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This psychill download mix contains a number of smooth bassdriven tracks from the the likes of "Enterprise", "Astropilot" and "Androcell". There are also a few unexpected treats including a rare chill tune from Australian psytrance producer "Mr Peculiar" and new remix of the Shpongle classic "Around The World in a Tea Daze" by "Anro" ( "Anders Rosengren" of "Solid Snake Music" ).
psychill - desert phaseI also recommend picking up a copy of the Kaya Project CD titled "Desert Phase Remixes". It's a very solid, quality psychill production that you can appreciate more and more with each listen. I've included two tracks from the CD in this mix. I'm sure you will agree that they are both top notch remixes. 

That's about all for psychill this edition. I'll try to get some ambient dub and minimal ambient mixes uploaded over the next few weeks but for now enjoy a bit of psychill grooves.

Cheers ...

Track / Artist

  • 01. When Only Sand Remains - Kaya Project (Tripswitch rmx)
  • 02. Patchead - Enterprise
  • 03. Moonlight Sonata - Lemonchill (Zero Cult rmx)
  • 04. The New Magoo - Experimental Sound Project
  • 05. Around The World In A Tea Daze - Shpongle (Anro rmx)
  • 06. Ancient Tribes - Mr. Peculiar Feat. Athena Etana
  • 07. Endless Wonder - Androcell
  • 08. Answers - Astropilot
  • 09. 23 Towers - Kaya Project (Eat Static rmx)
  • 10. Palenque - Prosect
  • 11. Sleep Paralysis - Sputer

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Martin LeBlanc said... @ 02 February, 2011

Thanks! Can't wait to hear it.

Anonymous said... @ 04 July, 2013

If you had the cue file it would be very nice..Nice tracks by the way

Unknown said... @ 05 January, 2014

great dude. ths for this stuff, it's delicious

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