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This week I have uploaded a kind of world music mix that has a variety of styles from minimal ethnic ambient sounds to ethno-dubstep and beyond. I haven't done too many of these before as I'm not so familiar with the world music genre. However from time time I do run across some rather nice ethno tribal tracks on psychill compilations and the like. So I've gathered a few of the good ones together here in this mix to create a psychedelic world ambient fusion journey. Its runs at around 70 minutes which makes for a nice CD should you want to burn one.

We start with "Gham Dub" by Echo Wanderer, which is the first track from his album "Moving Through Dub" released by Full Melt Recordings in 2011. FMR has a nice selection of bass heavy and dubstep sounds on their books so check them out if you are into that kind of sound. This track has a great slow build to it that is full of ancient tribal trance like atmospheres and creates a smooth intro to the set.

Next is a track from a little known album called "Liquid Dreams" by Ma Faiza and Veet Sandeh. Released in 2006 this album didn't get much distribution in the psyamb genres of psychill or psydub which is unfortunate as it certainly would appeal to such listeners. It's a great album of slick dub/downtempo tunes with Indian vocals. The pair have released a few tracks from the album on a number of noteable compilations including "Goa Beach Vol 6" and the excellent "Mar Y Tierra 2" so it's surprising that they haven't released anything further.

picture of emancipator playing live
Up next is a remix of Emancipator's tune "Rattlesnakes" by saQi. Emancipator ( Doug Appling ) is an American producer who is really riding a wave of underground success at the moment. His music is to be found at the crossroads of melodic downtempo, instrumental hip hop, and electronica. Doug really shot to fame over the past 2 years but has actually been around since 2006 when he released his debut album "Soon It Will Be Cold Enough". That album sold 5,000 copies in the first six months on sale here in Japan. He then landed a Puma sponsorship, gave an interview to Rolling Stone Japan, and even had his song “Maps” played at the Beijing Olympics. Not bad for a guy who was still just 20 years old !

Fast forward to 2012 and he is still going strong, touring to sell out crowds in the US and playing at major music festivals. This remix is from the remix album titled "remixes", funnily enough. A great selection of varying musical styles from some incredible talent giving emancipator's tracks their own special twist.

Our next tune is "Lahore Connection" by Toires. I wonder what happened to Toires ? He had two excellent albums back around 2001/2002 but since then I've only seen a few remix projects he put out. I've been waiting patiently for this guy to pump out some new original material for ages. I notice that he has hooked up with Mandala Records recently so hopefully that means a new album is in the works. Fingers crossed.

Adham Shaikh
Adham Shaikh is a name that should be familiar to any world music lover. His music has an instant crossover appeal that jumps between enthoworld sounds, dub and psychill. His award winning music has been thrilling listeners since the early 90's. I've been a huge fan of Adham's work since day one and also loved the work he did in the duo Drift with Tim Floyd. I wonder if they will ever make a Second Drift album ? That would something special indeed.

Much like Adham, our next artist is rather well known in that world music / psychedelic ambient crossover space. Angel Tears is mostly the work of trance music legend Sebastian (Seb) Taylor who also happens to have a new album by another side project of his "Hibernation" out now which is an interesting blend of psychill, world, downtempo and jazz sounds. After Angel tears he moved on to the solo adventure Kaya Project around 2004/5 and has been releasing KP albums to great acclaim ever since.
Following on we have a remix of Bodhi Mandala by Drumspyder which you can find on the Desert Dwellers' Downtemple Dub Remixed CD ( try saying that with a mouth of marbles ! ). That CD would have to be one of the best remix CDs I own. There isn't a single weak remix on there. One of the best psychill albums of 2012 no doubt. Desert Dwellers' tunes often feature in my world ambient mixes because they make exactly the kind of tribal downtempo music I like - dubby, bass heavy tracks with crisp ethnic percussion and occasional psychedelic trance elements. That really pushes all my buttons ! They have an awesome back catalog of world music online so check them out if you like a bit of psy-sugar in your ethno-tea !

After The Drumspyder remix it is Dessert Dwellers turn to try their hands in the remix deck. For our next track they remix the  track "Dukh Par Har" by Gurunam Singh. Dukh Par Har is a shortened version of the full Mantra "Dukh Par Har Sukh Ghar Le Jaae" which when spoken is said to aid in relaxation and the removal of negative thoughts. You can listen to Gurunam Singh's version of the mantra online here. The rather captivating Dessert Dwellers remix is available on a CD called "Kundalini Remix: Yoga Mantras Revisited ". Quite a gratifying CD actually so don't let the name throw you off ( it does sound a bit new age huh ). It's still available at a number of online retailers. I picked this one up through iTunes last year.

Jef Stott
Jef Stott has been around for a long time producing exotic global beats and bass from his studio in which he has created 10 full length albums to date.  Jef is currently the lead Ableton Live instructor for Pyramind Audio Production School and Studios in San Francisco. He teaches audio production on a regular basis from his studio and at several educational facilities throughout the Bay Area. His work has been released on several major labels including Universal, EMI, Six Degrees, Hearts of Space, Triloka and City of Tribes. He also writes regularly for network and cable television, stage, video game and feature film. His latest album, Arcana, is a a uptempo thing of storming dessert wonder and the source for our next track - "Deep Playa".

Next up is an excellent remix of the Filastine track "Colony Collapse" by "Fletcher In Dub". Filastine is making a heap of good tunes lately and his blog is also a good quick read if you are interested in political activism. His albums can be a bit too diverse for my liking - I guess diversity is what he is after though. A kind of global mixture of culture and sound through which he can spread his message. He mixes genres so well that it makes each track feel like it's own genre. Gamelan Dubstep anyone ? This remix comes from a digital EP of Colony Collapse remixes distributed through French label Jarring Effects. 

Digital Samsara ( Shani Ben-Canar and Valerie Dechen Paley) makes another appearance here on a psyamb mix. This time with his track "Beyond Concept" which comes from the album Blue Beryll. This a tune that will really grow on you if you give it time and seek out all the little sounds within the layers. It's has a perfect chilled dubby vibe to it. Digital Samsara make pure solid ethnic ambient music and they have a another album you can check out called Ceasefire which is also a marvelous mix of dub and world music. 

As we enter the finish line the tempo picks up just a little for our next track - Asian Spice by Overdream from the Café Marrakech compilation that Avatar records release back in 2009. The mix then wraps up with a nice bit of koto like sounds from Metastaz and finally some ambient guitar and ethnic percussion mixed in with The Doors' Jim Morrision's spoken word poetry to finish with. So we come to end once again, if you like listen to world music then I think you may well enjoy this somewhat varied mix. Feel free to comment below and let me know if you would like to hear more of this stuff and I'll see if I can add some more world music downloads in the future.

I've picked up a number of sensational psychedelic dub tracks of late so stay tuned for next time and psyamb episode 52 where I will explore some more dubby chaos. 

Cheers ....

Track / Artist
  • 01. Gham Dub  -  Echo Wanderer    
  • 02. Sita Ram Dub  -  Ma Faiza And Veet Sandeh
  • 03. Rattlesnakes [ saQi Remix ]  -  Emancipator
  • 04. Lahore Connection  -  Toires
  • 05. Crossroads Part 1  -  Adham Shaikh    
  • 06. Habibi  -  Angel Tears    
  • 07. Bodhi Mandala [ Drumspyder Remix ]  -  Desert Dwellers
  • 08. Dukh Par Har [ Desert Dwellers Breaks Remix ]  -  Gurunam Singh
  • 09. Deep Playa  -  Jeff Stott    
  • 10. Colony Collapse [ Fletcher In Dub remix ]  -  Filastine
  • 11. Beyond Concept  -  Digital Samsara    
  • 12. Asian Spice  -  Overdream    
  • 13. Ballet Of Shadows  -  Metastaz    
  • 14. Outro  -  GoaHuman

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woodzee said... @ 29 November, 2012

Sounds great to me and a fair few I'm not familiar with. Bookmarked for a listen soon.

woodzee said... @ 03 December, 2012

Really enjoyed that nice Sunday vibes.

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