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Q : What do Green Nuns of The Revolution, Tufáan, Elemental Journey and Pan Electric all have in common ?

A: Matt Coldrick

Matt has been involved in some of the most groundbreaking acts in the psychedelic trance and ambient world for over 10 years now. As part of the three man act Green Nuns of the Revolution, Matt and his partners Dick Trevor and Neil Cowley (Brand New Heavies) quickly shot to the pinnacle of the psytrance scene and were in high demand on the festival circuit world wide. Their debut full player "Rock Bitch Mafia" still rates in many DJ's top 10 lists of all time and it's no wonder why. Truly a classic piece of production that makes me smile today , some 12 years after it's release.

Matt Coldrick ISHQ download tour liveDick and Matt also teamed up with Andy Smith to form the group Tufáan and released a few great 12 inches in the mid 90's. The next time I ran across Matt's work was some years later when in 2001 his first solo album , "Music For A Busy Head", was launched. This was as far away from the maddening hectic funky psy of GNOTR as anyone could hope to get. As a solo artist Matt was now following a very ambient path. Once again however the production values and emotion that GNOTR put into every track could been seen all throughout "Music For A Busy Head" and it immediately won over many listeners and gained Matt a very dedicated ambient listener following.

Later Matt would team up with Matt Hillier of ISHQ fame to form Elemental Journey and release an album through Coldrick's own label Absolute Ambient. This is also a really fantastic album that I highly recommend to everyone who likes deep, lush ambient sounds. It would be a few years before Matt would be heard of again when in 2007, under the name of Pan Electric, which he had used years earlier on Flying Rhino's Caribbean Eclipse comp ( great album btw ! ) , Matt released "Conscious Pilot" - one of the most amazing ambient albums of all time in my opinion. Perfect listening for a day lying at the beach , strolling through a park or generally enjoying all nature has to offer. Late last year another collaboration with Matt Hillier saw the release of "About Time" , once again on Absolute Ambient. A bit of a departure from their previous collaboration, it introduced some minimal beats to quite a few of the tracks but it works , it really works !

Check out Matt's website for more info and news of upcoming psybient music releases. Well that's about it for today. Bit of a varied mix this week with some classic oldies in there like the Cosmosis and I.S.T tracks. None the less I think they work well alongside some more current tunes.

Artist - Track
  • 01. Ashtech - Rem
  • 02. Electrypnose - Cordial Family
  • 03. Sphingida - Machaon
  • 04. Domino - Sunset In India
  • 05. Cosmosis - The Himalaya
  • 06. Humito - Monkey Puzzle
  • 07. Zamba - Nomad
  • 08. Shpongle - Crystal Skulls (Western Rebel Alliance Remix)
  • 09. Beat Hackers - Life As a Robot
  • 10. Nagual Sound Experiment - Grainface
  • 11. Industrial Suicide Tribe - Aqua Sufi
  • 12. Matt Coldrick - Base Red Patience

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