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evan marc bluetech download tour liveJust finished watching Forbidden Planet - one of the top psychedelic movies so I'm feeling pretty mellow and therefore it's 'ambient dub time' again on PsyAmb with a selection of bass-heavy psychedelically tinged tunes. Things kick off with Krill.Minima's "Kroned Dub" from the excellent "Bioluminescence" CD on Native State Records. Native State have some amazing releases and I recommend checking them out if are yet to do so. NSR was founded by Evan Marc ( aka Bluetech ) and has a few other side labels.There is a wealth of great tunes behind the doors at NSR. Next up is Shen ( aka Noah Pred ) out of Canada with a smooth flowing construct of of dubby glitch. Noah has quite a few aliases and is constantly busy producing and remixing. He has some awesome mixes available for download on his website.

The Cord track up third in the mix comes from "Midnight Soul Dive" , a CD I was addicted to for ages. It's full of solid tunes that have been perfectly selected and arranged. One of the finest ambient dub compilation albums ever IMHO. Check out Aleph Zero records for more info on that one and plenty of other excellent CDs like "Natural Born Chillers 2" compilation released earlier this year.

Veterans of the electronic dub scense, Sounds from the Ground follow up next with a great tune from their "BrightWhiteLight" albumn of this year. SFTG have been producing since the early 90s or there about I think. They do tend to branch out into other electronic genres rather than remain firmly in the dub scene. However everything they do is solid so they are well worth following.

Speaking of veterans of dub, up next is Greg Hunter , a man who has had perhaps as much influence on the psychedelic ambient music scene as anyone I can think of. Held in the highest of esteem by producers world wide , Greg has been involved in some of the most important albums in the scene over that last 20 years. Born in 1965 and brought up in West London, Greg Hunter started making music at the age of nineteen. Whilst working as a young studio engineer at Steve Levine's studio he met the Orb with whom he then went on to work with for several years. Greg's work with the Orb lead to collaborations with artists such as Paul McCartney, Crowded House, Killing Joke, Youth and Juno Reactor. In the past I would often find his name credited in production for loads of groups as well as being involved as a member of groups like Dub Trees , Alien Soap Opera, DMT ( Digital Mystery Tour , not the Shpongle DTM song ) , Kreg ( that Microwave track is awesome ! ) and Subsufing. I could go on forever here so I recommend checking out his Discogs catalog to see just what a huge amount of work he has been involved in over the years. The track in this mix is from his latest album titled "Metasurfing" which you can download at his website and support him via a donation. Top ambient dub artist.

Next we have Green Lemon with the cruisy "Rauchy Stranger". I love the guitar work in this tune - very easy and breezy. This is followed up by Majan with a tune from the "Natural Born Chillers 2" compilation - a very solid compilation that is firmly in my top 10 for this year. Then we have a bit of a tune from the archive with Nomads of Dub and their classic hit "Spirals". Such a shame this was the only song they ever made. Simon Posford and Nick Barber - that was a combo with amazing potential. Actually, come to think of it, they did made one other track but under the name of Purple Om which is also amazing but apart from that I think that was all for the pairing. Both tracks can be found on Liquid Dub Vol 7 ( no , there is no liquid dub Vol 1-6 ! ).

At number 10 is Orthonorma with "Queen of Midnight" from his 2008 CD "Time 2 Wait". Smooth and subtle basslines in this one - quite the couch locker. Rouding out the mix we have "Message from Bob" by the almighty bass god Ott ! Vlastur smashes your resonating particles with "Biz Dub" - so funkin cool. Lovin his CD this year. Warp Technique's "Wonderland" provides us with a cheeky little number which as my podcasting friend from the U.K would say "slips down a treat". Finally we round things of with the Ram Dass and Kriece tune "Thoughts" which you can pickup from the friendly folk's at Waveform HQ.

Phew , my fingers could do with a rest after all that. If you have managed to stay with me long enough through all of that then all I can say is thanks for your patience and lets get on with the ambient dub show.

Cheers ...

Artist - Track

  • 01. Krill.Minima - Kronen Dab
  • 02. Shen - Jagiya
  • 03. Cord - Zodiac
  • 04. Sounds from the Ground - Under the Sun
  • 05. Greg Hunter - Grains Of Light
  • 06. Gaudi & Tripswitch - Subdown
  • 07. Green Lemon Feat. Bernd Langer - Rauchy Stranger
  • 08. Majan - Explore It
  • 09. Nomads Of Dub - Spirals
  • 10. Orthonorma - Queen of Midnight
  • 11. Ott - Signals from Bob
  • 12. Vlastur - Biz Dub
  • 13. Warp Technique - Wonderland
  • 14. Ram Dass and Kriece - Thoughts

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Anonymous said... @ 17 October, 2009

this music is just magic.

Anonymous said... @ 26 October, 2009

scumbag - you are making an awesome website here!

Unknown said... @ 27 October, 2009

Cheers Mark. Yeah it's coming together nicely. I'll have to get some Mr.Hyde an Mr.Smith in there sometime for you.

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