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New psybient mix ready for download. Some amazing tracks in this week's mix. Welcome back to you weekly visitors and a hearty welcome to anyone stumbling across this site for the first time. Today I would like to share with you the story of Koan , a group that has really grabbed my attention of late. You may have heard some of their tracks on the excellent Floating Point compilation series from the Iboga Records sub label, Sofa Beats.

Koan is a Moscow based duo comprising of Daniel Roeth and William Grey. Daniel works as the main man within the group and has a diverse musical portfolio which includes writing music for video games and Russian documentaries.

William Grey came to electronic music production through a familiar route for many synth and pc based producers. He programmed Atari ,Commodore-64 and PC based tracker modules as well as participating in the European demo scene . As a past C64 fan myself, I felt an instant bond to Koan upon reading that ! Specialising in the multi-format computer and sampler based music, William is currently art director and executive producer of the group.

Koan , or maybe well 'ard Russian bouncers ?

Roeth & Grey began working together in 1993. Three distinct projects were born after they divided their studio space responsibilities: Koan (ethno-chillout / ambient), Vacuum Stalkers (progressive trance) and Fatum Sci-Fi (noise experimental and IDM). Koan is probably the most well known and successful Roeth & Grey project. He is one of the leaders of the Russian psybient-scene, widely known abroad for his swirling psybient productions. What I find wonderful about Koan is that their psybient music is so well polished and structured. It really is faultless chillout music that any fan of psychedelic ambient music could readily get into. Let's hope they continue to produce the goods. Check out their CD from 2006 titled "Two Moon Butterflies" for some seriously good psychedelic ambient chillout.

Artist - Track
  • 01. Slack Baba - And The Beat Goes Om
  • 02. Indigo Egg - Clearlight
  • 03. Hibernation - The Littlest Computer
  • 04. Younger Brother - All I Want (Original Mix)
  • 05. Liquid Soul - The Ritual
  • 06. Side Liner - 2222 (Prostranstvo 2008 Edit)
  • 07. Nimba - Orongo
  • 08. Hol Baumann - Human Original
  • 09. Koan - Rainfall
  • 10. Dualsung - Noise from Heaven
  • 11. Squazoid - Selmangel
  • 12. Capsula - Ride The Wave

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Anonymous said... @ 08 September, 2009

Thanks for Your interest to our project.

William Grey.

Anonymous said... @ 26 December, 2009

I heard a partial mix of yours on a few minutes ago and am grateful to enjoy your chill grooves. Thank you for the new experiences!!

Anonymous said... @ 28 February, 2010

music dream..fantastic

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