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Welcome to 2014 ! Congrats on making it through another year on planet Earth. Time to celebrate with some smoothly chilled psychedelic dub. This psydub mix kicks off with a slice of pure head-nodding dub from Zeb. This is a bit of an older tune but you can keep up to date on his latest releases at his soundcloud page.

PsyAmb 66 - PsyDub Mix cover image

Next is a duo from Melbourne, Australia - Deep Fried Dub with their remix of a single by their Antipodean friends Pitch Black. This is a wonderful remix and I hope the guys get the chance to remix some more PB stuff in the future. Check it out on their new album of remixes "Refried" and if you are in Melbourne be sure to check out their next gig at the Northcote Social Club on Jan 23rd.

After that is a track from the 2013 compilation "Organic Wave". Mind Trek is a group made up of Linus Eriksson aka Endorian and friends. I don't know too much about Endorian apart from him having another chilled out tune on the Blue Tunes Recordings comp, "Slow Motion" , a few back. Pretty cool stuff - let's hope he can get some more psydub and psybient tunes out someday.

Following on is one of my all time favorites Warp Technique with a remix of his tune Make Animals Happy by Tim Larner , aka Sensient. Sensient is a world renowned progressive trance/psytrance/tech producer so it's nice to see him throwing his hat into the psydub remix scene - and he does a beautiful job of it too ! Grab this one on the "Make EP" remix project.
Dubmission Record's latest compilation "The Next Mission - Part Three" is where you can find our next tune - Embracing the Sun by Yechidah. The compilation is a real winner and continues in the tradition of find dub releases by one of the planets best dub record labels.

The Next Mission Part Three album coverAnd if you need any further convincing about that compilation series then I have thrown in another track from the previous release "The Next Mission:Part Two" in the form of "Tor Ma In Dub" , an artist who has shown a real fantastic level of development over the past 5 years or so. His early tracks were always a bit light on but recently his tracks are full of loads of organic sounds and thick basslines - brilliant stuff ! 

Dubsalon had a great year in 2013 with a number of compilation appearances and the release of the superb 4 track EP "Morphic Resonance" on Nutek Chill. You can find the next track in this mix on that EP and also be sure to check all the other good things going on Nutek Chill as they are putting out a lot of excellent psychedelic dub and psybient sounds recently.

Continuing on we have a new artist, "Living Light". Brainchild of Psylab keyboardist Eartha Harris, Living Light blends downtempo beats with world percussion, psychedelic glitches, middle eastern melodies, soothing electronic harmonies and deep pulsing dub baselines. You can find the album on the Desert Trax Beatport page. Speaking of Desert Trax, those guys also released a great compilation of Desert Dwellers remixes recently so do drop by their site and have a listen.

album cover image for Danish delights
The next tune in the mix comes from one of my favorite artists - Vonoom. Vonoom never fails to disappoint and this tune, Hillred Street, is right on the money. It's funky, dubby, playful and with some wise words from Bill Bryson I think you'll like too. Grab it from the compilation "Danish Delights" which is a somewhat eclectic collection of music from Danish electronic producers.

After that we start to get into some serious psychedelic dub territory with tunes from a few psydub heavy hitters. Next up is Soulacybin with his tune Surrealendipitous  which he generously offers as a free download from his SoundCloud page - get it while it lasts ! Also be sure to follow him on his Facebook and Twitter feeds to keep up to date with his touring schedule as his shows are not to be missed. 

Bluetech released a number of amazing works last year - the fabulous, deep ambient  "Dreaming Into Being" ( Dawn Like a Prism - what a tune ! ) and the "Basement Dubs" EP, where you can find the next tune in this mix. This track is a remix by Bluetech of the Abakus tune "Cruise Control".  Bluetech is gone the Kickstarter route for his next release - "The Spacehop Chronicals Vol 1" which will help him cover production and marketing costs - great idea ! It has proved very popular too - having easily reached his target funding and then some . There is still another two weeks to go before the deadline so why not drop over and pledge your support to a truly deserving musician and all round nice guy who himself is also very involved in supporting many environmental concerns. 

Swedish producer Hinkstep's debut album "Sunrise From The Treetops" was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2011 so I was really thrilled to see him follow it up with another excellent release last year - "Out Inner Space" which you can listen to online at the previous link. It's a great release with some real unique dub flavors much like the first album. Like a fine wine it get's better with age, or in this case subsequent listens ! 

cover for globular - magnitudes of order
We then have Globular and the tune "Conncinitty and Chaos" from his brilliant second album "Magnitudes of Order". As a follow up to his debut, which marked him as a bright new artist on the psydub scene, this album demonstrates a real improvement in all aspects of production. Every track is a winner - especially Gateways - a massive psychedelic rolling monster of a tune. There are definitely shades of another famous psydub producer to be heard throughout this album and that man happens to provide us the next tune in the mix. 

UK psydub legend Ott has been pretty busy touring of late which has allowed many a U.S based fan to get to experience his music on massive sound systems just as a lot of his music is intended to be heard. He has been a bit quiet on the release front though, with just the two track single "Baby Robot" released back in September last year. Hopefully we can hear some new stuff from him soon. If you are in Australia be sure to check him out at this year's "Rainbow Serpent Festival". This time I thought I'd go back and dig out a tune from his landmark debut album Blumenkraft which still sounds as good as ever.

After another tune from "The Next Mission : Part Three" comp we have the guitar driven funk dub of Sunmonx and their tune "Pickle" from the album "Power Salad" which was one of the top albums of 2012. 

Following on we have Mycolinguistic by SIXIS. This track can be found on the compilation "Mycelium Music  Compilation-vol 1" which is a great series with two further releases. The latest, Vol 3 , was released late last year and features another SIXIS tune, and a number of other artists you may not be too familiar with so check it out and expand your listening. SIXIS is the work of US producer Ben Wyss - another excellent bass aficionado coming out of the Bay Area which is known to be a breeding ground for US whompin bass sounds. 

We wrap up this mix with a rather different offering from Sound From The Ground,  who are close to celebrating 20 years as a duo ! This track is a brooding, dark bass offering from an exceptional album, Widerworld, which continues where the previous album Maze left off. Their latest album "Tribes" is another step up in the SFTG story and an album not to missed by fans of ambient dub music. I've been a fan of these guys since day one and I am glad to hear how much their sound has evolved and improved over the years. Absolute legends in the ambient, downtempo scene with a solid catalog of releases and no sign of slowing down. Thanks for 20 years guys ! 

Thanks for tuning in as always guys and feel free to share the mix online and help promote all these amazing psydub artists. I'll be looking to put together another psychedelic dub journey soon, as well as some spacey psychill, so check back again in the next few weeks for some more great music. Till next time ...


Track - Artist
  • 01. Nafas  -  Zeb
  • 02. Transient Transmissions (Deep Fried Dub Remix )  -  Pitch Black  
  • 03. Bud Of Life  -  Mind Trek    
  • 04. Make Animals Happy (Sensient remix)  -  Warp Technique
  • 05. Embracing the Sun (Blue Sunrise Mix )  -  Yechidah
  • 06. Intergalactic Talk  -  Tor.Ma In Dub
  • 07. Rootical One  -  Dubsalon
  • 08. War of Consciousness (Original Mix)  -  Living Light
  • 09. Hillred Street  -  Vonoom    
  • 10. Surrealendipitous   -  Soulacybin     
  • 12. Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix)  -  Abakus
  • 13. Second Sight  -  Hinkstep
  • 14. Concinnity and Chaos  -  Globular
  • 15. Spannered In Pilton  -  OTT
  • 16. Beyond The Illusion Of Life  -  Scuba vs Yechidah
  • 17. Pickle  -  Sunmonx
  • 18. Mycolinguistic  -  SIXIS
  • 19. Darswana  -  Sounds From The Ground

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