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Today's ambient mix is a bit of an eclectic affair in the psybient realm with plenty of deep diving basslines and inner ear pleasing psychedelic trance ambient soundscapes. Featured within this mix are some older tracks from the the guys at Twisted Records such as Shpongle , Younger Brother and Ott .

younger brother last days of gravity downloadBe sure to check them out as they really are awesome artists when it comes to ambient techno music. If you are fan of Pink Flyod you might want to check out the latest Younger Brother album , Last Days of Gravity . Released in October of 2007 it quickly became known as a true masterpeice of ambient trance mixed with traditional guitars and percussion. The album became the 20th album of the year in 2008 UK mercury prize (UK music Oscars) and missed nomination by only eight places. A new album is in the works for release this year, perhaps ?

Check out this video showing the boys hard at work ( and play ) in the recording studio working on the upcoming release :

Oh , and some good news for all Shpongle fans - a new Shpongle album is to be released later this year ! This news comes as a relief to Shpongle fans world wide who feared the previous album, with it's rumor inducing title of "Nothing Lasts" , was to be the final CD the Shpongle duo release. So rejoice in that , sit back and enjoy this ambient psychedelic music download mix in the meantime. Cheers ...

Artist - Track
  • 01. Nada - Manakhana
  • 02. Third Ear Audio - Just a moment
  • 03. Youth vs. Abakus - Spiritual Being
  • 04. Talamasca - Brain Activity
  • 05. Younger Brother - Weird on a Monday Night
  • 06. Umberloid - Neon Tetra
  • 07. Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze (OTT rmx)
  • 08. Sympath - Hibernation
  • 09. Shulman - Inner Selves
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