes and lay back in a sort of near fetal position with the smoke still locked in what felt like my gut as though I ate it rather than inhaled it. 

Everything was dark but I was tunneling and moving extraordinarily fast from the darkness to what appeared to be a light at the back of my mind or consciousness.  I told myself … ‘go with the flow let go, let go’ and so I did plunge all the way down what felt like a never ending well.

When I eventually hit the light I felt as though a layer of skin had been shed off my body and I was raw, much like a snake shedding. Before that point I sort of had my finger on reality, After this point, the trip truly started.  I was completely altered, my early life started to flash uncontrollably before my eyes like a full on 3D HD program I was still moving fast through my consciousness, then soon after a change in direction occurred. 

I was heading up, like a universal compass points north to the sky. Now I am in the light heading to an even brighter space. My throat is still dry.  My eyes are still closed but yet I find myself looking up and heading for a conical shaped dome.  Beautiful in color, gold and sparkly.  It was like I arrived just below the center of the sun peering up. I know I have reached my destination.

I smile, I feel warmth, I feel love coming in and moving throughout my head space. It is a sacred space, like a biological library held within a space similar to an atrium, I visualize animals like crocodiles and serpents swimming through mandalas in my dome.  Incredible geometry I find in the liquid space. I follow these shapes full of intrigue and interest; I look up again and see a Mayan looking stupa base with Vishnu on top, I am in complete awe and feel simply divine on so many levels.

My brain is having an orgasm! I release the smoke slowly but at this stage I am happy to hold it for as long as I can. There is no need breathe heavy or to be scared. I sort of groan as I partially release my breath.  Looking up once again I see a gold laughing Buddha with dangling ears and a sort of horizontal silver half moon above his crown.  Buddha is looking at me and my soul back to Buddha, with what I can only describe as love.

I look around and I see that I am lying on his heart feeling his embrace. I love ! I cry out loud in my ‘eureka’ moment, ‘it’s me! I LOVE ME!’ and release the rest of my breath.  I open my eyes momentarily and the room does not look like how I left it.  There are alien portal like glass walls and doors all over the space. I catch a glimpse of my brother quiet and content in the corner, and my buddy next to the cheese plant in complete peace.

The cheese plant has an entity now and there is crazy alien like language moving in all directions all over the plant.  Each leaf smiles. I want to go back so I close my eyes.  I am no longer in my dome space.  I see myself as a duality. I am now lying on my back with my chin pointed to the sky enjoying each breath I take slower than I have ever breathed.

The longer I hold my breath, the more my spirit rises. I am my body and my spirit. My spirit is rising but facing me with chin held down to the chest. We share the same breath - as I breathe out my spirit is inhaling. I don’t know which way I am ventilating any more, it feels blissful, sexual and real.  My spirit/soul comes back and fits straight back into my body like a glove.

I feel the effects wearing off slightly slower than the speed in which they came on.  I am starting to feel my brain cocooned like slight pressure all around holding the slow motion explosion back together again. Yet it is tweaked, I feel Fresh, I feel Happy, I feel Self love, I feel Gentle.  I am calm but excited to tell my mates what I had just experienced. ‘we are all god.’  Divinity is in the universe within nature, and the outer universe contains all of nature.  

Music Of Colors and Light 

The visuals, and music became one. The shapes, colors and lights became intertwined with the notes. They were so connected. I closed my eyes and saw even more amazement. My experiences mimicked the music.

It was so peaceful and tranquil. After that first hit I remember looking around my room and seeing my room as it's never been seen before. It was out of this world. My perception of it was changed like never before. Then it hit me, and I was literally knocked on my ass. Now laying on my bed looking as if I were clinically dead, I could not move. I didn't know how. I knew in my mind I had to take a second hit, my my mind and body where disconnected.

Oh the euphoria that swept above me. I couldn't stop smiling. I was there. I was somewhere. I was no where at all. The colors I saw. Green, white, purple, red. They were all so amazing. And again I say, these shapes they flowed along side with the music.

There was a presence there. An entity, something, but no one at all. It was as a shadow, but moved in a gliding state. It was as it was calling for me. It wanted to take me somewhere. It was so welcoming. I felt at peace . With nothing but love. I wanted to go, but I could not move. There was no such thing as moving.

I was no longer who I once was. I no longer existed. Each time I felt closer and closer to this presence. Then I began to thing negatively for some reason, as I felt the effects slowly wear off. (Don't think negatively, it effects your trip)

Things became dark, no longer enjoyable. So I snapped out of my negativity.

Things turned around instantly and everything became beautiful again. 


Upon inhalation, the trembling darkness before me crystallized instantly into a shimmering vortex of lime-colored tessera and began a meticulous implosion in upon itself. Pulses of sinuous electric energy shot along it from behind me and I could see them disappear down its infinite corridor. Each one came faster and faster and faster until this typhoon like tunnel was throbbing with supple, supernova pulsations. 

It was then that I began to accelerate, an auditory drone that seemed to flange at the edges of my being propelling me along. I couldn't believe the breakneck speed with which I was beginning to move, like a proton in a hyperspatial supercollider. 

The breathtakingly ecstatic sensation of being literally shot out of the confines of my corporeal body was overwhelming, and already my mind was grasping wildly about for some semblance of familiarity. No previous DMT journey had ever moved this fast. 

The vortex started coiling then, curling and cycling into its cylindrical self, and I became aware that it was but one strand in a warping and shifting dimension which was now materializing and taking on a thousand outlandish forms all around me. Ahead was an entirely ludicrous, tensile, concentric, mandala-like disco-medusa that wore about it a technicolor dreamcoat of fibrillating antennae, surrounded by an ultraviolet aura. 

Instantly I could tell it was alive: some sort of a sentinel. Then seemingly out of nowhere and from every direction at once came these freakish tentacles of liquid lapis lazuli. They began moving together with an almost orchestral hyperprecision, and I was completely mesmerized - it was like nothing I had ever seen. 

I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at - there must literally have been thousands of them - I was utterly flabbergasted. I knew I must find a way past this creature though, as extraordinary as she was. We were still cruising along at the speed of light, now descending backwards together through an amoeboid, octahedral gallery of iridescent vaults. 

It was at this moment that I became suddenly aware we were not alone. The vaults seemed to zoom explosively outward then and the gallery expanded ad infinitum into a gargantuan, labyrinthine, almost interstellar space, and through every vault poured the miraculous and zany imps who make the tryptamine hyperdimension their home. The tentacles of lapis lazuli gathered these capricious, multi-colored enigmas in towards the center, and became the architectonic scaffolding of their new multi-dimensional reality, a world which I found myself dab smack in the middle of. 

At this point the glorious geometries transcended what is even vaguely feasible in this three dimensional mundane, constantly concrescing into new and variegated permutations, exfoliating out of themselves what might be called hyperspherologies of the divine, and to look anywhere was to be shot clean through with scintillating amazement. 

Crowding and cramming themselves into my field of vision were thousands upon thousands of beings of every imaginable sort and many that were completely unimaginable. They were everywhere jabbering in indecipherable tongues, juggling incandescent neon micro worlds of dancing beings, and morphing with a zen-like, diaphanous fluidity that remains a primal miracle no matter how often you lay your all too human eyes on it. 

All I could do was sit there in divine liquid awe, my soul gaping wide open, and stare at the incalculable proportions of bizarreness and the down right weird that lay before me. 

It was like being entertained by the 76,000 piece orchestra of an alien civilization in whose classical music each note is not merely a musical tone, but an entire world, each just as intricate and nuanced as our own. 

You have a sense of being swarmed by the whimsical mastermind art forms of an extremely eccentric Boolean contortionist, a diabolical merry go round of linguistic Rubix cubes, 13th dimensional millipedes saying themselves to themselves as they make love, and impossible Gordian knots dancing the jitterbug at a lyrical lightspeed: a gelatinous ballet of endlessly self-juxtaposing pirouettes. You realize all at once you have arrived and are now having darshan with this gigantically insectoid, otherworldly Oz.

They came at me again and again, a more than possible tsunami of opalescent combinations, like rivers of music and miracles and clowns, the flood gates of my soul thrown wider than wide with the sheer magnitude of this dazzling, world-devouring spectacle.

It was as though I myself was god, moving through liquid ecologies of god, the self-crystallizing emerald labyrinths of the tryptamine dreamtime, a marvelous infundibulum of plasmoidal calisthenics. What occurred was a total meltdown of everything I know and hold dear, utter surrender into the honeycomb lovewomb of the universe reborn, born anew in a thousand unending magnificent eyes, and Maya and Lila handheld spinning in sun-dream dandelions, my five senses spinning like a zillion gyroscopes round the centripetal amethyst of this all and everything.

I was there, and then I was back - zap like before - I was back before I even knew I was back, the dimensions subsiding very quickly within me as the last few molecules of DMT were cracked wide open and gone. 

Everything Is Awesome  

I closed my eyes and was immediately face to face with a supreme being of sorts. It had no face, and its form was like a string of multicoloured lights constantly morphing; like a clown making a series of balloon animals, beginning with a dog, he alters a couple of parts, holds it differently to reveal a dolphin, and so on. It was certainly a living presence, and without a face it was still somehow staring eye to eye with me as though it knew everything about my entire life.

There was no sense of emotional attachment, but there was definite supra-linguistic communication happening. This being and I were travelling at great speed through an infinite stretch of deep space – I was chasing it. It stayed the same distance away from me the whole time and seemed to be at ease with the speed, while I was struggling to keep up. It was as though it wanted me there, but not yet, not in this way.

It was telling me to come back when I could keep up with it, when I could catch up and pass straight through it. Maybe this was the membrane that separates the being’s world with mine, the chrysanthemum that McKenna described.

The being zoomed away and the effects started to fade, leaving me in a blissful kind of luminescent state that surpassed any notion of Zen states or meditative bliss. The real world had become indescribably fresh and crystal clear while I had my eyes closed.

Fifteen minutes later, and the second attempt was around twice the dose of the first, and began just the same, the visual environment became kind of fuzzy and my body seemed to spaghettify just slightly. But within seconds of this there was a distinct difference. I had only heard this described in other people’s accounts once, I think, and I had totally forgotten about the possibility of it happening until it actually happened to me.

Just after I released the toke, I looked around to see what was happening to my senses as I was coming up, when the entire universe began to buzz. It was like a deep bass feedback loop that you sometimes hear in electronic music, like the humming noise of flying saucers in movies, very electronic and computer-like, but unbelievably real and right there – all around me.

I immediately thought that the DMT had unlocked a whole new realm of sound that we don’t normally hear – a background kind of sound that would distract our ears from 'normal' functioning - the sound that matter makes. I’ve perceived the vibrations of matter and subatomic particles on other trips, mushrooms, acid, and once or twice even on the old hooch, but now with DMT it was a totally audible reality. And more than just audible, this sharp bassy hum that was coming out of everything made everything vibrate, including myself and my sitter next to me. It was so intense and pervasive that I had to close my eyes to escape the motion sickness of this vibrating mass of existence.

When I did, the buzz began to mutate and break up into all these telephonic/electronic modem-like noises, like a kaleidoscope of sound. The sounds built and built, reaching a peak that culminated in a vortex which sucked everything in existence, the buzzing, the environment around me, and my entire being into a totally foreign dimension: and there I was with total silence.

The buzzing was gone, and I was in a room looking at a wall. The wall was like a complex scaffold of constantly morphing angular prisms shimmering with colors that are completely beyond the descriptions of any language, and totally awe-inspiring. I felt an uncontrollable smile grow across my face – reality-check – but I kept watching.

I immediately noticed that there was something more than just the wall. I noticed at first there was something in the wall, popping out occasionally to show me it was there, it wanted me to recognize it before it would fully come out though.

It was something like watching the flat surface of a calm beach and seeing a dolphin periodically break the surface for air. When I recognized that there was definitely something living swimming through this scaffold of unbelievable shapes and colors, it came out.

It was a non-human female being flying around this hyper dimensional ‘room’. She wore a flowing cape or gown that streamed directly off a big round glowing face, the kind of face that a 3-year-old kid draws – a circle with dots for eyes and a curved line for a mouth. 

That’s all there was of her. But her face was so alive, compassionate, and enlightened. She was so happy when I realized she was there. Then I watched as a pedestal literally grew out of the floor of this ‘room’, made of the same unearthly super-brilliant scaffolding. My attention must have been distracted by this thing growing out of the ground because the female being got in my face and communicated to me (not in words) “look at what’s ON the pedestal!”

I looked up and saw a diamond shaped object that was made of similar stuff to the walls – but infinitely more brilliant, more dazzling, more unspeakably awesome. And as my smile grew and total awe and amazement filled me, this female being began flying around the object at great speed, keeping her eyes fixed on me.

She was doing flips and sharp turns and cheering as though she was celebrating the fact that she had the chance to show me. She kept communicating to me, “Look at it! Look at it ! Isn’t this awesome?!” This continued, and I kept my eyes on that unbelievable object as the scene began to fade.

I became aware of my hands folded in my lap, slightly sweaty, my body was on an up and full of energy as my mind began to return to the reality of sitting in a forest setting next to the person who had just initiated me into yet another, but easily the most awesome, dimension of conscious reality. I was left feeling unusually happy for at least a week after that experience. It has also left me with a profound sense of fulfillment and far greater purpose and perspective in my life’s quest to understand the nature of this human existence.

From these experiences, I have to say DMT is quite patently the most accessible of the deep psychedelic states; and in terms of the practical, empirical analysis of one’s own shamanic journeys, this is by far the ‘easiest’ landscape to traverse that I have encountered.

The Creator 

And there it was. A purple form flowing infinitely, a golden light emanating from its 'forehead', eyes fading in and out of visibility on its 'body'. A face manifested, one that I can only relate to the image of a Hindu god. I was surrounded by the feeling of absolute bliss. I felt that no trouble would come to me while I was in the presence of this majestic entity.

I again looked up, as my eye was caught by the flowing black hair of a beautiful woman peeking into the scene. She gave me the impression that she loved me entirely and would remain by my side. I stared down and right and it seemed as if I was in a magnificent auditorium. Looking on at the Hindu entity was a deep black shadow, flowing similarly to the purple being, but with a far more malicious intent. It looked back at me with glowing red eyes. I smiled, knowing that while meeting the 'creator' (a term that I gave the purple being) I would come to no harm.

I had a feeling I should open my eyes. So I did. My hands! How strange. I did not regret doing this at all as I felt a common divinity with all human beings at this point. I closed my eyes once again and was shown an image of the earth from a satellite perspective. A man with a flowing white beard stared at me, smiling warmly, gesturing towards the earth. Beside him stood a red queen. They loved each other and they loved me.

Rules Of The Game 

As soon as the smoke entered my lungs I witnessed the objects around me tear apart from their halos, leaving neon streaks of electromagnetism hanging in the air around them which stuck in place and then shrank as though being pulled by expansion into the vastness of space.

At this point I remembered it, not from any experiential account that I can recall per se, but more from a primal, instinctive perspective. I “knew” what was happening, and all I that could say before collapsing on the floor was, “Ohhhhh...”

The sound of my voice droned out into the rapidly shuffling distance as a wave of electrical vapor swelled into a tsunami that came flooding in from the right of me, and all that I could do to keep from being swallowed was drop onto my back and close my eyes in an attempt to escape the chaos that was suddenly ensuing all around me.

I witnessed then, without eyes to see, the ceiling and walls of the room transform and inflate with a weightless force into an enormous dome of prisms resembling diamond eyeballs peering in at me from the edge of the world while radiating rainbow coronas in every direction.

It was as though the living room had become this great museum of spectacles that had always been there just beyond my ability to perceive and had now been revealed, ephemerally, for me to partake of.

I felt that though I could observe the museum from a singular point within the museum that somehow I, at the same time, am the museum. I wanted ever so desperately to exacerbate how amazing it was in vivid detail but all that I could manage was, “I can’t fraking explain it... I don’t even know what to do with myself here...” That was when the shifting began.

Suddenly everything was tumbling and folding into itself, much like what I have experienced with salvia in the past, however, the difference is that this time I was still me and was able to see what was actually happening. The gravity was shifting, but not without deliberation.

The very rules that make up the game of life were being rapidly changed ever so slightly by some alien persona very concisely, as though the function of the existential machine depended upon the shuffling of these values. When I use the term “alien” I do not mean extraterrestrial, I mean truly alien, inconceivable. Something entirely unknowable. Again, this concept is totally congruent with my experience of salvia, however, again, this time I can actually maneuver, and so I move toward the edge of the dome where I find a strange man standing in the corner manipulating pulleys and levers as though he was running the stage arrangement for some grand play.

He works the mechanisms in the corner while turning his gaze around to me, smiling wildly. He looks eerily similar to Two-Face from Batman, and even appears two-dimensional, like a comic-book character. I think of him as being the museum’s curator. I can remember thinking, “This guy’s obnoxious.” before making my way back to the museum showroom in the center of the dome.

Upon reaching said area I found myself standing in the living room again, effervescent clouds of color streaming from the walls into the vastness surrounding like a cacophony of vacuums oscillating infinitely. I could then just begin to hear disjointed ramblings approaching. It was a myriad of sounds collecting into small bunches that made up little symphonies.

Each one was a different genre of music entirely and sounded quite discordant uniquely, but altogether the differing music created a larger orchestra and I could just barely make out the melody. The song was beautiful beyond words, yet still, I could not stand the madness. The rules were continuing to shift, the gravity continuing to fold, and I feared, yet again, that I would be lost forever. 

Galaxy Giant

Immediately it began. A tone, like none I had heard before, started to fill my senses. It buzzed like the sound of a vacuum cleaner but more digital and crackling. Louder and louder it rose. I wanted it to stop when suddenly my vision was filled with blackness and on the horizon in this blackness I could see flashes of lightning. Like an approaching storm over the ocean at night.

The lightning then exploded filling the void with brilliant starlight as the tone sharply halted. I floated there in the starlight for what seemed like a few minutes when I sensed something was moving far beneath me. Looking down I could see that the floor had given way and I was indeed floating in an infinite space filled with starlight in all directions. Beneath me the stars were slowing rotating, forming galaxies of indescribable beauty. 

I turned to look up again. The stars above were also forming galaxies and in turn the galaxies where slowly grouping together to form .... a figure. A figure of massive proportions swelled above me. It looked like a human figure and in the same proportions only there were no facial features to speak off. The entire entity was constructed of galaxies, rotating and shifting. It's size is starting - I felt so infinitely small in comparison. If I was a spec of sand. It was the size of the sun. 

It moved a hand in a sweeping gesture as if inviting me to look beyond it. When I look behind the being I was suddenly sucked into a tunnel of light and ushered at incredible speed past the massive galaxy giant and into an arena like space with pulsating walls decorated in vivid fractal green and purple colors. 

Standing in the middle of the arena I began to feel fear. There was a dark door at the edge of the arena and I didn't like to imagine what was in store for me. Was I to be fed to the lions in some cosmic game of sport ? My fear, while understandable given the circumstance, gave way to mirth as I watched a parade of gnomes dressed in silver, shining tuxedos emerge from the door. Each gnome carried a book in one hand and some kind of tool that looked like a large spoon in the other. They surrounded me and began to play nursery rhyme like tunes on their "spoons" while reading (music?) from the books.

I felt so relaxed at that point that I thought I might sleep. I closed me eyes. But a fear returned to me. What if this is a trap ? These spoons - they make me sleep and then they have me forever. I quickly opened my eyes. I was speeding through the star tunnel again. I could see the arena fading in the distance below and I suddenly picked up phenomenal speed, passing planets and suns out into deep space one more. The galaxy giant appeared again. It wanted to show me more and began to gesture its arm once more. 

As I began to look beyond the giant for the second time I could hear familiar street noises. The giant shattered into a billion stars and I was back on my sofa. Confused, amazed, delighted and left with a feeling of awe at the universe. DMT opened up a world so different to anything I could image. And that is exactly what left the biggest impression - that this was not imagined. It felt as real as the sofa I was sitting on. 

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