Younger Brother Vaccine Album - Video

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Younger Brother VaccineYounger Brother are back ! A cool video from behind the scenes with artists Simon Posford ( Shpongle ) and Benji Vaughn of the psychedelic ambient band Younger Brother ( not my younger brother ) as they chat about the past, present and future of the group. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming album Vaccine. It's going to be interesting to listen to the next step in the Younger Brother story as they move from their early electronic days into a full touring band setup. The last album "The Last Days Of Gravity" was a big success and this new album has been eagerly awaited. The Vaccine album was funded by the support of their many fans through an online pledge system. Members who pledged donations to the fund the production of the album got access to a number of special treats such as signed copies, limited edition goods and the chance to work in the studio with members of the band !

Younger Brother

Younger Brother LiveYounger Brother Live

Update :

The new Younger Brother album Vaccine is now available for pre order !

younger brother vaccine download torrent cd tour live new albumn 2012The brand new Younger Brother album "Vaccine' is now available for Pre Order from, Amazon, or Release date is 11th April.

Younger Brother 'Vaccine'

1. 'Crystalline'
2. 'Shine'
3. 'Pound A Rhythm'
4. 'Safety In Numbers'
5. 'Night Lead Me Astray'
6. 'Train'
7. 'Spinning Into Place'
8. 'System 700'
9. 'Tetris'

For updates on Vaccine and more you can join the band on Facebook. Also keep an eye on the tour section of Twisted, for Younger Brother UK and European tour dates to be announced soon.

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