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This week I have dipped into my psydub collection to bring you a chilled out selection of ambient dub, psydub and various otherworldly sonic bass adventures. This mix starts out in a laid back dub style, meanders through fields of classic psydub and then climbs a mountain of harder hitting,magically mangled, psychedelic sounds.  

We kick off with "Globules Of Joy" by Espertine. The smooth and laid back production in this track hints at classic dub with the use of deep bass and melodica. You can find this on the UK label Visionary Shamanic Records compilation "Cosmic Temple" which was released a few months back. 

Our second tune comes from "Martins Garden", an artist who is making waves with a string of quality releases over the last year. You can hear this on his "Beyond" EP released last month. Five tracks of expertly crafted chillout music that won't disappoint.

Following on we have "Dub Size" and the track "Beyond The Sky". I picked this one up on German netlabel SUBBASS records. You can grab it too on the compilation "more Dub", a 16 track album of worldwide dub sounds that explores a range of styles from traditional vocal dub to more experimental offerings. Recommended for something a little different. 
My current "Album Of The Week" goes to Russian producer Translippers ( Arthur Mustafin ) and his album "Herbalism". Take a listen to this track "Polar Lights" and then be sure to check out the whole album online at the  Microcosmos Records site.

Excellent compilation "Ethnomusicology"

One of the best dub compilation this year comes from Iain Dub and his Ethnomusicology album released on Phantasm Records. I have huge respect for Iain - I doubt there is a better selector of psydub sounds on the circuit today. Everything he plays is phenomenal - a real inspiration. Case in point - our next tune from said compilation - "Ode To The Gong" by Triptograph. Not to be confused with Ian of Liquid Lounge fame, another brilliant psydub mixer. Must be something in the name !

Globular is up next with his epic tune "Timeless Vibration" from another top psydub compilation "Forest Garden". Released late last year, the compilation received rave reviews and continues to find its way to my ears on a weekly basis. You can check it out at the Maia Brasil Records bandcamp site where it is now available as a pay-what-you-like download.

Next is a welcome return to my mixes for Kliment. I was blown away by his debut album "The Perpetual Ritual" back in 2009. He then went on to produce an album of psytrance/progressive trance tunes which I also enjoyed. This track, "Little Frog", comes from the compilation "Blue Moon" which was curated by another top DJ - Johnny Blue. Definately one of last years best compilations.

New music from Ott - Fairchildren
 We have a special one up next. Dub magician Ott has a new album out titled "Fairchildren". Plenty of classic Ott sounds on offer as well as a couple of decidedly non-Ottish tracks. It didn't do much for me at first listen. I guess because my thinking of Ott is tracks like "Shower Of Sparks", "Queen Of All Everything" and "Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack". Those are epic, beautiful tunes that uplift your spirit. The new album doesn't really have anything like that. 

It's a solid album though all the same and definitely worth your time. The track Harwell Dekatron is interesting - a mix of world music,dubstep,glitch and urban sounds. Would be very cool if he did a side project of music in that style I think. Possibly under a different name so as to distinguish from the more dubby stuff.

Symbolico is an artist I can readily recommend to anyone who likes twisted, deep psybient sounds with a hint of world dub opera. In this mix I've gone for his tune from the Enthomusicolgy compilation mentioned earlier. This is a remix of his track "The Divine Purpose"  which first appeared on an EP of the same name back in 2013. I must say, as good as the original is, I much prefer this new version with its bigger sound and a deeper groove. 

It's not often that a Norwegian artist comes across my path, so I was glad to find our next tune by "Mist In The Maze" aka Stein Skjodal. This is a tasty tune that uses a standard dub bass spine fleshed out with plenty of screaming synths. Would be interesting to see if Stein continues in this fashion as I think his style has a lots of potential. I would like to see a full EP of this kind of music. You can hear this one on "Chilling Dragon Tales", a free download compilation released by Slovenian label Forestdelic Records. 

Squazoid's new album "Eyes Of The Seraphim"

Following Stein we have a remix of the TerraNine track "Star" by French artist Squazoid (Jeremy BringuĂ© ). I really dig what both TerraNine and Squazoid have been up to over the past few years. I guess it comes as no surprise then that this tune would be a winner. Deep, fuzzy bass punches through what sounds like layers of gated strings and guitars to create a track full of inventive dynamics. The change in time signature about halfway through is very effective in producing a moment of urgency and tension before it eases off into chilled out dub refrains and then kicks in hard once again a little later. Very cool indeed. Pick this one up from Squazoid's "Wash Your Brain" album. While you are at it, check out his new album "Eyes of the Seraphim" which was released a few weeks ago. 

Another top compilation "Peace And Love III" by Russian label Vertigo Records is home to the next track - a remix of Ballansky's "We Are" by Kliment. Yeah ! More Kliment !  This is not a typical psydub tune but I feel it fits the mix rather well anyway. It has more of a deep bass glitch feel to it I guess. And it sets up a good transition into the final track in the mix.

We finish off this mix with an almighty, epic, thumping dub remix of Killing Joke's "This World Hell" by dub legend Youth ( Martin Glover ). Youth has had his hand in the creation of some of the most loved psydub and psybient albums of the past 20 years. Before all that he was a bass player with UK post-punk, industrial new wave band Killing Joke. KJ make great music and Youth has done a superb job in breathing new life into some of their most loved creations with his remix album "Killing Joke : In Dub". The band is  on tour around the UK soon. Check here for a full tour schedule.

Thats it for this week. Pleny of new music has been finding its way to my desk this past week so expect another mix of bass and dub sounds in the near future. If you would like to have a track of your own shared here then by all means get it touch. You can contract me using the contact button at the top of the page. Take care everyone.

Cheers ...

Track / Artist 

  • 01. Globules of Joy - Espertine      
  • 02. Ava  -  Martins Garden
  • 03. Beyond the Sky - Dub Size
  • 04. Polar Lights  -  Translippers
  • 05. Ode To The Gong  -  Triptograph
  • 06. Timeless Vibration  -  Globular
  • 07. Little Frog  -  Kliment
  • 08. Coursing Batch  -  Ott
  • 09. The Divine Purpose (Divine Circus Remix)  -  Symbolico
  • 10. Focus  -  Mist in The Maze
  • 11. Star (Squazoid Remix)  -  Terra Nine
  • 12. We Are (Kliment Remix)  -  Balkansky
  • 13. This World Hell (Cult Of Youth Ambient Samara Dub Mix)  -  Killing Joke

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